My winter coat

Hey Dolls,
Sorry I haven't blogged in a little while!
So I brought my winter coat a little while ago but never got round to posting about it!
Its from Topshop and was about £60 (but used my student card aswell heheh)
I was looking around for a leopard faux fur one but couldn't find a decent one that was below about £80 *side eye*
I had had my eye on this one for a while and when I saw it in Topshop during my coat hunt I decided I had to have it!
I love it because it is a great length for my height (5.4ft), I love the long sleeves and I love the faux fur lined hood!
As its England hoods are always good! I just think its a really cute coat...hurrah!

Where have you found your winter coat? Im still on the look out for a faux fur one! Might check New Look =]

Samantha xx


Lauren ♥ said...

I havent found my 10' winter coat yet! :-(
But girl, you look stunning in that jacket- LOVE it! I am so 5"4 and its hard to find a coat that doesnt look too big-
Boohoo do great faux fur coats, but I am sure you have already looked there, its the first place I look!

debbiegabrielle said...

aahh thats gorgeous!

candy apples said...

Such a cute coat♥♥ I haven't even found my 2009 coat yet! It's lost in my parent's house :( haha I haven't found one for 2010 yet... I'm thinking something short, fitting, with a hood :D


Dee Dee xXx said...

Loving the coat, but i haven't found my winter coat yet i'm still on the look out = (

Tesh ஓ said...

I love it!


Miss ♥ Nikka said...

Its unique and cute! Love it! =D

maphi said...

very cute !!! this post remindes me that i need a new winter coat too loool


Sɑf said...

I found my winter coat its from Topshop as well!
Its brown, long, so cozy and has fur. I love it :)
I love your coat by the way! Keep doing what you do!

Drop by sometime!


jenny said...

The coat is perfect!

Miryam Oquendo said...

SUPER CUTE COAT! I recently purchased an Aviator jacket from H&M & I'm in love. So warm.

Liliai said...

that coat is really cute :) like your blog!

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Cute Coat.

ganjie said...

still looking sadly ha :P
+ the coat is stunning!!

Amina said...

just bought my winter coat too!! i will do a post on it soon, hope you check it out :)

Shabna said...

I got a thick parka from Primark! I can't explain it (I have pics on my blog) but it's so so so cosy! Your coat is gorgeous! :D

kirstyb said...

love your coat its gorge xxxx

Lexii said...

Can you do a post for hair tutorials (preferably ones that show how to do your natrual hair, i.e. curly mixed hair)?

Alina said...

so cute, love your coat<3
Im still looking for my ´10 winter coat.
And it will become quite cold soon haha:D
Whatever your coat is really nice, and I like your shoes:)

Rose said...

Nice posting.