So fresh so clean

I got some new footwear =D from River Island,
i had my eye on them all day and finally got em lol

Cool huh?!

And today I have ordered Hempshake aswell, i saw that Kandeethemakeupartist
recommends them and that they are good for weight loss so that has to be done lol

Coming from America though so might take a while =[

Im off to Spain [Marbella] Today so im sorry but again no posts for about a week
But hopefully i'll b back with some great pix and kewl stuff lol

I'll see y'all soon!!
Sammi xoxo


Im back!! [Pic Heavy]

Hey everyone!! Im finally back lol, I have been soooo tired i havent had chance to post but im back with a vengance lool [is that how u spell it?]

Egypt was AMAZINGGG, we went on a cruise down the nile for a week, if you ever get the chance to go...GO! The sights are stunning..the temples, tombs and the river bank.

The men...are very strange and pervy lool =/they kept asking how many camels our parents wanted for us lol

I got really exited at the markets because they had soooo many nice scarfs!! i ended up getting 3 but i wanted like all of them haha.

Victorias Secret!!! I was so exitedd lool

Naked Honey Skin Salve..smells sooo good

Random pic from my slr

Little girl from the Nambian Village we visited

Beautiful Sunset

Me and Danny with the shopkeeper and the massage woman =] He was called Peter lol bless

Me getting exited lol

Nathan who we met out there and me and Dan

Arab Moneyyy

Before going for Dinner

I chopped my hair off coz it was far tooooo hot! It was like 42 Degrees celcius

First sunset..bit far down soz lol

At the airport

Thank you all for reading and sorri about the lateness!
I'll be posting again soon =]
Its all crazy rite now with work and im going away again on Sunday lol

What would you guys like to see me vlog or blog about?

Peace & Love xoxo


adios im off!

Im off to Egypt tonight guys so i wont be posting for about a week, Im going on a cruise on the river nile! Hopefully i'll come back with some wicked pics to show u =]

Hope everyone has a great week! and i'll post when i get back

Bye Byeee! =D


Sorry, its a bit baddd! U can see i need the tan lool, i dnt think im this pale tho i think its the lighting =s

Sammi xoxo


Much M.A.C

Thought i'd share properly the make-up I got on my b-day,


I wrote the longest [hopefull] b-day list lol but obviously didnt expect all of it from my family cause it adds up to alot lol but heres what i got:

So these are:

M.A.C eyeshadow 4x palette
Eyeshadow in HoneyLust
M.A.C blusher in Fleur Power
Bobbi Brown Skin foundation in Warm Natural
M.A.C Lipstick in LoveLorn
M.A.C Eye Kohl in Smoulder
M.A.C Eyashadow brush 213
Duo Fibre Brush 188

This is LoveLorn, i reeeali wanted a pink lipstick! And as ive said before i only own like 2 Lipsticks, im so late on my lipstick collection..ive got buckets of lipgloss lol ANYWAY! I wanna do the kinda bright pink Rihanna look maybee!

Heres what it looks like...sorri its a bit in your face lol..
Honey Lust is hard to show up on camera because its quite glittery [kinda] so i tried to swatch it for you guys, this is the best i could do

Close-up of Fleur Power, a nice rosey colour, Loverrlyyy! I reaalyy want a peachy colour next as peach is supposed to be a good colour for Tanned/Exotic skin

I'll do a seperate Blog about the Foundation, Hint: ITS GOOD!


Im going away on holiday on monday!! so i can do a few more posts hopefully before i go but after monday i wont be able to post for about a week, sorri Guys!

Thank all of you who wished me a happy birthday!! Much love <3

Any requests for posts or videos for me to do?
Let me know

Sammi xoxo


B-day Buisness!

Heyaa =] it was my b-day the other day [10th] and I thought i'd share a few things my loved ones got mee and sum pix from the day! Ooooh i got a few things from M.A.C [yess!] so i'll be reviewing them for you guys, and I got the 'Skin' foundation from Bobbi Brown ^_^

First prezzies from my family =]

My custom-made cookie monster cake!

My balloon popped up in my room in the morning lol
[My nickname is Pantha because of my tattoo]

My bf got me a Lush gift box! amoungst other thaangss

The M.A.C lol i was like =o

Little meal the night before =]

Me and Ricky

I also got Denises competition prize on my b-day! Thank you soo muchhh =]

I'll do a post on my Mac make-up soon, I lovee itt! lol My mum asked what id like for my B-day, i just said....MACC!! lol

Ohh im going away on Monday to Egypt, exiteddd! Its a cruise so no beaches =[ but shud b gd i hope! Has anyone been on a cruise?

Hope you're well

Sammi xoxo


The Woman In Black

Hey guys =]
so yesterday my parents and sister surprised me by taking me uptown to see the woman in Black! Its a theatre play about a ghost story in which a man is haunted by the ghost of a woman in black. Its SCARYY!! You should see it if you get the chance =] Anywho so we went to see it and i lovveddd it and after we made our way back to paddington to get home...
Heres a fewww pix

On the way...i thought id show you my new ring!

Outside the theatre! Its the most haunted theatre in
the west end!

Tickets and programme =]

'Take Tranquillisers' loool whaa

Im really not this tall..the heels are big lol
An Irish man insisted on taking this photo!

We found the pineapple studios and i got xited lol

This bike fell over when i got off of it =o

Have any of you seen the woman in black?

In other news...

Its my B-day Tomorrowww!!!!!

Yayyyyy =D im gonna be 20
Im exited not to be a teenager cause hopefully people
take you a little bit more seriously lol

Sammi xoxo


AllThingsGirly Contest Entry [bollywood makeup]

The Perrdy All Things Girly is having a Competition and the theme is to create a make-up look which is inspired by a country, It could be the country itself, its flag etc.
I choose the Bollywood look of


I have always loved the beautiful strong colours bollywood and Indian wedding make-up uses and its my first time trying it myself!
One of the images which inspired me is;

There were many beautiful images but this inspired my 'Golden Brown' eyeshadow look.
& here are my photos!

[I didnt copy the look exactly]

[Ohh I hadta make-do with a sequin lol soz i no it sux! but i tried lol =]

Face : M.A.C StudioFix spf 15

The Golden colours are M.A.C
'Woodwinked' &

and the Blue is 'Smashed' from Urban Decay
I added blue to give an edge and because Bollywood and Wedding make-up in India use alot of bright colour so i thought this would be appropriate.

I am also wearing Fake eyelashes to give the eyes accent and definition
I Rimmed the eyes with black kohl to acheive the lined Arab kind of eye look

The lips are dark, i usually do nude lips but this look is very strong so i thought it would look the part to have a dark cherry kind of colour which 'pops'.

I hope you all like it! Let me know what you think!
I lovvee comments lol ^_^


Ooooo i wanna have a competition soon because i've reached 100 Readers! yayy! Thank you guys sooo much for readingg ;p

Sammi xoxo


E.L.F Mineral foundation Review


So i received my E.L.F mineral Foundation in Warm and i've been using it now for just a few days, Its my first ever power foundation that ive tried! I dont know why, i think ive just always kept buying liquid foundations..which i love but this Does give a different finish.
Usually with liquid foundations they leave me with quite a dewy look and i then use powder but this mineral foundation obviously gave me a matte finish..and a good one!
If you put enough on, it gives great coverage and it lasts the day.

Only disadvantage for me would be that it does give me a slight redish tone to my face..which is never really good as we try to banish red tones from our face as it looks patchy and kinda sore when your face looks red, However as the first power ive tried as foundation i do gives this a

Thumbs Up
and I recommend it! ^_^ i want to buy the M.A.C mineralise power after i finish this pot as it might just be a bit better quality but this is good for just £3.50!

I will be buying more e.l.f!

Are there any e.l.f products that you recommend?

Sammi xoxo

Got the keys!

Hey sorri guys just a quick no-make-up post!

So im going back to uni in september and me and my mate Jexie are moving into this 'penthouse' flat down there! We fell in love with it as soon as we saw it & we got the keys yesterday! woo!! I jus wana move in lol but gotta wait a bit =[
But we went to look around it again with our mums (o dear) and we met the neighbour who said we shouldnt make noise....(BAHAHA)

We took some pictures of our empty flat rooms lol

On the way...with my mums slowwww driving lol

Our beautifulll!

My sis modelling the kitchen

The living room, bit of a rubbish pic tho =[
Us being geeky lool we like the flat ^_^


Sammi xoxo