Topshop Makeup Haul & Review

Hey Dolls,

So the other day after the Sleek event me Shirley and Hannah made our way over to Topshop to see the New range (exciting!)

So there was a whole section for all the makeup which filled all the walls and the stands in the middle, it was SOO crowded (well it would be, lol) so i tried to have a look at everything but it was kind of hard with everyone pushing!

Anyway i had a quick look at everything they had on offer and a few things caught my eye. They have a core range and also items which are on trend more-so and the trend items will rotate every 3/4 months.

I was mainly interested in the Nail Varnishes (i have an unhealthy obsession), the blushes and the lipsticks. So i was hovering around these for quite a while. I found that there wasnt really a big range of the lipsticks so i was a little put off..the nude shade did look nice but i didnt really want to spend £8 on one. The eyeshadows looked cute but i wasnt too wow'ed by them.

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I grabbed two Nail polishes and one of the creme blushers as i had swatched one before and really liked it, i also got an eye crayon to try out because it just looked kind of pretty and fun! also i got a lipgloss for my sister =]

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My Creme Blushed in 'Nutmeg'

The blush is my fave item that i brought, its a creme to powder and really easy to work with, its also builable

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The crayon in 'sea' (£6) with swatch and blusher blended swatch

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One of the nail varnishes i brought, this one is 'Gypsy Night' (£5) I LOVE this varnish i feel its quite unique and its great over a black varnish..i want to experiment over different colours.

The other varnishes i brought are 'Hopscotch' a light grey / cement and 'Daredevil' a shimmey cranberry colour.

The staying power of the varnishes are pretty good, nothing amazing but not bad, the colours do come out nicely

All the makeup ranges between £5 - £15 so thats pretty good but with certain things you have to wonder wether they are worth it!

I am wanting to try the Tinted Moisturiser and the gold shadestick so look out for a review on those!

Overall i would say 4/5 stars for the Topshop Makeup, i do really LOVE the packaging and the creme blusher especially but i do need to try more products out to get a better idea of the whole range.

Hope this was helpfull,
Have you tried the Topshop makeup...what do you think? =]

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Discombobulatedd said...

I've heard such good things about the cream blushes, can't wait to try them.


Rachel said...

I looove this haul! Someone else did a haul on top shop make up but I like yours more lol!!
xoxo Rachel

Anonymous said...

got the tinted moisturiser in dark, using it b4 my foundation and then my mac on top of it...the difference with this one is that the mac tinted moisturiser i can rock on its own without any problems coverage is great but teh topshop one is not so good i ahve used it for 3days so will see once i use it more...Val..xxxx

Sarah said...

ooking forward to trying out the cream blushes!
I tried to comment on your video but youtube wouldn't let me :\
I bought two of the dresses you did in green and black and white stripes - they're great for only £9.99 and I prefer them to the really popular £5 Primark ones! I popped into Primark afterwards and bought a handful of their £1 plaited belts to put under the bust of the dresses and they look lovely!
They look more Topshop-esk than good old H&M! :)

Anonymous said...

how much is the cream blushes?