MAC Venomous Villans collection

(on the left - Devilishly stylish lipgloss / On the right - Liquid powder in Cajun)

Hey dolls,
Following on from my last post, here are the pieces from the Venomous Villains collection which i picked up at the MAC event.

In the goodie bag i received the Liquid powder in Cajun and the zoom lash mascara

I purchased the 'Devilishly Stylish' lipgloss and the lip pencil in cherry (this wasn't in the collection but the artist used it on me that night)

What do i think of the packaging?

A lot of it i do really like, im a sucker for Disney i have so much disney memorabilia! However there are a few pieces which i am not so keen on such as some of the beauty powder packaging, i feel like it needs more detail or something, not sure lol.
The lip glosses and lipsticks though i do really love in terms of packaging! so cute

What do i think of the products?

The liquid powder is a new one for me, well for a few people, it has a cool sensation when you touch it and gives a lovely highlight effect, i've swatched it a few times and will definatly be using it as its not too shimmery but also i have swatched better highlighters so maybe i'll try to work out the best way to use it.

Zoom lash i had never tried before and it seems like a good mascara, i've tried better and worse. I think it looks better when you build it up a bit and its in 'blackest black' so thats always good.

The 'Devilishly stylish' Gloss is gorgeous! Its probably my favourite thing i left with. I love nude glosses and this one is a bit more shimmery than ones which i have already but i love it! its a peachy nude and it looks great on its own and over lipstick.

The lip pencil isnt included in the collection but when I had my lips done by the artist she used this pencil, i loved it even on its own. Its so soft and lovely to apply. ive tried to re-create the look she done above with the pencil to show you =]

What do you think of the collection? Anything you have your eye on?
Ive got my eye on another of the glosses!

Samantha xoxo


Irene said...

i'm going to have to look at this collection, i really like the look of toxic tale. sammy you've tempted me!:):

alexandra dean said...

Ohhh the lip liner looks so nice, I really want the red lipstick in the collection aswell. When does the collection come out?x

Tali said...

GREAT GREAT photos. THe colors look really vivid on this post. Such a damn good camera hon!

Jacquelyn said...

alexandra dean: This collection comes out on the 7th in the UK.

To everyone who want to see the collection in person, you will fall in love with it! It's amazing!

Anna said...

i love the collection ...
The lipstick looks nice :)

Kat O said...

Beautiful shots and I love the face charts, can't wait for the UK release :)
Kat x Click&Make-Up

Muhsine said...

I need the cherry lip pencil :) great photos!

Ariel said...

The lip liner looks gorgeous on you! x

Nadia said...

love the evil queen make up!

Lyricallyness said...

Love the Haul :)

Liana said...

ooh so pretty! i keep seeing photos of this collection everywhere, i may just have to break down and get something. that red looks so good on you!

Cassandra said...

Beautiful red lips!

I cant wait for this collection to come here, I want one of the blushes and a lipstick i saw! :D

<3 Cassie

Autumnfound said...

i saw one of your videos on youtube and loved it,thought i'd "hop" by and see your blog and you have this officially ure blog,videos and taste.very inspiring...and love macs new collection...disney and mac combined...there go my life savings....:)

Beaute said...

Oooh this collection looks soooooooo fun and something that when looked at makes you happy lol :) x

DOLCESOUR ♥ said...

Cutie, one question for you..
Which camera do you use? :$ canon eos?
I really need a new camera, dunno which one to buy....

Kris said...

mmm, great photos and awesome lips!

Ring My Bell said...

I think I want/need anything in the Creulla collection. I'm kinda of obsessed with her!

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