I Heart Fashionology

Recently I brought and received some gorgeous items from Fashionology , after spotting some pieces on Karen and Andy's fashion blogs, whom i check up on almost daily! i love fashion blogs..

I am totally obsessed with jewellery, im like a magpie! I never stop adding to my collection but its not everywhere i find one place that just has dozens of pieces which are totally my style..

so when i stumbled across Fashionology I was so excited!

Fashionology is run by a lovely woman named Rachel and is based in the Netherlands, my past orders have taken around a week to reach the UK or maybe a little bit under & i've always had great customer service.

Prices are very reasonable aswell! at first i thought it might break the bank a little because i saw them on fashion blogs but i was very pleasantly surprised!

Im not affiliated with the company i just love all the jewellery and wanted to share, if you love silver, drop necklaces, crosses and unique jewellery like moi, you might like it =]

Click for Fashionology

You will find all the pieces in the images above on the website

Hope you are all well =]

Samantha x


austinbrooke said...

love all your blogs!! love your look too!! wish i could come to london and get advice from you! also, i love that your a girl with tattoos like me! and we are still hot :) haha follow my blog! its new and i am trying to get followers!

xoxo austinbrooke

Miss Vendella said...

the earrings are gorgeous. love that they are so simple and stylish! :) love the post hun! keep them coming i enjoy reading your blog! ;)

Smiles and kisses


manuelahall photography said...

i like! :)

JChoudhury said...

These pieces are stunning, and I love fashion blogs too. I adore your fashion sense, your very stylish girl. Check out my blog, I would love if you followed me. I'm new at blogs, so the support would be great. ♡

JChoudhury :)

FollowDee said...

Beautiful photographs :)

DOLCESOUR ♥ said...

wow i like the earrings
and girl, you're so pretty
love the hair
x dolce

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Very Nice Jewelry.

Laura xo said...

Absolutely gorgeous jewelry! Thanks for sharing :) xoxo

BespokeRose said...

Beautiful pieces

Bukurije said...

Wow, your blog is amazing!


BespokeRose said...

I love your blog, and Ive given you a Blog Award, check out my blog for details!

It's A Girl Thing said...

i love the jewelry!
also you're pictures are amazing!

Madie with `eleine` said...

i reallyyy love the dreamcatcher necklace! and your blog. unreal fashion sense, keep it up, bitty! xx :) said...

can you suggest any other jewellery stores like fashionology?