Sleek Blogger Event!

Hey Guys!

On wednesday I was lucky enough to go to the Sleek Event at All Stars Bowling alley in Brick lane!
The place was amazing, it was so well designed, so that plus makeup...Brillo! lol

The sleek team put together a very fun and at the same time, interesting event. We were shown how lipsticks, lipglosses and eye dust's are made and we were also shown a tutorial, as well as having our foundations matched!

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Making Lipsticks

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We could also have a hands-on experience with all the sleek makeup and nail varnishes as you can see from everything laid out above. This was great as its what i always want to do in the stores but i dont want them to start getting security to hover around me lol

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This is the gorgeous Lilac shade of polish Sleek will be launching, it reminds me of the BarryM and Models own lilac shades, it was VERY pigmented! Nice application (But sloppy because of my unsteady hand!)

Then onto the second part of the event! We all had a bowling competition, the prizes were pretty amazing! A trip to the New York fashion show, a notebook (laptop), Digital camera and also a years supply of makeup (Well done Shirley!!!) lol

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The Runners up!

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Here we all are together, it was so great to meet many lovely people, i wish i got to speak to everyone! But i do get a bit shy sometimes so maybe that was a downfall!

Sleek also let us leave with some fab Goodie bags!
This was so sweet of them and so generous

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This book is really interesting, it has gorgeous looks in it aswell as loads of tips & tricks

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Lipgloss that was handmade

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Lovely Nail Varnishes in Turquoise & Pastel Pink

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New Kajal Eyeliner

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Pout Polish - This smells Lovely! like Vanilla / Coconuts

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New Circus palette - Not yet been released
(I will do a full review on this palette)

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Amazing Brush Belt & Brushes (im sooo excited about these!) These are not yet released but will be part of Sleeks Professional line

Sorry this Post is absolutley massive but there is so much to include! I get a bit Snap happy haha

I want to give BIG MASSIVE thank you to the whole Sleek team! They were so friendly and really made you feel welcome, it was such a lovely day.

Congratulations to everyone who won a prize after bowling! (I still need to sort out my bowling skills unfortunatly lol)

This was my first Makeup Blogger event and I had such a lovely time & it has really excited me!

Sammi xoxo


Superficialgirl said...

The belt brush looks amazing!! :)

Beauty and the blog said...

I need that turquoise polish,I bet it looks nice on

Sarah said...

Looks like a lovely event! :)
I was a bit slow to jump on the contour kit and dominatrix eyeliner wagon and now can't get my hands on them for the life of me! Sold out online and in my nearest Superdrug :(

Anonymous said...

aaw looks great,congrads to shelly for winning the yrs supply aint that lovely..Kat xxx

Sprinkleofglitter said...

OMG that event looks bloomin' AMAZING!! I am very very jealous!! I just wondered if I could be cheeky and ask how you get invited to these amazing things? I get stuff sent to review but would luurvvee to go to one of these things! xxxx

Lois-x said...

I agree with all of the above - the belt brush really does look amazing! Love the colours of the Nail Varnishes too. ♥

Rachel said...

That is so awesome, I'm jealous I wanna go! haha
Xoxo Rachel

Discombobulatedd said...

Wow, the brush belt looks fab, deffo want to get one of them when it comes out.

Ms Purple Make-up in black and white said...

I'm so looking forward to see that palette in person! It looked like a really fun event!
Thanks for sharing Sammi!

Sammi said...

thank you all for ur comments! im so excited about the brushes i cant wait to try them all out lol
Also im still to try the turquoise polish but i cant wait to! it looks lovely on the people who have tried it already

Kimi said...

When are you going to do a review on the circus palette? those colors look absolutly gorgeous do you know when it will bre released?

MEVISH said...

oooh interesting post I cant wait to get my hands on that make up brush belt ;) xx