Rhodes Holiday Flicks!

I recently came home from Rhodes in Greece (Greek Island)
It was absolutly gorgeous there, such stunning scenery, if you have ever been there you know what i mean! Pretty much everywhere i been to in Greece is stunning actually.
We went for a week, had lots of sun sea and sand and i took loads of flicks but here are a few of them!

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The first night in Rhodes

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Me and Danny (my sister) tried to do outfit of the night pics =]

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About 7 in the morning at the beach..up early for a daytrip!

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Pictures from our daytrip to Turkey

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I was happy to find Sephora!

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There were TONS of pretty stalls, i wanted everything! lol

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This man was funny! And i love how hes just checking Danny

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Sparkles!! (I actually came out with that at the time and sounded really childish lol whoops!)

Hope you liked the pics! Thought i would share some with you and give you a little idea about Rhodes! We stayed in Falaraki but at night went to Rodos quite a few times because its so pretty there. It was a great holiday!

Hope your all doing really well and having a good summer!

Sammi xoxo


MissZuri said...

such a great everything...the scenery outfits etc

come check out my new fashion blog comment& follow...xxxxo.

GlamourSkittle said...
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GlamourSkittle said...

You always look gorgeous, great pictures too. Love your shoes in the first 2 pictures xox

Hannah said...

Such gorgeous pics Sammi, your tan is to die for.. loves it :) xx

natasha1821 said...

It looks so beautiful there.

Mercedes- Ms Purple Make-up said...

You looked stunning in every photo! Gorgeous!!!
I forgot how in Greece they put those sparkly mini firework stars in your drinks! Did you get anything in Sephora?

Lucy said...

Rhodes is so pretty isn't it! As if they have a Sephora, why don't we have a Sephora?

Bombchell said...

the 7am pic is lovely

leolovesneo said...

your really pretty! great pictures!

Georgina said...

Such gorgeous pictures!
Where is your top from in the first 2 pics?! It's beaut! xx

berrieslovebeauty said...

Rhodes is gorgeous!
You look so pretty :)

hebeflora said...

looks like you had a great time!
please check out my blog:
love x x x

Sophie said...

Beautiful photos :) I am glad you had such a great time! x

beatricelilly said...

You both look gorgeous! :) xx

mel said...

seeing your pictures made me want a holiday so bad haha

you look so pretty in them btw, im jealous of your tan too hehe xx

Maryann.A said...

I love this post, you and your sister looked like yall had a great time, so jealous! the scenery is indeed beautiful :)

MichaelaJANE said...

Gorgeous photos :) I love your outfit in the first picture, especially your shoes! Your tan is gorgeous aswell!
-Michaelajane xoxo

that BADass seƱorita said...

lovely you're glowing in all your pics
I wish I could put outfits like you do together
mine are so boring, great blog
hope u had fun <3

FabDiva20 said...

Gorgeous pictures!! Love your outfits as well as your sister's!

Lucy said...

You both look lovely, looks like a great place.
Just wondering, what camera do you use because the pictures look great? :) xx

*Creme Cup* said...

Loveeeeeee your outfits, looks like you had a fab time. Where are those wedges from? they are gorgeous!

Jeskaaax3 said...

Omg, I LOVE your wedges! Where did you get them from?

Check out my blog?

Samantha said...

Thanx everyone =] The wedges are from Primark £15 xx

Jasmine said...

I love your style so much!! Aww love the jewlery!!!

paperheart said...

wow you look gorgeous in allthe photos! i just found your blog btw :) its great! i also love your yt videos - america <33

makeupbysaz said...

those pictures are amazing and girl you look stunning :)
just followed you :)
check out my blog
thanks love saz xx

Fashion-rocks said...

Amazing post!! I followed you
You have amazing style, I love those loose tops.

kirstyb said...

loving all the pics looks like you have been having fun xxxx

CHarmonee said...

Amazing!!!....The drinks looked like they were delicious!! *giggles*

BottledBeauty said...

your adorable and Turkey looks like a beautiful place!

Miss May said...

Gorgeous! You have great hair too :)

*Creme Cup* said...

I have been searching for a black fringe dress like the one you are wearing for ages, where did you get yours from, you look amazing in it! x

Charmingly Unique said...

The pictures are amazing !

You've given me the travel bug now :)