A few new bits (mini - haul if u will)

Hey dolls thought i'd show u some things i got today & recently, havent done a haul on here for aaaaagesss! So i'll just go through everything..

These are the makeup bits i got todayy yay, No.7 Primer (which im very excited to try), Sleek Contor Kit and A barry M dazzle dust in Khaki

Ive tried this already and i lovveeee it! i reeealy wanted a contor or bronzer with no shimmer because i think contoring with shimmer is a bit too much, it was between this and the Bourjois chocolate bronzer..might get that next but this was defo worth it..wa son offer aswell so i grabbbedd it lol...was £3.99

Barry M DazzleDust in Khaki, cant WAIT to try this out, i hope it brings out green eyes lovelyly (made that word up) swatch below..i want soo mant of the dazzle dusts!

Earrings from Topshop - £8.00

'Truth' Ring from Topshop - £6.00

After wathing Pixiwoo's video on makeup books it really inspired me to get a book and i chose to get this one - Makeup, The ultimate guide by Rae Morris.
Its really good its taught me alot already and i got through like half of it straight away lol, theres step by step parts and photo parts and parts you just read.
I got this from for about £8.00 i think.

Have you got any of these products? What do you think?! x


katie said...

i love pixiwoo's videos. i really enjoy reading your blog i've followed you.
follow me in return.

TheMakeup101s said...

i wish i could get my hands on some Barry M!! sounds so good! :)

幸運之神 said...

當我微笑時,世界和我一起微笑;當我快樂時,世界和我一起活躍。 ..................................................

laura ☮ ♥ said...

Hey un i follow you.. please let me know how you get on with the khaki barry m, i need a colour like that, & could you recomend an olive eyeshadow for me huni x