NEW VID! Answers to your Questions

Any more questions? I'll answer them here or start another list
for a second vid



Mz HOLLyWOOD said...

I love it
i really admire gurls who are pretty
and such talk about real things and problems
and are real with people about themselves
not the type that are pretty but want to act stuck up and such
its really annoying lol
so thanks


Sammi Maria said...

aw thank you =] i love answering questions that help people out its great,
it is annoying lol

Vicky said...

Great video, Sammi! I'm from the US and I find your videos & blog very interesting! I do have one question for you: What lip gloss/lipstick are you wearing in this video? I've been looking for a shade like that all over the place and can't seem to find one. If you could let me know that'd be great! :]