FYF Review!

Hey dolls,
Recently I was sent over some products from FYF (Flawless you forever) to try out. I thought it would be great to have a look and try of some of their products as I think they are fairly new and more unheard of than other brands so it would be good to let you guys know what I think bout them.

FYF create makeup products aswell as skin products and spa products so if makeup isn't your thing you could check out the other types of products =]

FYF create mineral makeup which, as we know, is better for the skin...hurrah!

First up the Couture Pout Mineral Lipgloss, this one is in 'Alba'
The first thing i notice is the smell, very strong! It smells like Toffee, I liked it but i think i would prefer the smell to be a little more subtle.
It applies nicely and has a doe-foot applicator, the lipgloss looked slightly metallic, its a purple toned colour which is different from what i usually go for and I wasnt too sure about its colour on my skin tone, i may stick to my usual lip colours!

Now the Floral Blush, iv'e used this in a recent tutorial where I was shocked by how pigmented it was! its very pigmented and gives a lovely colour, perfect if you have a similar skin tone to me. Also you can focus on certain areas to get more earthy tones or rosy ones.
The only down side to this blush is that it dosent stay put very long, even when you swatch it, it rubs away very easily like powder. Gorgeous colour and design though.

I also received the gold eyeliner (which I didn't photograph due to my ditzyness) Its a small tube with the usual type of liner brush. I don't use any other liner than black usually so unfortunately I don't think i'll get alot of use out of it but here it is swatched.
The staying power is pretty good and the colour is nice.

I hope this has been somewhat interesting, I love trying out new brands because I am quite a creature of habit with my MAC and drugstore.
I dont think i would buy any of these products again but I might go for different shades or try their skincare range. Also I don't think the prices are too cheap which might be an issue for fellow students! But I think you'll have to try bits and bobs out and see what works for you.

My favourite product which I received would be the blush, I love the colours even though i have to top up!

I have linked the FYF website above so check them out if interested =]

Samantha xx


candy apples said...

That blush is soo pretty♥


Shopperita said...

I've seen that blush (in abother color) at Anna Saccone and I felt in love with it! Yours is also very pretty!!

Kaushal - BeautyFulfilled said...

That blush is gorgeous!!

Kaushal xx

Amy Fashion Blog said...

I think that color on your lips doesn't look bad. You could do that color for a going out look. Just IMO.

Terri and Lizzie said...

wow the blush is amazing!!

Sara.H said...

Love the review and the photography you did for the product. you're amazing. Just found your blog and following you now.

Hope you drop by and visit my blog too :)

Have a nice day!

BespokeRose said...

I would love the blush and lipgloss

Check out my blog, I have a giveaway open!

Miryam Oquendo said...

Awesome review. I actually love that metallic color on your lips & the blush is sooo cute but so sad it doesn't stay put =\

The Beauty Vixen said...

Thank you so much for your honesty. The blush is adorable.

Evan said...

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Susy said...

That blush is gorgeous!! I love the lip-color it looks very good on you

Fashion Geek chronicles said...

I'm luving this blog, loool i actually found your beauty tips on youtube first, glad you made a blog too.

I'd luv some support on my blog, plz follow if you can
Much luv

kirstyb said...

ah that flower is beyond beautiful xxxx

Little Miss Curious said...

the lipgloss looks so good!


Katie Renee said...

OH MY! these are all seriously gorgeous, every single one of them.
That blush is by far thee cutest blush i have ever seen, no joke! & that gold eyeliner is such a pretty color, love golds and bronzes! GREAT post dear! <3