AlexiaChung is chic

Today i thought id express my love of Alexa chungs style,
she dresses effortlessly chic, so simple but stylish,
Im glad shes being recognized as a style icon because shes dressed
great for years and now its showing.

Some things she wears i dont think i could pull off but shes
definatly one to take tips from.

My fave outfit here is the one on the right
I want a jacket like that!

Sammi xoxo


Mimilainna said...

OO ive seen her sometimes but i have no ideas who she is lol she does have very cute outfits tho

Sammi Maria said...

lol yaaa =]

Rai said...

Who is she? lol She has on show here on MTv...

Sammi Maria said...

lol shes a presenter over here, has been for a few years xo