E.L.F Mineral foundation Review


So i received my E.L.F mineral Foundation in Warm and i've been using it now for just a few days, Its my first ever power foundation that ive tried! I dont know why, i think ive just always kept buying liquid foundations..which i love but this Does give a different finish.
Usually with liquid foundations they leave me with quite a dewy look and i then use powder but this mineral foundation obviously gave me a matte finish..and a good one!
If you put enough on, it gives great coverage and it lasts the day.

Only disadvantage for me would be that it does give me a slight redish tone to my face..which is never really good as we try to banish red tones from our face as it looks patchy and kinda sore when your face looks red, However as the first power ive tried as foundation i do gives this a

Thumbs Up
and I recommend it! ^_^ i want to buy the M.A.C mineralise power after i finish this pot as it might just be a bit better quality but this is good for just £3.50!

I will be buying more e.l.f!

Are there any e.l.f products that you recommend?

Sammi xoxo


Rai said...

I might give this a go! Thanks!

Do you have the Studio Line in the UK yet?
YOU MUST TRY IT OUT! Specifically the brushes.

Laura said...

I really like your blog sweetheart, i'm following it now :) it would mean a lot if you could check out mine! xoxoxo

Sammi Maria said...

Ooo ya we can get that aswell, i'll try the brushes! i desperatley need some lol, Thanx! =] x x

Sammi Maria said...

aw thank youu =] Im following yours! xx

C. Met said...

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Skrømt said...

I love the foundation.I have it in fair :D and it works perfectly :) I also thought that i would only use liquid foundation. But it want to a maybe buy another one in a another brand so i can get a bigger one maybe.