My Wishlist!

Hey guys,
So im sure your the same..every now and then you see and hear about products that jus look amazing and they make it onto your wishlist.
So here is my Wishlist at the moment!

- NARS Sheerglow foundation
- MAC Blankety Lipstick
- Illamasqua Nail polish
- Illamasqua angled blush brush
- MAC Harmony Powder
- MAC Reflex Pearl Pigment
- Urban Decay Alice in wonderland palette
- NARS Orgasm Blush
- Benefit Sugarbomb Powder
- Revlon Photoready Foundation
- Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer
- Illamasqua matte primer

..a girl can dream! lol

whats your wishlist at the moment?



that BADass seƱorita said...

Same here...I want the NARS foundation it's just way too expensive for me. I used to come with no makeup in sephora & use theirs haha. I had their concealer but used it up so quick. I love Nars & MAC my 2 favorite brands.

Julia said...

I agree, NARS and MAC are definitely the best brands of makeup. It's funny because my birthday wishlist on is currently about 80% makeup and it's all NARS and MAC!

Prettyholic said...

I'm a new follower. You're awesome!

Lau. said...

Check out my blog I give you a blog award!!!

melina bee said...

I have the Nars Orgasm blush and it is so wonderful and worth the price (mine's lasted me a long time). I've put it on friends and family with totally different complexions than mine and it looks great on everyone. Apparently they even have an entire line of products based on that one shade now.