Some Eyeko Goodies

Hey all =]
The other day i received some goodies from Eyeko and so i thought i would show you all and share what i think!

The Eyeko Graffiti Pen, Brilliant! Dries to fast and is so black

'Purple Polish'
Lovely, takes less coats to get a good shade

Vintage Polish,
My favourite!

Nude Polish - Takes a few coats to get a good
shade but a pretty colour

A Lilac Shade Polish - Lovely colour


So all the polishes are lovely!
Some take a few coats but they dry fast so that makes up for it!

Check out Eyeko polishes, they are sold in Superdrug & also online

Thanks for reading!

Sammi xoxo


Sarah said...

I'm wearing Lilac Polish right now, it's lovely.
I haven't tried Vintage Polish yet which is pretty bad as I bought the set a few weeks ago lol. x

Discombobulatedd said...

ooo Vintage polish looks lovely :)

Somewhere Here said...

love ur blog and youtube! Just found you via youtube. keep up the videos!

xSantyx said...

I'm dying to try Eyeko products!

I really like the look of the Lilac Nail Polish, will go great with a dress i have my eye on.

Love your blog!

Feel free to follow mine..