Twist & Bend

Hey dolls,
I was recently sent over some cute quirky headbands from Twist and Bend,
Twist and bend are an independent small business based in Leeds Uk, Created by two girls named Karen & Steph.

When I first looked at the headbands they just looked so cute, unique and on-trend,

They are so easy to use, all you do is wrap it around your head and bend the wire inside the headband to a shape you like,
They can look like bows or cute bunny ears ^_^ ( a' la Marc Jacobs) lol

Prices:£7 (Postage & Packaging Included) for UK, £10 for International delivery (Postage & Packaging Included)

If you want to check them out click the link;


Thank you Karen & Steph =]

Samantha x

p.s I'll be wearing one of the headbands in my upcoming fashion video so you can check it out there aswell x


Holly said...

aww they look really good on you! very stylish (:,xxx

stella said...

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ThisFashionIsMine said...

This seems like a brilliant idea! I love the green/floral headband on you - i wonder how well they stay in....?

Caz said...

They look so good on you! I'll definitely be having a look at them - £7 is a bargain too :)

Charming Vanity said...

U look so cute in those headbands. They look really interesting. I might check them out soon. Thanks for sharing!

I just followed and u have an awesome blog!


Peachykeen said...

aww amazing, they're lush! Might have to spend a few pennies when I get paid! xx

GinaLixxie said...

As i always say, your skin looks amazing! what foundation are you wearing if any hun? love this postt, they are uber cute! gonna have to get meh some a those:D xoxo

Gem said...

Awwww you look so cute with those headbands on! I love the floral one and being able to just twist a headband in place sounds so much better and more convinient :)

MARTA said...

green one is sooo cute

sosinprogress said...

They're adorable...but what if you don't have facebook? I don't have it, def not getting it, but would like to order

Tezza said...

those headbands are cute, but idk if i can rock them haha

BespokeRose said...


Jess said...

You look lovely, I love the headbands.


Emma said...

These are gorgeous - I might have to order one for myself :)

Kasturi S. // biggest fan. said...

These are so cool!
Easy to make, I would think?
And just thought I add that your outfits in the September outfits video were very very cool.
Casual and chic, keep 'em coming dude! :)

Dee O. said...

Very cute! I love the green one the best :)

feel free to check out my blog:

Ellen said...

they're so cute :D what a great find. I love your photo's too so pretty and girly! I am a student in Southampton too ... eee!


Dylana Suarez said...

You are so beautiful and these headbands are super cute! Love them. I must go check out the designers of these.

Really love your blog. Following!

...Beau Fashion... said...

Do you know if they are sold on e-bay. I don't have Facebook anymore, long story and I really want the green one your wearing ?