Plum Shlum

Im really enjoying blogging about beauty! Its always been my interest i just had no idea how many people do blog about it and its so inspiring =] Thank you everyone for following, im so appreciative!

This review is about the Benefit Bad Gal mascara in plum,

They say:
'Our rich, luxurious plum mascara intensifies your natural eye color while lushifying your lashes.'

I have used Benefit make-up for years, since my friend had the cutteestt blusher box, i was determined to know what it was and when i found the counters i had a bit of a turning point in my life lol anywho..
So i tried this mascara because i usually get the Bad Gal mascara in black because it gives amazing coverage and is long-lasting, Also because i have green eyes, the woman at the counter suggested this one especially to bring the colour out.
I tried it a couple times because when something doesnt work at first im like..ok..hopefully it will get better...but unfortunatly it didnt. It didnt make ANY difference atall, and after paying £13 i was a bit disappointed.
I didnt even notice the purple colour and switched quickly back to my old yet to find another 'miracle' mascara! I want to try a Maybeline one next.

Does anyone know a good mascara which thickens and lengthens? If you do then please help lol


Brigitte said...

Maybelline xxl pro lash extensions mascara!
It doesn't clump and it works so well.
I skip the step one white side of the brush (which you can use to get more length) and use the step two black side.
Hope this helps!
<333 Brigitte

Samantha Maria said...

Aw thanx! i'll give it a try =] x