Kelly Cutrone Interview!

Hey dolls,
This monday, I was given the chance by Illamasqua to meet Kelly Cutrone (Owner of the PR agency 'Peoples Revolution' and from hit TV series 'The Hills' & 'The City') and ask her some questions, This was an amazing opportunity and I want to say such a huge thank you to both Alex @ Illamasqua and Kelly cutrone!

As i was given this chance, I chose to ask some questions which might help some of my youtube viewers and blog readers, I am asked very often how do I think they should get into fashion etc so I thought to get some opinions and answers from Kelly Cutrone, that would be an amazing way to help them!

I interviewed her just before she had to wizz off to another interview & after that she had her book signing at the Illamasqua store (Which is located on Beak Street, just off Carnaby street) I only had 5 minutes with her which is why i wasn't able to chat with her etc (as some people have criticised me for!) Im sure we would have had more time to talk otherwise but she was already late! It was really nice of her to give me the time she had.

(her book is called 'If you have to cry, go outside..and other things your mother never told you')

I asked her some questions on the fashion and beauty industry, her views on the online community & the influences of magazines vs. blogs. I also asked her about her personal beauty tips and what her favourite Illamasqua product was!

She was so lovely in person, she's not the type of woman who sugar-coats things and who puts on any kind of 'fake' persona, she is very straight-talking and down-to-earth. After having seen her on shows like 'The City' i thought she might come across as quite 'hard' but when i arrived, she greeted me and reassured me,

'Dont worry, i'm not as scary as on telly, think of me as a crazy mother!'

She made us laugh and gave full blown answers to my questions, (i was thinking..i hope these questions are ok! The way she answered each one reassured me)

After the interview, I got to have a few pictures taken with Kelly and she was also wearing the S.O.P.H.I.E band to support the Sophie Lancaster Foundation as you can see above. Even though she was running behind she was very open to photos at the end and saying goodbye's! My boyfriend was there to take the photos for me and Kelly made me laugh!

'You've got a pretty girlfriend here, and she has ink too!' ^_^

The whole experience was amazing and I cant say thank you enough to Illamasqua, They said the book signing also went really well, there were queues down the street! There were PR guru's, bloggers, fashionistas, the hills fans, Illamasqua fans and all sorts!

please check out the interview below!
(I ramble for a bit beforehand, you can skip!)

Thank you for reading this long but hopefully interesting blog post! (i do ramble a bit haha)

What do you think of Kelly? Did you enjoy the interview? Did you get the chance to meet her at the signing?!

Samantha xx


Missy Elz said...

This is amazing!
You lucky girl! xxx

Abbie♥ said...

oh lucky lucky lucky you! ♥

Tanisa (Olivia) Rossi said...

So cool! <3

Claude said...

OMGOMG! no fair

Laura. said...

I love your noddy head thing haha.. i've done that before in interviews. :)

She seems like a cool ass person

Jaymie~Lynn & Shontel~Elise said...

Shontel~ (me & my sister share a blog so specifying who is talking)
I really want to read her book just cuz of the title. Sounds intresting. I'm quite a straight talker myself and so are most of my friends. Have you read her book? I think you did fine for your i'm guessing first interveiw, except for the nodding but we all have a, i guess you'd call a nervous twitch when talking to people you dont kno or people that are famous. But great Job!and love your vlogs :-)

Trying to get some subscribes we jaut started.
Twitter: @Celestial_gem (me)

BespokeRose said...

I love her, this looks amazing!

Marilou said...

I love her, she is such an inspirational woman! Thank you for sharing with us
Your english accent is way too cute by the way! :-)


interview with kelly - awesome :)

**OnYxStA** said...

you lucky thing!! I wanna meet Kelly Cutrone!!!
She is like modern day fashion's Cruella Deville <3

Vintage and Cake said...

I fucking love her soooo much she was so great in The City and I love her no shit speaking and she always says what she thinks I love that !!! You are so lucky hunni xxxx