Topshop Makeup Event!

Hello my lovely Readers!
So before i start i want to give a BIG apology! I just feel like i havent been blogging as much as i should and i really want to start blogging alot more! So watch out ^_^

Yesterday was an amazing day, it was the Topshop A/W event where the collection for A/W was displayed and it was absolutley beautiful, however i have to say the main thing i wanted to see was...the Makeup range!
Topshop are launching a makeup range on the 5th May and i am SOOOO excited about it!
The prices of the makeup will range from £5 to £15 which i think its great,very reasonable

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We were able to have a sneek peek at the whole range, we could swatch items and look at them it was so good, I got some pictures to share with you all!

Some of the Eye Makeup on display

These creme blushes were absolutly gorgeous! I think you could use them on your lips aswell

How cute is the packaging! especially of the nail varnishes

Me and the lovely Shirley! (of
We had such a good time and it was luch a lovely day! We stayed at the event long enough to have a good look around and then we went to Harrods where i purchsed the MAC amber Lights eyeshadow and also we found a NYX counter in Harrods!

Watch my video (it should be up tonight) if you would like to see the products

But i hope you enjoyed this post! I will have another part with the fashion / Jewellery up soon

Sammi xoxo


Superficialgirl said...

It looks so cute but with my luck the Malta Topshop wont be getting any :(

Lucy said...

God I wish I'd ditched work and come to this the blushers and lipsticks are gorgeous!

Sammi said...

@superficialgirl aww no! i hope soo!! if not maybe order online? =] xx

Beauty and the blog said...

Hi sammi so nice to meet you yesterday,yh hopefully next time we can talk more,il add you on twitter,my tweets r private because of the random people that constantly try to add me lol but my twitter is here,speak to ya soon.x

Beauty and the blog said...

Great blog btw how late am I .x

Jenn said...

beautiful!!! i wish we had a topshop close to where i live!


Sammi said...

aw thank you! lol xx

GlamourSkittle said...

gorgeous collection. and you look stunning as always xox

Discombobulatedd said...

Wow, looks awesome :D

I've nominated you for the sweet blogger award on my blog :)


Anonymous said...

which harrods!? i've been trying to get a hold of some NYX for aaaages! xx