Haul - BarryM, e.l.f, Jewellery, H&M

Hey dolls,
So today I wasnt even planning on shopping but when i went into town i got a bit carried away! So here are some things that i brought =]

Oops well these e.l.f products that i ordered came in the post today so i thought i would show you all =]
Lip Liner - Bark / Eye Defining brush / Lipgloss - Maltshake / eyelash & eyebrow gel

Ring from River Island £9.99

Ring - H&M £1.99 / Earrings - Topshop £5.00

Aztec Print top - H&M £2.99

Lashes - Superdrug (around £4.99)

BarryM Varnishes -Pink Irredescent & Shocking Pink

e.l.f Lipstick - Rosy Raisin

So i thought alot of the things i got were bargins! I love a good bargin haha

Let me know if you like anything or just your thoughts!

Sammi xoxo


The Body Kraze Review

Hey guys =]
I will have a video up soon all about some products i received from 'The Body Kraze'

Basically they are bath and body products such as bath bombs, soaps and bath salts.
I have a few (well..quite alot!) pictures of the bits and bobs i received so you can get the idea of how they look, unfortunatly, obviously i cant tell you how they smell! haha but I will try to explain =]

Everything I received:

2x Bath Bombs - Krazy Coconut & 'Vanilla Bean'
Body Mousse - 'Butt Naked'
2x Soaps - 'All Natural Kraze Complexion bar' &
'Blazin Sugar'
Bath Salts - 'Sweet Lemongrass'
Body Scrub - 'Sweet Lemongrass'


Soaps: 'Wild Pomegranate'
'Indonesian Treat'
'Fresh Breeze'
'Classic Coach'

Lip Treatment - 'Lip Magic'

Body Splash:
'Sexy Miyako'
'Wild Pomegranate'

(I had cut the bar of soap so i could use it twice)

The Soap Samples
'Dreamy' is my favourite Soap, Smells sweet & Fresh

The two Bath Bombs I choose
How pretty is the packaging?!

I took a close up photo so you could see an example of the natural ingredients which are used, no Parabens or anything bad included

The two bath bombs smell exactly how they are named, you can also definatly smell the Grapeseed oil and Cocoa Butter

The size compaired to my hand...Massive! They are twice the size of a 'large' Lush bath bomb


My Overall Thoughts:

I have been trying these products out now for around 2/3 weeks to make sure i could do a reliable review in my video and so i know exactly how i feel about the products.
I have to say that my favourite of what i was sent would be:

- Bath Bombs
- Dreamy Soap
-Whipped Shea Butter
- Body Mousse

The Whipped Shea Butter is the overall winner! Smells Divine and made my skin so soft.

Special Deal!
I asked if i could give my readers & subscribers a discount atall and they gave me a 10% discount code!


yey =]

Hope this was interesting for some of you!

Sammi xoxo


Rimmel Colour Show-off Lipstick - Red Fever Review

Hey all =]
I brought this lipstick a little while ago and at the time i totally forgot to blog about it, its from the Rimmel Colour Show-off range.
The range is made up of pinks and reds which is fine with me =] I would have brought a pink but i actually thought..i only have two red lipsticks so another one wouldnt hurt.

I swatched it in Boots and the colour impressed me, its a intense red shade, as shown below

Close up!

The promotional photo for the Lipstick (Georgia Jagger)

They Say:
Stretch lip colour to the limit !
LIP ADDICTIVE FORMULA High-definition colour fix pigments for saturated full-bodied colour.
Colour has never been so concentrated !
Velvet appeal finish with Gemstone complex: soft cushion feel.
Unsurpassed colour richness in any light ! UNRIVALED Colour Show-stopping colours for day & night.

My Natterings:
I do feel like the lipstick is very highly pigmented, its great if you want strong colour, I did top it up though over the hour or so i was wearing it the first time so im not sure about the staying power. If you want a good purse friendly lipstick and dont mind topping up id say go for it!
Another thing before i go, it isnt too moisturising, i felt it a little drying, so maybe also make sure you put vaseline or something of that sort on your lips beforehand.

Rating: * * * *

Hope this was helpfull!

Sammi xoxo


Haul! MAC, Bershka,Topshop & Primark

So if you watch my youtube videos you will probably be aware of most of these new things i brought recently but i thought i would share them on my blog! =]

This is the MAC Lipstick - Plink!
Its such a gorgoeus colour, when i swatched it i was quite surprised though as it comes out so sheer, but i thought this is pretty good for an everyday type of look or even over another lipstick.
Its also very glossy looking even though its a lustre finish, i almost feels / looks like a lipgloss when i put it on but obviously not as thick
Overall i do really like this lipstick

Can you guess this e/s? lol
Amber Lights is a very popular eyeshadow at mac and ive wanted to get my hands on it for a while! So i did the other day and i have to say it is such a lovely colour and finish. I think it would be even better for people with a darker skin tone then mine OR someone with blue eyes as orange tones set off blue eyes.
Then again im pretty sure it could be worn on most people!

This Jumper is from Bershka

This jumper is from Bershka also...isnt it cute?!

Black primark bag, im thinking of customising it a bit..I just needed a plain black bag!

This watch ring i got from Topshop in the sale
It was originally £14.00, half price
However i really dont recommend getting it..ive had it a day and the clock has stopped working & its going a copper colour already! =[

Then i just got these cute earrings also in the sale
(I go mad for the Topshop sale jewellery)
I love the zebra print!

Any comments on any of these bits and bobs?
Let me know!

Sammi xoxo


Topshop Makeup Event!

Hello my lovely Readers!
So before i start i want to give a BIG apology! I just feel like i havent been blogging as much as i should and i really want to start blogging alot more! So watch out ^_^

Yesterday was an amazing day, it was the Topshop A/W event where the collection for A/W was displayed and it was absolutley beautiful, however i have to say the main thing i wanted to see was...the Makeup range!
Topshop are launching a makeup range on the 5th May and i am SOOOO excited about it!
The prices of the makeup will range from £5 to £15 which i think its great,very reasonable

Image and video hosting by   TinyPic

We were able to have a sneek peek at the whole range, we could swatch items and look at them it was so good, I got some pictures to share with you all!

Some of the Eye Makeup on display

These creme blushes were absolutly gorgeous! I think you could use them on your lips aswell

How cute is the packaging! especially of the nail varnishes

Me and the lovely Shirley! (of
We had such a good time and it was luch a lovely day! We stayed at the event long enough to have a good look around and then we went to Harrods where i purchsed the MAC amber Lights eyeshadow and also we found a NYX counter in Harrods!

Watch my video (it should be up tonight) if you would like to see the products

But i hope you enjoyed this post! I will have another part with the fashion / Jewellery up soon

Sammi xoxo


Some Eyeko Goodies

Hey all =]
The other day i received some goodies from Eyeko and so i thought i would show you all and share what i think!

The Eyeko Graffiti Pen, Brilliant! Dries to fast and is so black

'Purple Polish'
Lovely, takes less coats to get a good shade

Vintage Polish,
My favourite!

Nude Polish - Takes a few coats to get a good
shade but a pretty colour

A Lilac Shade Polish - Lovely colour


So all the polishes are lovely!
Some take a few coats but they dry fast so that makes up for it!

Check out Eyeko polishes, they are sold in Superdrug & also online

Thanks for reading!

Sammi xoxo


Sleek Bohemian Palette

Hey dolls =]
I picked up the Sleek Bohemian Palette the other day and thought i would show you guys it!
It has some beautiful colours, it has all my everyday colours in it aswell so thats handy,
Its limited Edition so try and get ur hands on it asap! lol

Have you tried this Palette out?
What do you think?
Sammi xoxo