Entry for Zoe's Diamonds Contest

I entered Zoe's contest named 'Diamonds are a girls best friend'
Its to celebrate her 2000 followers yay =]
Its themed around diamonds so i had a shot at it!
(i love sparkles lol)

Link to her page -

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Ask me anything on Formspring!

Hey guysss =]
Ive got a new Formspring account, its a bit like a twitter full of questions lol but you can ask me aaaanything!
And i can answer it on the page for you,

Click here! to go to the page

Hope to be answering some of you!



Photos with good make-up

Just a few Images i found & i like the makeup =]
Might do a tutorial on some of the looks!

Sammi xoxo


R.I.P Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy died early this morning after she went into full cardiac arrest and could not be revived, multiple sources tell TMZ.

She was 32.

A 911 call was made at 8:00 AM from a home in Los Angeles that is listed as belonging to her husband, Simon Monjack, the Los Angeles City Fire Department tells TMZ.

We're told Murphy was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where she was pronounced dead on arrival.


My entry for MizzWorthy's Illamasqua Contest =]

[Warning - not a pretty, girly look!]
So i entered the Illamasqua contestt, i know there must have been soooo many better entries! but i thought i'd give it a shot, I honestly dont know where my inspiration came from, i actually just had a palette in front of me and..ran with it lol (not literally) I choose colours i like putting together, and the lines were going along with the flow lol, i tried to make the lines around the with the eye, if that makes sense.
So let me know what you think about my entry, Its a bit craazyyy but hey...the breif was anythingggg outside the box!

Sorry about the bad quality images but you can still get the gist =]



ModelsOwn Nail Varnish Review

Hey there guys fancy seeing you here, hehe
So yesterday I brought this nail varnish from River Island, amongst the CRRAZYYYNESS of christmas shopping (its scary!)
Anywho the brand is ModelsOwn (
There was a gold and then this colour, they do alot more but these were the only ones left lol, I thought this colour would be lovelyy because it looked kinda christmassyyy (is that a word? lol) its called Disco Mix.

The colours are purple & blue, and they look lovelyy together. I dont usually..everr..wear glitter nail varnish so this was different for me but i thought only live once right.


I love the colour of this polish, you have to put on about two coats to get good coverage. I didnt mind that because i usually do that anyway, I had it on for a day and by the end it had chipped a little bit, kinda much as my other rimmel polishes, i figure its because this varnish kinda feels 'chunky', if its chips..a 'chunk' will come off.
Anywho it is goodd, there is probably better glitter varnishes out there though, its good for £5 because the colours are pretty and it looks good under some lights and better under others (random lol)

4 Stars!

Sammi xoxo


Beyonce Video Phone Tutorial

I entered a competition by Kacym which was on the theme of Beyonce, so obviously..i HAD to do it lol so i chose to do a look from the Video Phone video, which im guessing you guys have seen! unless ur living under a rock lool
So here it iss =] hope you like it! Let me know what you thought?


Adriana Lima Tutorial & photo

Hey dolls =] here is my adriana lima bronze goddess type makeup tutorial!
This is the photo i was working from which i couldnt show on youtube;


What do you think of the look?

Any requests?




OOTD the other day

This OOTD is a bit overdue because i couldnt get it off my camera lol

Sorry about the quality!!
Jacket - River Island / T-shirt - Primark / Skirt - Topshop / Tights - H&M / Pumps - River Island

Do you like?!

Sammi xoxo


New hair ya'll!

So you mayyyy have noticed i recently cut and coloured my hair...blonde lol, i havent been blonde for aaaagessss but i was actually inspired by Rihanna after watching her performance on xfactor (that sounds really bad but i didnt shave my head or anything lol)

I was inspired by the cut and the shade and decided to try it out, You can actually see it a bit better in the video of my below or go to my channel where theres another vid!
So this is what inspired me-

Here are just the first few pics i took after doing my hair, obviously you cant see it properly! but it gives you an idea of the fringe and colour

So let me know what you think! Make sure you check out one of my recent videos for a better view of the cut

Bye Dolls! xoxo

Cupcakes & colours Winner!

Hey dolls! So my competition ended and its was sooooooo hard to choose one winner! i know everyone says that but was soo hard!
So i did narrow it down to one even though they were all amazing =]

In this video i show you the prize and show all the runners-up and also the winner!

Here is one of the photos of the winners make-up look, her name is kacy , Click here for her youtube!

Thank you all soooo much for entering =]

Peace & Love xoxo