A bunch of 'Good Things'

Hey dolls,
I come to you today with another review! Hope thats okay =]
I was sent these products actually a few months ago now but as they are skincare I really wanted to try them out for a while to be able to give an honest opinion.
The products are from a company called 'Good Things' which consists of a large range of skincare which you can find in Boots. What really attracted me to these products was that they are made of natural ingredients ('yeah yeah' they really are! lol) and they contain no parabins or nastyness! Also they are specially desined for teenage skin of the more oily kind so i thought i'd give it a try!

I was sent the facial mask, cleanser and moisturiser.
Here is how the facial mask looks when you squeeze it out. its a really nice formula. It feels like some other clay based masks i've used in the past but it also is made from avocado and Goji berry which is interesting. It smoothes onto the skin really easily and you remove it after 5 minutes. Afterwards my skin is alot smoother, I dont think it stopped breakouts or anything but it feels and smells really nice.

Next for the cleanser, they say massage it into the skin and then remove it with a damp cloth, I didn't really have a damp cloth so I used cotton wool but I think it still worked really well. When nothing else with get off some makeup that wont budge..this will! I love using this because you can really get all of the extra dirt off of your face, the dirt you wouldn't see and think is there. Again I don't think it stopped breakouts or anything but a really great cleanser.

Now this moisturiser is defiantly for oily skin. I se about a pea-sized amount, massage it into my skin and in a few seconds it had disappeared. It dosent leave me looking shiny and it dosent leave any residue. I love this product! It also smells like berries, all the products do.

Overall I really rate the Good things products, I think they are all great for teenage and oily skin.
You can find them in boots in you are in the UK or online here.

They also sent along 2 nail polishes and a tinted lip balm from ModelsOwn

The darker colour is 'Gun Grey' and the blue is called 'Baby Blues'
I've always loves Modelsown nail varnishes, they apply great and look great on,
I like baby blues better, gorgeous colour. gun grey is ok but its probably not one I would reach for as much! looks nice on though.

I love the tinted lip balm. The colour looks like it would be really dark and scary but when you apply it its really sheer! In the photo above I have applied it and it just looks similar to my natural lip colour but better =]
Also it makes my lips SO soft! better than lots of lip balms I have tried!

I hope some of you found this helpful/interesting!

I love both brands and will defiantly purchase more products from them in the future,

Have you tried Good things or Modelsown?
What did you think?

Samantha x


candy apples said...

Great review♥ I've never tried using Good Things or Modelsown because they don't have it here in Japan. I think that Gun Grey color's really pretty!! But probably not something I would personally wear on my nails. The lip tint looks great on you btw :D

Love your blog and your videos♥♥


Anna Saccone said...

Gorgeous photos! Your camera is amazing :) I'm going to give these products a look next time I'm shopping as I have oily skin as well! Thanks for the review, love your blog I didn't even realise you had one till very recently but it's fab :) <3

" A beauty blogger named Justine " said...

Lovely review I really want to try that moisturiser cause im a teenager adn i have oily skin! :) xx

Orla xx said...

Love those nail polishes, they last ages without chipping xx

Kaushal - BeautyFulfilled said...

Really wanna get my hands on some good things products :) They look really good!

Kaushal xx

Bekky said...

Love models own nail polishes, they are amazing. The tinted lip balm looks gorgeous xx

Vikki-GabrielleWorld said...

Great review im looking for some new skincare bits and bats! and they are lovely colours in the polishes, i do love models own

Vikki-Gabrielle World Blogspot

YASMINE said...

can't wait to try the mask, love natural products made of fruits!
thanks for sharing!

Emily said...

Def going to have to check out these products!! Great blog- glad I stumbled upon you! Now following you!

JandK said...

wow there are a lot of uses for the goji berry. did you know you can grow your own? get your plants at

theprettywilderness said...

I've never tried either of those brands but they look great! I've seen loads of models own reviews and they're all very positive but its a little pricey here in Ireland. A nail paint in €7.50 and you can get the same thing from Barry M for €4.50 so needless to say I stick to good ole Barry :) xo

une tasse said...

I have one of the face washes and even though it smells really yummy, I don't like it as much as I thought I would. It doesn't lather at all (I know this is coz it doesn't have any chemicals/parabens etc)and it just melts off my face!