Rihanna 'Rated R' makeup tutorial

Yo guuyysss!
I did a tutorial on Rihanna's recent makeup, the bold eyeliner look

I hope you like it =]

This is the photo i was working from



Lorien BeautyLove said...

I use Rimmel Exaggerate aswell :) Its one of my fav liquid eyeliners!! Along with a cheape VOV one :) That looks so great!! Whenever I have used liquid eyeliner ive done boring as straight lines, but this is so cool!! Also I was amazing at how you use the LIQUID liner to fill in your eyelid.. I thought you were going to use the MAC kohl pencil!

Anonymous said...

hey sammi love the look ! :)
can you do the kitty kat eyes by beyonce ?
Its just leopard print on her eyes. thank you ^_^

Sammi said...

sure i'll tryn get that one done for u =] x

masiecotton said...

love it where did you get your ring from i love it!! ?xx

Anonymous said...

hey sammi so christmas is coming up and ive just recently got into makeup (youve helped a lot lol) and i was wondering what you think are some good things to get from mac since im not too familiar with the brand ?

Gabbi said...

can you do hair? if you can that would be awesome to show how to do her hair is the same picta


ur makeup looks like u did it in the dark watf?!

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