OOTD the other day

This is abit late!
but i thought i would share my OOTD from the other day =]

Shirt - Random skater shop
Denim Waistcoat - Bershka
Tank top - Topshop
Tights - H&M

Big hello to Masiecotton!


Would you like to see this as a tutorial?

Created with my MAC Fluidline and BarryM dazzle Dust

Leave a comment if you would like to see this look as a makeup tutorial on my youtube


Zoe Saldana Makeup tutorial Inspiration photo

The images which inspired my zoe saldana tutorial
Sultry Brown eyes =]

I followed the top image more than the bottom one

If you didnt see it on my youtube;

SkinMD Moisturizer Review

Hi dolls im going to do a review on a moistuizer I was kindly sent from the creators of the Skin MD Natural products.

I was sent a little box containing one of their moisturizers and some samples also a few leaflets which explain the product and what it does.

They Claim:

If you have been looking for a skincare product that can heal dry skin and keep the ravages of time at bay, take a look at the breakthrough based on years of research by docters and chemists - Sheilding lotion

The idea -

The cream creates an invivible protective layer which prevents the bodys essentual oils and nutrients from getting washed away and seals all the good things in so you are left with beautifully moisturized skin.

My Verdict -

I used this cream for a few days and even from first using it i noticed a difference, i put it on my hands first as i got excited to use it when i first received it. It made them feel soooo soft, It lasted about 40 mins to an hour initally but if you apply the cream throughout the day and then over a few weeks it makes more of a lasting effect.
I then started using it on my face, it did make my face feel amazingly soft! The only thing with my skin is that my skin is never dry so i didnt see a difference in the cream eleminating dryness from my face as i dont get dryness, I thought though, this cream would probably be better for me to use on my hands and body, I have been doing so and i just love using this cream! I carry it around during the day and its just lovely and light so i dont feel all caked in product.

(You also dont need much product atall, i used a pea sized amount for my face)

If you have dry skin i would definatly recommend this product, im not sure how much it retails for as ive never seen it in the shops and its from L.A i think but you can check out the website here;

I apologize for this review being late, ive been up to my eyes in everything!

Rating from me : 4 Stars!!

Just because on my skin i dont have dryness so i wouldnt use it for my face as much but definatly anywhere else.

Sammi xoxo


Benefit Makeover & Goodies

So i went to Benefit today, i was going to use this voucher thing i had so i get a makeup session, however that didnt work out but i ended up sitting on their chair and having a makeover,
She used the Smokey eyes kit, it turned out quite nice =]

She told me and my bf how her rabbit wee'd on her face lol o dear

I only brought the Realness of Concealness kit but look at everything else i got! She gave me some gifts =] wowww!!! reviews to come!! lol

The benetint lip balm is amazing! Havent used all the other stuff yet

Bye dolls! xoxo

Laugh out Loud


My new STYLEPIXIE! (& for those who wondered)

As some of you may have noticed, i started another blog named STYLEPIXIE, this was about fashion and my looks etc,
I started it and then got extemely bored and didnt no what to post...ATALL!


I have a new Tumblr account which is named - Stylepixie

Its basically everything i wanted to post on my blog but what i knew would take aagess to loaddd or i didnt no how to explain it etc..Tumblr is great because its alot easier and its so quick and easy to use! So the link is:


Please check it out!!
And please follow me if u have an account that would be swell hehe ^_^

Much love! xoxo

MAC Fix + Review

Hey all, hope everyone is well,
I shall be doing a review on MAC's Fix +

So it is a skin revitaliser, it is also supposed to set your makeup and make it last a little longer throughout the day.
It consists of alot of natural ingredients, including spring water, Cucumber estract, Caffine & tea

I heard ALOT about this product from youtube beauty vloggers and thought i would give it a try, what actually attracted me was how i heard, you can use it after powdering your face to get rid of that 'cakey' powdery look which personally i hate because it dosent look natural atall, yet i need to do it or my skin will get oily!
So I mainly got it to counteract my poweriness lol

After using it quite a few times i have to say, i do really like this product! It does work for getting rid of a cakey look, it makes u feel more fresh and revitalised. I didnt notice a huuugeeee difference with the staying power (because my makeup always lasts the same amount of time during the day no matter what i try to do to change that lol )

I recommend this product to would be great to take with you throughout the day to use to refresh yourself, or just use in the morning after applying your makeup.
Or..just use it alone! lol

Thumbs up =]

My Rating: *****


Happy new year! & What i got for xmas

Hey dolls, Happy new year!!

This is a bit late but i thought i would show you some things i got for christmas, Ive spoken about these things on my youtube but if u dont watch my videos then i can show you on here =]

New Items i got for xmas;

MAC Brule' eyeshadow
MAC Stars and rockets eyeshadow
MAC Satin taupe eyeshadow
MAC Blacktrack gel eyeliner
MAC Fix +
MAC 224 Brush
Benefit bad gal lash mascara
Soap & glory Sexy Motherpucker lipgloss & moisturiser

This bag i purchased from River Island...isnt it amazing? lol
It was reduced from £49 to £25 So..bargin!
Its so gorgeous i keep wanting to wear it EVERYWHERE lol
Watcha think?

Hope you like my bits and bobs! lol
Ohhh also, Fix + is so good! really revitalises the skin.
I still have to try alot of these out, then u can review them for you guys =]

(me just before midnight new years eve lol)

Sammi xoxo