Te Amo <3

Just wanted to do a post about someone thats always with me and there for me
My boyfriend! =]

Weve been together for about 8 months, and we have good times and bad times but weve stuck together wheyy!

Heres a few pics of us together

I love you Ricky <3 ^_^

Sammi xoxo

My Competition entry for Luxury Lust

Hey! This is my competition entry for

Fashionista514's Luxury Lust competition

The idea was to create a make-up look inspired by a designer brand
I looked through many bags, clothes and shoes and they didnt inspire me as much as some of the actual make-up that the designers have done on campaigns and catwalk shows and i came across the Dior 60's theme back in 2008.

This was amazing! I love the shapes and the colour! It was originally done by Pat McGrath who is amazing =]

This was the photo that inspired me

And here are my Photos:

I also wrote a little blurb but I E-mailed that to her =]

Hope you like! Let me know your thoughts

Sammi xoxo


Nu Nu Doll's giveaway

Nu Nu doll is having a BRILLIANT giveaway!

MAC eyeshadow palettes =D
Aren't they gawjuss?

Here is the link =

Her Rules:
1-You must have a blog on blogger. (You have no idea how many people emailed me with no blogs on my last giveaway)
2-You must be a follower of my blog as well as my boyfriend Andy's blog. Trust me, I will check, and yes you will be disqualified if you aren't subscribed to both of our blogs.
3-Leave a comment on this entry saying "banana peppers." Yes, I am serious.
4-Want to double your chances of winning? Post an entry on your own blog advertising this giveaway. DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE ME A LINK OF THE ENTRY!


Loreal Double extend Review & FOTD


Hi guys Im gonna give you my review of the Loreal mascara called 'double extend' which promises 80% more volume/length and it 'tubes' your lashes.

[I made a video recently of some of my fave products etc and i was going to put them up but i just feel im so bad a videos! Im gonna stick to writing for now.. =]

So i just brought this today, i was gonna get it before but it was quite pricey at £9.77 but today i just thought sod it and i got it =D

You firstly apply the white nourishing side, and even when i put the white on my lashes i noticed a difference in length, Then after while the white side is still wet you put the black lengthening and volumising mascara on.

The Result:

This product is amazing and it definatly does what it claims to do, i have recently tried 'false lash effect' from Maybelline and personally i thought it was crud but this one is amazing =] It makes my lashes look so long and especially when i curl them before or afterwards.
Ive yet to remove it lol because it is late but im lazy and usually take my make-up off last thing at night lol but it is supposed to just come off easily just by using warm water and cotton wool.

Id definatly buy this mascara again when it runs out, its quite happy stopped my search of 'the mascara that actually works' for now lol

Hope this has helped with anyone who's still looking for a good mascara!

Whats your favourite mascara?

Sammi xoxo


London Shopping!

Hey heyyyy! So i went to London yesterday with my sister, and i hauled lol, the whole reason was to go to MAC because where i live its quite far away wherever you go which sux =[
But i wanted a few bits and bobs aswell so i thought, hey..westfield would be good! If youre from around London u'll defo know of Westfield but if you havent been, i recommend it! Its amazin, its like an indoors oxford street...yayy! =D lol ahem so anyway heres what i got


Blog Lovin

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My first Video! ^_^

Hiiii this is my FIRST video! Im still shy in front of the camera lol but im just saying hi and what i would like to vlog about, Hope you like!
Please comment with suggestions/opinions/questions


Flower Power Contest Entry!

Hi all =]
I saw a competition on Denise's Labels and Love Blog which looked amazing and fun! Its a FLOWER POWER theme where you choose any flower you like as inspiration.
So i had a go =] Here are the rules i had to follow;

1.) You must be a follower in my blog
2.) Post a picture of your inspiration and the actual look. (A full face and a close up)
3.) List all the products that was used.
4.) The post has to be a new post, you can’t repost any old pictures from your blog.
5.) You need to post my giveaway in your blog including the link to this post.
6.) Write in the comment portion the link to where you have reposted my contest.
7.) If you win you must give me an email address where I can contact you.
- This contest is open to anyone in the world.
-Contest will end on July 25, 2009

She is giving away some reeealliii cute prizes to the winner;

The Flower which inspired my Look, Its a pink Lilly, so pretty!

Here are my photos

Some extras ^_^
Here is what i used;

FACE: Studio Sculpt [The number has rubbed off =[ ]
Max Factor False lash effect
Rimmel Eyebrow pencil - Brown
Rimmel Kohl - Jet Black

BRUSHES: ScreenFace Blusher, Angular, Eye Blending brushes
Benifit Eyeshadow & Liner brush
Benifit kabuki brush

CHEEKS: Benifit Coralista blush

Screenface Aquacolours Pallete, circled colours used

Screenface Lip palette, Used colours circled

& Some Naturalites False lashes

It was to fun to create =] Wish me luck!!

Sammi xo


Purple shimmer shadow

I tried out some colours from my Urban Decay Palette
The colours i used;

- Twice Baked
-Oil Slick
- Midnight Cowboy Rides Again

I think the key to wearing different colours is blending..which just comes with practice, I want to try some more matte shades thought because shimmery colours are usually worn only for nights out, If you have green eyes purple is a great colour because it makes them 'pop'

I winged out the black eyeliner I had on first [in the blog below], I added Oil slick (black shadow) to soften the line which blends into the brown and then I started building the purples.

I'll do more detailed eye make-up looks in the future, this is just my first one so still getting the hang of it.

Sammi xo

FOTD & Haul

I was going for a simple pin-up liner kind of look, nothing special!

Hello all! So today I got paid and I couldnt WAAIITTT to go and get some things i've wanted since forever (when i last had money) lol, So in the morning i went to the shop to get some skincare stuff ect, Heres what i got;

[I actually done a video blog for this but then i thought it was rubbish so ive written about it =]

- Naturalites Fake Lashes
- Simple face Brightening wipes
- Neautrogena Blackhead eliminating scrub
- Max Factor False lash effect (waterproof)

Ive tried the lashes before and theyre good but i just got them today because i ALWAYS lose them for some reason.

The Neutrogena scrub is loovelyy =] I tried it straight away lol, the beads are so small so it dosent feel like its rough on your face and it smells realy fresh

I got the 'false lash effect' mascara because I heard that its like the covergirl lashblast mascara which is supposed t be amazing, So i was reali exited to use it buutt on the first coat it didnt impress me atall, then i added two more coats and it does build up well but it made my lashes veryyy clumpy which i dont feel is a good look...ive decided i cant use plastic wand mascara's! they dont agree with me =[

I havent tried the Simple wipes yet but i know a few people who use them and recommend them so hopefully theyre good! I might write about them them after ive used them for a while.

This was just my first haul but there will be mannnyyy more...especially when i get my uni loan =D


Dior Stick

Thought I would share with you which lipstick i use currently, I dont have many lipsticks and i dont know why! i think when i was growing up someone said 'you cant use lipstick till you're a woman'..and it kinda stuck...untill i realised what aloada nonsence it was lol so i have a few from Rimmel and Barry M but when I went to New York i decided to get one that is better quality from a top kinda brand...
Woah life story lol sorri,
so i got this Dior Addict lipstick in quite a neutral colour because i didnt want to scare people with my lips at first...

Dior Addict - 629 ROSE DECOLLETE

(Sorry the picture actually sucks...its late and the lightings bad lol)

It had such a nice texture, it makes my lips soft and it lasts quite a while..if i was on a night out i'd have to re-apply through the night but its not as bad as some others ive tried.
I'd recommend Dior lipsticks, the actual lipstick is so pretty-looking aswell..part of why i wanted it lol

Just so you can see what it looks like on;

[This was taken last month..I have brown hair again now ^_^
and omg how pale do i look? *hides face*]

p.s Im realllyy sorry...i keep changing my blog name! But ive settled now and am happy lol, it wont change again! Thank you all again for following my blog! it makes me happy that people are interested in what i write about! It'll make me post more =D

I want to try video blogging aswell..ive opened a youtube account and i may try to show u guys things on there aswell, i'll share my tips and tricks!
Do you think i should video blog?

Sammi xo


Plum Shlum

Im really enjoying blogging about beauty! Its always been my interest i just had no idea how many people do blog about it and its so inspiring =] Thank you everyone for following, im so appreciative!

This review is about the Benefit Bad Gal mascara in plum,

They say:
'Our rich, luxurious plum mascara intensifies your natural eye color while lushifying your lashes.'

I have used Benefit make-up for years, since my friend had the cutteestt blusher box, i was determined to know what it was and when i found the counters i had a bit of a turning point in my life lol anywho..
So i tried this mascara because i usually get the Bad Gal mascara in black because it gives amazing coverage and is long-lasting, Also because i have green eyes, the woman at the counter suggested this one especially to bring the colour out.
I tried it a couple times because when something doesnt work at first im like..ok..hopefully it will get better...but unfortunatly it didnt. It didnt make ANY difference atall, and after paying £13 i was a bit disappointed.
I didnt even notice the purple colour and switched quickly back to my old yet to find another 'miracle' mascara! I want to try a Maybeline one next.

Does anyone know a good mascara which thickens and lengthens? If you do then please help lol

20 Questions 20 Answers

I saw this tag on ellacinderella's blog =] Which i think you
should follow! its brill
So i decided to take part too! so here goes

(FOTD below =])

1. Thing you cannot leave the house without
My Biiigggg bag full of stuff lol It includes my purse,
Sunglasses (if its sunny) Camera because im forever taking
pictures, My phone and of course my make-up aaaand
in my make-up bag would be my foundation, Eyeliner, Mascara,
Lip balm, lipgloss and blusher =]

2. Favourite brand of makeup
MAC definatly, i do use alot of other brands though, MAC's foundation
has been the best ive tried cause it stays on all day! I also love Benifit,
Maybeline and Dior

3. Favourite flower
Oooo my fave flowers are Lillys then daisys, I dont know why
i love lillys so much but i do lol and i love daisys because theyre
so pretty and can grow anywhere which makes the
place then look pretty

4. Favourite clothing store
I love Topshop because they have so many different styles and
im constantly changing my style! I also like Bershka and H&M and loads
more but i cant think off the top of my head!

5. Favourite perfume
Ohh i just dun a blog on my perfumes, My favourite
is Angel by Thierry Muliger

6. Heels or Flats
Heels! I wish i could wear them all the time, they
make your legs look so much better

7. Do you make good grades
Yeaahh they were ok, ive got 10 GCSE's and Three AS levels, One
A2 Level and a Diploma in Art foundation, I hated school though because
i didnt like having to do subjects that you hate and all the rules

8. Favourite colours
Pink / Red / Brown

9. Do you drink energy drinks
I have Red Bull sometimes but I mainly
drink juices and Water

10. Do you drink juice
Yess alot of it! every morning and if i come
across one of those juce stand things i havta get
one lol

11. Do you like swimming
I love swimming, i used to be in the swimming squad at a competitive level
But i quit that...i quit so many activities when i was a kid..i was never
impressed lol

12. Do you eat fries with a fork
Wheres the fun in that lol, i dont but i used to
love when you get fish and chips and you get that wooden weird
fork thing..good times lol

13. Favourite moisturiser
Ohhh my god i have no idea, i used to use any old
moisturiser because i didnt think it made a difference
but ive just recently brought a johnsons one and now today
i brought an Olay moisturiser

14. Do you want to get married later on in life
Yess ^_^ I wanna have the most beautiful

15. Do you get mad easily
Not really, i dont see the point in it, But i think what would get
me mad if anything, is when people are so damn negative about
things, if they see the worst in a situation

16. Are you into ghost hunting! Im shit scared of ghosts lol
Id love to know if theyre real but not first hand!

17. Any phobias
Spiders / Moths / Lofts&Basements / Mould

18. Do you bite your nails
Not really...dirt collects there eughh

19. Have you ever had a near death experience
Yeahh well i was driving once and a kinda barrell
thing fell off a van in front of me, i had to swerve into the next lane and if there
was another car there i would have crashed =[

20. Do you drink coffee
Not realy i hate the taste! Ive just discovered Iced
Latte's though which are noiiceee but i dont wana
drink too many

Sorry about the dodgy text here, it wouldnt change!

Sam xo


My Scents

I'd like to share a few of my best beauty products,
Ones i'd recommend and i just love!
I'll start with my perfumes..

I dont have a favourite because I love tooo many perfumes
But the one i always have is Angel by Thierry Mugler,
Its strong but sweet and quite unusual

The next is 8 from Abercrombie and Fitch, its such a relaxed
everyday or nightwear scent, kind of casual sexy =]

The last i'll recommend for now is 'Ooh lala' from
Victorias Secret, I loovee sweet perfumes
I cherish it because we cant get it in the U.K, i got
it when i went on holiday lol...why dont they bring v.s to england?!!

Ohh btw i changed the blog around again..didnt last long
did it lol, Im still working on it so bare with me!

Sam xo


The last 24 hours

So my internet connection stopped working last night,
I was NOT amused!
ooo u might have noticed i've changed my page around a bit
I realy wanted xml layout with the links ^^^
I recommend them ^_^ I'll probably change it round a bit
still though...
Uhh i've got work tomorrow..i just got a job and i hate it already!
The problem with working in a womens retail store is that
everyone treats you like SHITT
which sucks...
Kinda confirms why i'm friends with more guys than girls..theyre so bitchyy.
Ooo ive been cooking alot recently, I love cooking, i find it realy therapeutic, whats a
good dish to cook? i wana improve!
Ive been constantly adding to my list of things I want when i get paid..i want a whole new batch of MAC make-up and i definatly want a black boyfriend Blazer and then funk it out with some
So just thought i'd write about whats been going on with me just recently,
I hope you guys like reading my blog..I want it to be like my main website page
because as much as I like does get a bit boring..
I'll post again soon

Sam xox


Better than cassie

Didnt mean to have 2 blogs about Rihanna but..
I LOVVVEE her new hair!
its soo much better then Cassies..her's jus looks abit weird
I swear RiRi can pull off nearly everything

Ohh i did cut my hair but i didnt like it
so no pix sawrii! id love to do it like this
though ^ lol
gotta have the guts!


Get the shears out

Ok i'm thinking about cutting my hair...
Well im always thinking about it but i wana do it lol
So I kinda want it similar to how RiRi looked after her first chop,
Like ziss...

I probably shudnt coz i'll want it longa again in half an
hour but I mite do it tonight lool, i'll take a pic and show
how it looks if i do it!
sam x o x o


I <3 Public Enemies

I went to see Public Enemies the other week,
Its AMAZINGG! if you havent seen it..see it now lol
Johnny Depp is his usual 'mazin self aswell
I dont like Christian Bale but he's good in it aswell,
he usually sounds like Darth Vader.


Sweet Dreams

I looove this song off her I am... album,
Not everyone does but...wadevaa lol

I went to see her in concert the other month, heres some pictures


M.J x

Just watched m.j's memoral, soo sad.
When his daughter spoke aswell, bless her.
Bless all his family.

He'll always live on through his music, he'll always be
the King of pop.

x x x


i <3 Make-up

O lord i havent updated for aaaaaagessss,
Anywho im going to start blogging more..(again) lol
Im studying makeup atistry and have always LOVVEDDD
make-up styles, different colours and shades and shapes.
I've been thinking of doing tutorial videos but im not sure! lol - Has amazzinggg tutorials, luv it =]

hmm..I wanna be more experimental with makeup as i always go for the
black line on the eyelid...time for a change!