WHATS IN MY BAG? video is up!

Hey guys ive uploaded my 'whats in your bag?' video
it took 4 hours!! lol my connection is slow =[

Ive got a few more to upload, another tutorial aswell

Let me know what you think!!

Sammi xoxo


Haul & How to wear Video is up!

How goofy is this pic loool

I done a haul video please check it out =]

Any requests? please let me know!

sammi xoxo


Make-up Tutorial Video - Pinup

Hey guys this is a quick Pinup look for an everyday look or if your in a rush & dont have enough time to do a more detailed look.

It dosent take too many shades & is quite easy so enjoy!

Sorry! the audio got swapped to it mite be a bit weird when it stops lol

I want to make another video today so if you have any requests please let me know! I'll try and do them for you.

Sammi xoxo


NOTD its all Navy [lol]

I brought this nail varnish a bit randomly because i had to spend more money so i could use my card..blah blah lol but yeaaaa i saw this shade and thought i would try it ^_^

Rimmel - 400 Blue Vogue £4.60

The brush is slim and so gives better coverage when applying the varnish, its a nice shade but i personally like it shiny and its quite matte when it has dried properly so i wont be re-purchasing this but its good for the price i suppose!

As for lycra, it actually didnt chip off as soon as the 60 second ones do, it lasted about a day without chipping lol so you can probably find better but its not too bad!

Have any of you tried this product?
Do you know of any better ones?

Sammi xoxo


Make-Up Request Video [Selena Gomez]

Heres a make-up request i got for Selena Gomez's 'falling down' video look

Hope you like it =]

Let me know what you think and if theres any more requests just post them below =]

Sammi xoxo

OOTD [ a few days ago ]

Hi guys sorry its been a while again ive just moved into my new flat and i got this dodgy internet =z but hopefully i wont have to wait long for the proper connection!

It was my mums b-day the other day so we all went out for a family meal =]

Heres what i wore

[Their house is being re-decorated]

Vest top - Abercrombie & Fitch
Belt - Topshop
Skirt - Topshop
Boots - Office
Cardigan - New Look

Necklace - River Island

Hopefully i can do a few new videos and post them on here cause its not working on youtube atm =[

Any requests from you guys for videos? let me know =]

Sammi xoxo


Thriller LIVE!

Last night i went to see 'Thriller Live' in London for my mums b-day

It was AMAZINGG!! soooo good, if ur not sure which theatre production to see, definatly see this one!

Heres some pix from the night ^_^In the car exited on the way hehe

Above the theatre =]

Terrible pic after the show =[ lool

Tried to do some OOTD's for u guys! These boots are from New Look, theyre reali like masculine [womens boots] but i luv them ^_^ i wana try them with the tops turned over

Woah my make-up looks so dodgy..sorryyy!! eugh lol

So thats it for now, im moving into the new flat on Sunday [AHHHH!!] Its gona b so crazy so i might not be able to post for a while,
Also our internet is'nt installed for about 2 weeks [ =o ] which im not so happy about lol but hopefully i'll be posting somehow even though lol

Have any of you seen thriller? Watcha think about the OOTD?

Sammi xoxo


'Cat-eye' makeup tutorial Video!

I just loveeeee commmennttts!! ;p

hope you guys like it

SamBam xoxo

My doggies on youtube!

Heya i video'd my dogs today, just thought i'd show u guys lol

Its so random but i had a minute so i thought i'd do it lol

Let me no what you think!

Sammi xoxo


OOTD & Topshop purchases

So I went shopping today for my mums b-day present in Windsor and i thought i'd show u guys my OOTD!

My blazer is new from Topshop i got it yesterday =]
it look me ages to find and i was about to walk out but then i found this number lol

Top = Primark [oldschool]
Leggings = H&M
Shoes = River Island
Necklaces = Peace sign - Freedom @ Topshop
& my 'Isis' symbol from Egypt

I got this necklace today at Topshop I looveeee it, i was on the look-out for a statement necklace and this one but can be dressed down..but i just liked it cause i thought it was pretty lol

Freedom @ Topshop - £10

I wana wear this when i feel like punking up an everyday outfit or a night-dressy-up outfit lol

I dont tend to wear that many dresses so i thought this would add some 'oomph' to a black top with fashion leggings and some heels for example =]

Thank you so much to my new followers! i hope you like my blog ^_^
Let me know what your channel is aswell guys

Please comment =]

And please visit my youtube!

Much love

Sammi xoxo


My dieting tips video!

Hey guys!

I recorded this today when i had some spare time in the car lol

Alot of my info on dieting and my tips, i hope you enjoy it!
[Sorry its a bit long haha]

Plleeassee comment on what you think!

What are your dieting tips and rules?

Sammi xoxo


Random facts *New Video*

Please comment and subscribe!!

I was tagged by

Sammi xoxo

September Topshop Wish List!

Sooo im still waiting for Payday [as always] but my dad gave me some late bday money =] yayyy so ive been straight on the Topshop website lol and have chosen some things i would love =D
theres loads but these things have caught my eye so when I get paid at the end of the month...i will be getting more of these things hopefully hehe
Im loving rockability [always have] and i love studs and wearing black [its slimming and stylish at the same time]
Anywho here are the pix ^_^

What do you guys think?
What are you gonna be buying this autumn?


Sammi xoxo


In's and Out's ^_^

So my In's and Out's this week ladies, are:

- Recording New Youtube Videos
- Autumn = Cozyness, Halloween, uni
- Body Shop Vanilla Eau de parfum
- Finishing work this week
- Disney Songs
- Moving into our new flat
- Dieting
- District 9
- Inglorious Bastards

- Mosquito Bites from holiday =[
- Myself keeping on changing my hair
- any negativtity
- No more BB to watch!
- Waiting till next year for Toy story 3
- Not having buckets of money lol
- not getting round to exercise
- Junk food / Sugary food / White Carbs


Update by Vlog

My hair looks so messy lol please excuse it

Please comment! =D

sammi xoxo


Bye Bye Marbella!

Hey everyone! im back from Spain woo! Heres some pix from the week,
It was good but i dont think there was much to do apart from Beach it up for a week lol but was very pretty!

Do you like my new hair? *blush* so short for me!

Being silly lol

A morrocan insisted on taking this lol

Id had some drinks b4 this lol

oop goofy

I feel like ive been away from Blogspot foreverr!! Alot more blogs to come guys =]
And video blogs too!
Its my last week of working this week [YESSSSS!!!!!]...i hate working lol
We move into our flat at the end of the week! so probably alot of silly vids once we get settled in there haha [ooh the loft scares us coz we think the creepy man next door lives there or something =\ ] lol

Oh if any of you have msn and might want to add me its ^_^

No creepy men! just my lovely readers please lol

Ive got loads to say but i'll leave it for other posts!

Please comment!!

Sammi xoxo