Small Haul - Makeup & bits & bobs

Hey guysss
Ok so im starting a late resolution to update my blog more often! Cause i know i kinda abandon it lol whoopsieee.
Newho there are some things I got today/yesterday

Top Photo, Left to Right:

Gloves from Topman/Vogue..anywhere lol(WH Smith)/H&M Nail Varnish/My phone Case/Urban Decay Palette/H&M Hair Flower

Have you tried this palette?
Its pretty!
& I cany waiiittttt to try the nail varnish, like a light creamy colour =]

Bye Dolls xoxo


Connie. said...

Ohhh the h&m nail varnish - is it in latte 2 go? If so i did a post on my blog about it a little while ago and am in love with it! xo

Misha said...

Alexa Chung <3 Love the nail varnish & hair flower. xo

Valerie said...

Love your haul...I want the Urban Decay Palette now!! :)

Anonymous said...

where did you get you phone case from? its really nice

esha87 said...

its really nice. Thanks for sharing this makeup bits bobs.

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