Glamour Benefit Eye Pencils Giveaway!

Hey dolls!
So today I had a lovely surprise when I came to look at my blogs this morning and on Bubblegarm's blog she showed that Glamour was giving away three eye pencils...FULL SIZE!

I was full of excitement and rushed down to my local sainsburys with my sister...where they had sold out =O < our face was defo like that
Anywho I did a bit of persuasion...('excuse me do you have anymore glamours?')
and we got some teehehehe!

LIFE STORY lol sorry!

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Anywho So glamour are giving away the Benefit;

Bad Gal Black eye pencil
'It Stick' Concealer stick
'Eye Bright' Instant eye brightener

I took a few flicks for you guys =] Hope they help!
I LOVE the 'It stick'..I never even gave it a second glance before and i really like it, its like a stick Bo-ing...i do need to try it out a little longer though.

I tried eye bright today and i thought i'd love it but its a bit 'meh' at the might grow on me!

The Bad gal liner is amazeballs for a smokey eye look, so smudgeable (thats probably not a word haha)

Anywho pop down to your local shop and bag yourself some benefit goodies! So worth it! They are worth £45 alltogether apparently..yey!

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Thanks for reading!

Sammi xo


sarah said...

i love the eyebright so far, it looks really good on inner corners of eyes i think. bad gal is probably my least favourite.
i'm guessing glamour are going to make a lot of money this week!

Georgie said...

Awesome!!! I shall be popping down to tesco tomorrow and snapping these up!! :D

me :) said...

I got one of each (teehee!) They have sold out in a lot of places which is crazy since it just came out today. But it's no surprise since I'd imagine everyone bought one of each lol :) x

Sammi said...

true! lol x

Discombobulatedd said...

I picked up all three too :)

Also RED magazine are giving away a free Jemma Kidd lipgloss worth £14 available in three shades :)


natasha1821 said...

I heard this was only in the UK. Is that true?

sugarbumpkin said...

OMG!!! is this UK only?

lmrichardson63 said...

is this only in London/england???im in the states

Kathryn said...

Awesome! What's the It stick like?

pinkstrawberrielove said...

do they have it only over there? i wonder if they have it in california. But I want them! lucky you!

Carla~カルラ~ said...

cool im getting that for those pencils! they're good colors too!

Sophie said...

my mum went to tesco's before work today (as I was at school) because yesterday they were sold out. she texted me at lunch saying she had got all 3 for me. I can't wait to try them all!!! x

ornella140493 said...

Can I find it in Belgium?

ornella140493 said...

Can I have it in Belgium?

Sarah said...

My boyfriend put all three by for me where he works (bless him) - by the time we went to buy them (the same day) the rest had all sold out!
I've trained him well lol xx

StellieStellina said...

I managed to get all three today, yeah! I also got Red magazine - they were giving away a £14 Jemma Kidd lipgloss - I got a really pretty rose coloured one.x

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

Cute shorts. Acutally, all the pieces are cute. :-) I miss London. Lived there for 3.5 years. Now back in Tokyo

Miss May said...

amazeballs. my new favorite word