Sharm El Sheikh Holiday Flicks!

Hey dolls!

Sorry its been a long time coming but here are some of our photos from Sharm El Sheikh! If you were ever wondering what it is like there hopefully these pics could give you a little insight!

It was soooo amazing and the people are so friendly and funny! They were so fun to be around! It was about 45 degrees Celcius in the day and it felt like about 30 at night! It was madness lol

We wernt far from Naama bay which was really packed and had loads of stalls, restarants and clubs. (I didnt go clubbing though lol)

Anywho here are a few pics!

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View from the plane close to landing

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Random pic of my sis's poolside chair lol

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We went to this bar / Shisha place, it was absolutly beautiful! Im a sucker for fairy lights and materials/patterns so i was amazed haha

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Me and my non-alcoholic Mojito

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Me and my sister got henna done, but they both smudged! boo

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On our break from quad bike riding through the dessert, it was so hot! but fun =]

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On the bike, we took turns to drive! We saw 2 camel carcasses on the way =[ badtimes!

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After the Germany v Spain game, yey for Spain!
I was so excited to wear my maxi dress, hadnt really work it before then!

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Sun setting from the pool area

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Shisha pipe on a table at the hotel, i just thought it looked really pretty there..i get a bit snap happy!

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The way down from our hotel room to the pool & beach =] looks so perfect!

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At the pyramids, it was a 6/7 hour coach journey from Sharm to Cairo...not a journey i enjoyed! But the pyramids and spinx were amazing ^_^

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Whats in my Beach bag =p

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Starbucks! I was so excited (im such a loser) but i couldnt get anything because i was so full from our Hard Rock Cafe meal lol

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On the way back..took a random snap ^_^

* * *

It was such an amazing holiday! Im so glad i got the opportunity to visit Sharm as we had so much fun and i would really reccommend it as a great holiday for people from teens to adults!

I have a vlog of everything aswell but my movie maker is not co-operating with me and not working! Im not amused lol but if i can get it to work it'll be on my second vlogging youtube channel.

Sorry its a bit picture heavy but i thought theres alot to show!

I also have pictures from Rhodes (Greek island) we went there for a week last week so check back soon for those!

Much love, Sammi xoxo


Hannahh x said...

Wow, this looks amazing, hope you had a great time! :) xx

Charlotte said...

I went to sharm this june and your pictures are bringing back all the memory's!
We did the pyramids aswell bt got went by plane!
Also went to the hard rock cafe lol

VexintheCity said...

Oooh lovely pics. I must go here one day! Your purple maxi looks gorge!

Rose_Irima_Jerez said...

i got really excited when i was in france and saw a starbucks :)
It felt like home for me and my friend
It looks beautiful

Much love

scouselovesmakeup said...

Amazing pictures, glad you had a fabulous time hun! I want to visit Egypt at some point..did you find the heat almost unbearable sometimes?! Mojito=<3 Can't wait to see your vlog about it!


natasha1821 said...

Looks like fun. Great Pictures.

Ulaaa said...

Amazing pictures, looks like you had such a good time! I go to Egypt nearly every year and I LOOOOVE it <3 So I see where your coming from, its such an amazing country to visit. You look stunning in the pics btw!


minnja said...

Stunning pics!!! I need a holiday:)

Holly said...

looks like you had an amazing time (:!,X

Jenny Ho said...

lovely photos! it's my next holiday destination! loove your purple maxi, looks gorgeous on you! 'xo

Hannah said...

Gorgeous pics doll, love the photo of you overlooking the pyramids! x

beatricelilly said...

aw wow looks fab, you look gorgeous aswell :) xx

Miss Zuri said...

simply beautiful!!!! i love the desert pic best!

come check out my new fashion blog comment& follow...xxxxo.

Bombchell said...

wow!!! beautiful pics, looks like a fun time

shiffersmith said...

Nice pice!!! seems you enjoy your vactions....ferienhäuser spanien

-ContagiousCosmeticJunkie said...

Beautiful :O I just came back from Sharm, we visited Nama Bay, it was slightly hectic (: Didn't do the pyramids, unfortunatley. haha!

Soosa said...

Oooh, what hotel was that? It looks so perfect.

Luxury Traveler said...

Wow.. You've really had a great time at your luxury sharm el sheikh holidays. Nice pictures.

Janny morag said...

Wow! Your posted pictures are mind-blowing and outstanding. Egypt is a lovely destination for a great vacation. Travelers from all over the world are spending their precious time in this land of mystery. Sharm El Sheikh is one of the beautiful places in Egypt. Last year I visited this wonderful country. My Egypt Trip was superb and memorable. Keep Blogging.