DoveHearts & The boys Tattoo

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Cardigan - Primark
Black vest top - Primark
Tights - Topshop
Ripped Jean Shorts - I cant remember lol
Boots - New Look
Bag - Topshop
Nail Varnish - BarryM Mint Green
Earrings - Topshop

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Added a few pictures that were also taken on that day,
My bf's New Tattoo featured.
A Line Sugar Skull...Photos by me and he took mine =]

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PrincessGhee said...

love the stockings. What does your tat say!

jules. said...

u look cute ,i need some cute topshop tights, and ye what does your tattoo say ?x

Taloulas said...

Love those tights! I've seen so many nice tights on people lately, so glad as it means I don't have to worry bout getting the fake tan out just yet! Good stuff! xx

natasha1821 said...

I loveeee your tights. And bag and earrings. Haha. I guess since they are all from topshop I need to go to their website asap. Lol

Kirsti said...

i love where your tattoo what does it say x

Anonymous said...

I can see it! It says this too shall pass! Luv it!!!!! Love your YouTube videos I watch them religiously. Ur gorgeous posh and love your style! XO

loveandlipgloss said...

Who took these?? They're great!! <3

Laura Beth said...

Awesome stockings <3


Sarah said...

Will definately be looking out for the cardigan when I pop into town later this week! xx

Brittney said...

I adore your style! (I actually came across your youtube page on, they featured you as one of the top 4 Fashion Guru's on Youtube!)

I was just curious about two thngs: first, how tall are you? I love your style and sometimes I feel like it's difficult to dress for my size (I am 5'2).

And second, do you have any advice for petite girls and what trends would look best on them?

Stay fabulous! :)

Anonymous said...

What does his tattoo mean?
...The other one, not the scull

Radiance said...

What kind of camera did u use?

Dylana Suarez said...

Amazing tights!

Just came across your blog!

It is lovely!

DiamondSelina said...

I love the photo with you and the flower earring ... nice!


Amazing tights,so cute!I like your blog
<3 from Spain I saw your video

Anonymous said...

your tattoo is kinda similar to Rihanna's, it looks gud

MixedBeaute said...

beautiful photography :)

Stephanie said...

does your tattoo on your shoulder say "this to shall pass" backwards like you'd see it in a mirror?
Cause i think thats awesome! <3
Love all your clothes and photography! <3

Kristina said...

I'm so so so in love with the picture with your tattoo <3

I use it as background image of my laptop hihi :P

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