Haul - purchases from London

Hey dollfaces!
Hope you are all very well and enjoyed your weekend..or are still enjoying it lol
This post is a little late but better late than never =]
I went to London about a week ago and i brought a few new bits and bobs and i thought i would show you =] I'll be showing some of these clothes in a video soon aswell so you get a lil sneek peek lol

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This denim sleeveless cowgirl-like top (lol) is from Zara, i loveee it its so summery! Going along with the crazy denim trend this season.
I think it was around £20/25

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This top is slightly longer than a crop top if that makes sence, (if i wore low-rise jeans you could see my midriff) I love the colour and its really light and floaty

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These shorts are from H&M They're stretchy and i think they come in a darker colour aswell. Word of warning, they come up a bit small
Around £7.99

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This Bodice is from Topshop, I wanted it for ages, It fits really nicely and they come in quite a few different colours

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I recently learnt that this is a top but i wear this as a skirt, it makes a great bodycon skirt and is inexpensive!

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These are from Uni-Qlo, i just felt like some white jeggings as i dont have any, they're not the BEST fitting but they're ok =] There's studs at the bottom which is kinda cool.

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This blazer is from Primark, Its a great fit and i like the colour, i needed a blazer and its pretty nice, it can be a bit itchy though! not too soft

Hope this was helpfull/interesting!

Sammi xoxo


City Girls Fashion Box said...

i have been wearing that h&m top as a skirt for months :) i had no idea in the slightest it was a top, in my eyes its far too 'square-ry' to be a top! oh well! :)

GlamourSkittle said...

Great Purchases, Love the first denim cowgirly top thing hehe xox

holly said...

i like uni qlo ((:,X

Lisa Van said...

loving yours buys! you have a great style xx

Catriona said...

I have that H&M skirt/top too - the shops in Glasgow had it as a skirt on the window! The blazer is really cute. :)

legseleven7 said...

I love the stuff you wear hun. You make things look cool and chic.

tor said...

LOVE those denim look shorts, and that bodycon top/skirt is a bargain!! xx

electricfingerprints said...

tops as skirts = genius.
It changed my wardrobe forever when I discovered I could do that!

- maya

Sagal said...

I got the bodice but in navy blue bot worn it yet though! love the body con skirt!

DesignerSpray said...

I've also been using tops as skirts lately. :) I can see the crop top thingy and bodice going with a lot of things. :) xx

Dylana Suarez said...

Cute stuff!

Just came across your blog.

It is lovely!

Wendy Peralta said...

Check out my blog!

Lucy (: said...

Are you sure that the h&m top is, well, a top!? Ha :) I have it in black and a raspberry colour and my friend has it in grey, and I could've sworn it was a skirt! :) Lovely buys though! xxx

kirstyb said...

you got some great bits and bobs - i have the H&M shorts - i love them xxxxxxx

AimeeMwahh x said...

Hey Darl ;; ii Have Them Shorts <3 Them
Your Black Bodice From Topshop ;; Primark Have Started Selling Them, But Only in Black atm =) Just Thought i Would Let You Know As You Mentioned it In Your Video =) Toodles :) xxx

brogan said...

lovely purchases!
brick and bones

Joan said...

i like a lot the first top from zara!! great purchases!

"L" said...

Oh love your pink cropped top :D

Ashleigh said...

great purchases..... im eyeing those shorts ;)

love them

Fashion Cents said...

I really like the flowy pink top! You have great taste. I love your blog and your videos!

keep in touch :)

Fashion-rocks said...

I brought that £2.99 top from H&M too but all this time I thought it was a skirt. I will continue to wear it as a skirt.
Great post!

Princess Nanaa said...

looool you're lying! that h&m skirt is a top haha learn something new everyday x