Eye makeup with Sleek original

I brought the Sleek Original palette the other day because ive lost my storm one =[
So I decided to play around with the colours!
Heres a few photos showing the makeup i done on my eyes

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic



Rai said...

Pretty! I like the colors you used.
Gosh I want a Sleek palette! :(

DaybreaksBell said...

thats so pretty! you should totally do a tutorial on this look! :) xo

Tonia said...

Love the color combo :o)

Love, Sweetcheeks said... looks so vibrant. at times like this, it would be great to teleport overseas.

Ro! said...

that looks soooo good! I'm going to try that with my palette!

CeciliaOnline said...

It looks really good! Wow u have beautiful eyes!!

Vanessa Baptista said...

AHHHH i love seeing stuff like this in winter because most of the palettes everybodies using are neutral or purple right now. Besides I love anything multi-coloured (=

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<3 speak to you soon

Cake Girl said...


I wish I could do that! :(

Loved your hair curling video - Have you tried the curling wands yet? I bought a Mark Hill one, but I think it's rubbish! xxx

Joanna said...

very nice !