Rihanna @ Fashion Week

mmm i got a bar of 'divine' dark chocolate in my Marie-Claire magazine ^_^

anywho so ive been looking at and who made this autumns fashion week,
Rihanna popped up a few times so i thought i'd share what i thought of what she wore;

This was rihanna's take on the underwear-as-outerwear trend this year, i dont think this outfit as a whole though is very successful =\

I do like thigh-high boots though.

Here she is at the Gaultier show, she reminds me of spiderwoman...if there was a spiderwoman, i always like black but i think this is a little scary, the hair is better than in the picture before though.

So overall i didnt realy like what she wore at the fashion shows this autumn, [uve probably seen her in the black sheer striped dress]

Id never personally wear anything that she dressed in but then she probably dressed this way to make a statement.

I've loved RhiRhi for ages but i think i need to move on to someone else as fashion inspriation.

Sammi xoxo


Mz HOLLyWOOD said...

I definately agree that RiRi's choices have been quite interesting and in some cases not interesting enough, but seeing as of recently she has become one of my favorite i just love the new direction she took. I mean for heavens sake i even have my hair cut like hers, just not quite shave it down on the sides yet lol, still thinking about that one. Whatever shes doing I overall love it, but then again my style is very randomn and unique to say the least, thats why i enjoy designing my own things to kind of put all the different aspects of fashion together.

What type of things do you like in clothing? MAybe i can help you find someone more of what you like?

Mimilainna said...

I love thigh high boots, I got a pair for this winter and I can't wait to wear them! I gotta create some dramatic makeup to rock them with.

Lorien BeautyLove said...

Definitely did not like any of her outfits at Fashion week!!! However, She has a stunning face and hot bod so she can NEARLY pull off any look. ATleast this way her outfits are perceived as SHOCKING.. I mean can you imagine if someone like MIscha Barton wore these outfits?? SHe'd never be able to live it down!!!

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

love the second look,, maybe not the garter but she does some fierce experimentation

fab blog, we'll be back!
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Have a lovely weekend xx

kimee said...

i love her style
its like only SHE can pull off most of what she wears