Deco Deluxe calling!

(Bottom looks a little messy because the glue was still drying!)

Hey dolls!
As some of you may have seen in my favourites video, I Deco deluxed my phone!
The kit is from Les tai tai and along with the sweetie pieces (or whatever design you choose) you will need the deco paper (if you don't have an iphone as they then have a clear case), the fashion parts glue and then a tool to use to mix the glue and place the pieces.

- First I placed the deco paper ( thin plastic sheets) on the surface of my phone so theres no glueing to the actual phone which is great.

- Then You mix the glue using equal amounts, be sure not to use too much as it hardens in 5 minutes and you only need a little bit as a time.

- Then you place the glue on the piece and stick it where you want it!

Its a really easy process and its fun to create your own design =] The only thing is it does take some time but if you have patience then you will be fine!

Be sure to decorate your surface in a well ventilated area because the glue smell is quite strong!

I love mine and i'll probably be adding to it as some point, the glue holds the pieces on really well!

I wasn't asked to blog on this or anything I just really wanted to show you all as its a fun and unique idea! (You can also use them on any surface really, ipods, cameras, laptops etc)

If you like you can purchase the Deco Deluxe kits here

Hope this has been interesting!

Samantha xxx


Anna Saccone said...

Ohmigod...this is amazing! I love it, so cute!

Orla xx said...

these are so cute, I want them!! xx

Samantha said...

lool doo itt! ^_^ x

Ashley said...

loveeee your blog!! <3 xoxo Follow me Via blogroll!!! add my blog in your list..ill add yours!!! kisses!

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Anoush-K said...


Dee Dee xXx said...

i love it, it looks soo cute!

candy apples said...

This is really cute! Love it♥ I used to do the same to my phone in high school! I knew people who used to do this to their tv and computer!! lol


Amy Fashion Blog said...

Very Cool.

kirstyb said...

love your phone case x

LittleMissssLexi said...

this is so cute! you really inspired me for my phone :)

lilyfm said...

ooh i really want to do this to my phone, do they stay on easily?

Kaushal - BeautyFulfilled said...

This is cute - but I'd be too scared to do it to my iPhone! LOL

Kaushal xx

Ana Sofia said...

So adorable! I think i might actually buy the packet and get a clear case, and then just customize it :) i wudnt be brave enough to stick them straight to the phone! x
x o x o

gyc said...

so cute, this is really popular in japan! ^^

Miryam Oquendo said...

I saw your video on this & fell in love lol I checked out the website and mentally picked out the one I wanted so hopefully soon I'll Deco Deluxe my Blackberry too! :)

samantha.maria said...

@ana sofia you dont have to stick em straight on! it says i used deco paper =] x

Jenny said...

you did such a good job on yours!

i've been planning on making my own case cover too with all the cute 3d stuff... the SUPER nice crazy girly ones you can order online are HELLA pricy!
but this is such a good deal especially since you can design it however you want! :D

Vintage and Cake said...

OMG that is so cool wanted to make a funky case for my iPhone for ever, so going to try this I am loving your blog xxx

Charlie said...

love your blog! and love how you decorated your blackberry.
check out my blog? im new to it :)

claire. all.that.styles said...

great blog samantha!
i am definitely buying one for my mum's iphone!

Terri said...

wow i think i will be getting one :)

Tessa said...

Hi :)

Amazing blog you got there! I love it :D
So that's why I'm a new follower :)

Maybe you can follow me back and visit my blog and leave some comments? I would like that :)


Thanks and keep up the good work :)

Racheal said...

AMAZING! Such a great idea, I didn't even know you could do that! I am definitely convinced to do this with my own phone :)


Courtney said...

omg that's so cute! <3

Corrin said...

what was the set called? they dont have it on the web site anymore so i need to get one on ebay :D