When in Camden

Hey dolls, I visited Camden the other week with my sister who will be standing in for me in the photos in a way! It was pouring with rain ALL day which sucked but i tried to get some good photos! As it was raining my hair got completely ruined and really didnt feel like i should have been photographed so i asked my sis if it was ok to photograph her instead.
Camden is one of my favourite areas of London, i've spent alot of time there in the past years.
Im not even gonna go into more detail than it is amazing and you need to go if you havent! lol

Hope you enjoy the photos =]

p.s I will be having a blog sale soon, first a clothes one, then makeup...keep posted!

Samantha xoxo


isabel said...

Looks so nice!
I'm going to visit a friend I have in Camden next week, do you have any particular recommendations of where to go?
Love your blog & channel!

Samantha said...

primrose hill at night!
also just check out all the stalls and little shops obvi ^_^ x

Natalie said...

I LOVE you blogs!! Your photos are soo AWESOME!

chan? said...

great photos,
lovely blog :)

<new follower :)

Katie said...

Love you pics! Especially the last one :)


Irene ♥ said...

i love your pics!danni and you are so gorgeous:)

Milly said...

Gorgeous photos! I adore your posts like this :) I love those cream frill dresses and floral bags.
It means so much I am on your blogroll :)
So thank you. xxx

Rachael said...

aah not sure if my comment posted, cant see it

:( buut where is your sisters hoodie from please? xxx

KIRSTY said...

looks amazing, i would love to go there! xo

Shabna said...

the last photo is stunning! x x

Peachykeen said...

love the pics, I'm dying to go to camden! xx

Cassandra said...

Those dresses where really cute!!<3


Annie Antoinette said...

Wow the shop with all the masks and stuff looks like it's in a different country lol.
Great post.

that BADass seƱorita said...

wow everything looks so great! when u said camden I thought u meant the one in New Jersey and thought why the hell would she go there? lol nice post :]

Laura xo said...

Ahh, Camden looks amazing! Gorgeous photos :) x

keetuh said...

<33 new follower on here. I've followed you for a long time on youtube though. Love your photos!

Uni-QUE-ly Me said...

You always have great photos. What type of camera do you use?

Me said...

Love you're blog and videos :)
can't wait til you have a blog cell.
do you know around how much shipping would be though, since I live in California.

*Onna's Little Blog* said...

these photos are amazing x

jazzyphizz said...

I loved Camden. It was one of my favourite places I went to in London and the place I spent the most money at!

Dhalia said...

Those dresses are adorable!!


Samantha said...

thanx guys! & aw milly! thats so sweet! i got excited that u commented! lol xoxo

Lauren ♥ said...


Maria Luisa said...

You have such a lovely blog! :D xx


i love the fourth and last pictures, they are amazing! Beautiful blog.

much love.

TEAMO22403 said...

lovee the pics hun! looks so different from where i live. have u ever been to the US?

-its ni said...

i L O V E that dress on the left..its really classic and older fashion but at the same time modern (does that make sense lol)

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