Collective Clothing Haul - H&M, Topshop, Primark

Hey dolls, Thought i would do a post on some clothes i have brought recently.
Usually i intend to buy clothes but end up spending all my money on jewellery or makeup so i get excitind when buying nice clothes!
Anyway here they are =]

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Studded Skull top - H&M £7.99

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H&M £9.99

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H&M £9.99

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As seen in OOTD =] Primark £5

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I love this bag! Got it today from Topshop £36
You can wear it on your arm or as a shoulder bag..woo!

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These found theyre way into my posession purely due to my evil heels lol..i rushed to primark for flats! £6

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This jacket is from Topshop, i love it! but im umming and arring because it wont go with toooo many outfits and i could get a top instead that would. So i might change it! £40

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hannah said...

i love those sandals! do they come in other colours?x

Sammi said...

thanx! they sure do lol i think about 4 colours or so xoxo

charleylou said...

the floral dress is lovely :) i'd keep the jacket, it's really retro and i think it would look amazing with any plain top and leggings/skinnies ! xxx

hannah said...

awesomee i shall pick up a pair :Dx

*Creme Cup* said...

cute sandals, im not keen on the jacket and its quite expensive and wont really go with everything. x

FabDiva20 said...

Cute skull top and dresses! I too have been into shopping for clothes instead of makeup *big shocker* since I'm on a MAC break until the 27th.

Hardcore Makeup Junkie said...

I love that H&M skull tank! Thanks for sharing :)

holly said...

wow the jacket from topshop is gorgeous!,X

Ro! said...

I really like the jacket! It's so cute!

Beauty and the blog said...

I bought those sandals last week,and they are going back!the bit that goes around my heel is a tad baggy : S sad times.Love the vest thought.x

Nishi said...

The skull top is so cute! I think I need to go shopping soon, there seems to be a lot of nice stuff in the shops. Has anyone seen the new look spring collection? is it any good? i might pop in seeing as they're having 20% off right now!


i love your blog... is very nice and chic...

*Peonies and lilies* said...

I love that dress, can't believe it was only a fiver! x

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