Rush Hour

Hey Dolls,

So today was a hectic day, I was all over the place!
My mum and sister came to visit me in Southampton but because my car has broken down most of the time we were trying to get that sorted! ahh! haha
Afterwards we sprinted to town to get a starbucks and grab a few bits (the day before we also visited Primark)
Here is me and Danny, some bits that I brought and the headband from Primark which I am in love with! Its so thick and cozy and perfect for a bad hair day! Lalove it.

I picked up Volume Million lashes and some tops also, i'll try to do a review on the mascara at some point =]

Now I am relaxing after a crazy day and thought a bit of blogging about it was in order!

Top - Urban Outfitters
Jeggings - Zara
Flats - Topshop
Bag - Primark

Jumper - Primark
Leggings - H&M
Shoes - Camden Market
Bag - Topshop

Night Night x


Clothing Sale!

My first Clothing sale over at my shop
Visit if you are interested and have a little browse =]

Hope you find something you like!

Samantha xx


Spur of the Momento

I recently was in chill mode the other night, browsing tumblr and I got inspired by some photos, well, I had been inspired for a while but just didn't get round to it, I shaved the side of my head...and added a pattern, well a that still called a pattern? haha
I done it in a little mirror with a few side lights & fairy lights on so that was a bit silly, excuse me if its not perfect haha (I know its defiantly not)
When I style my hair I can choose to let it show or to hide it so that always good. I like it but its so weirdly short! when i look at just that area i feel very boy-ish haha

Anywho something I always say is 'Its just hair' People take it way too seriously always grows back!

The picture above...your probably Basically thats a little sneek peek of my first Halloween makeup tutorial, I'll be editing it tomorrow morning and posting it either tomorrow or the day after...exciting!

Im so excited for Halloween! Its my favourite time of the year along with christmas, Im not sure what to dress up as yet.

Are you doing anything good for halloween?

p.s - I saw Paranormal Activity 2 last night, Its really good and so much scarier than the first! I was on the edge of my seat! ahh!

Samantha x


My Blog Shop!

Hey dolls,
I have recently opened a blog shop, as I have some bits and bobs I would love to find a new home & instead of flooding this page with the items I thought it would be great to set up my own sale page!

There are 2 Items already there, Its my first time selling so please bare with me!

Lots of clothes & makeup to come next

Check it out!

Shop Beautycrush

Samantha x


Mid - London

This is when I went up to London the other day to interview Kelly Cutrone, I wanted to look decent but hopefully not too done up! suprisingly enough most of this outfit is Primarni. This was taken in leicester Square.

Sheer blouse - Primark
Shorts - River Island
Tights - Primark
Jacket - Primark
Boots - Primark
Bag - Primark
Necklace + Earrings - Fashionology

Samantha x


Kelly Cutrone Interview!

Hey dolls,
This monday, I was given the chance by Illamasqua to meet Kelly Cutrone (Owner of the PR agency 'Peoples Revolution' and from hit TV series 'The Hills' & 'The City') and ask her some questions, This was an amazing opportunity and I want to say such a huge thank you to both Alex @ Illamasqua and Kelly cutrone!

As i was given this chance, I chose to ask some questions which might help some of my youtube viewers and blog readers, I am asked very often how do I think they should get into fashion etc so I thought to get some opinions and answers from Kelly Cutrone, that would be an amazing way to help them!

I interviewed her just before she had to wizz off to another interview & after that she had her book signing at the Illamasqua store (Which is located on Beak Street, just off Carnaby street) I only had 5 minutes with her which is why i wasn't able to chat with her etc (as some people have criticised me for!) Im sure we would have had more time to talk otherwise but she was already late! It was really nice of her to give me the time she had.

(her book is called 'If you have to cry, go outside..and other things your mother never told you')

I asked her some questions on the fashion and beauty industry, her views on the online community & the influences of magazines vs. blogs. I also asked her about her personal beauty tips and what her favourite Illamasqua product was!

She was so lovely in person, she's not the type of woman who sugar-coats things and who puts on any kind of 'fake' persona, she is very straight-talking and down-to-earth. After having seen her on shows like 'The City' i thought she might come across as quite 'hard' but when i arrived, she greeted me and reassured me,

'Dont worry, i'm not as scary as on telly, think of me as a crazy mother!'

She made us laugh and gave full blown answers to my questions, (i was thinking..i hope these questions are ok! The way she answered each one reassured me)

After the interview, I got to have a few pictures taken with Kelly and she was also wearing the S.O.P.H.I.E band to support the Sophie Lancaster Foundation as you can see above. Even though she was running behind she was very open to photos at the end and saying goodbye's! My boyfriend was there to take the photos for me and Kelly made me laugh!

'You've got a pretty girlfriend here, and she has ink too!' ^_^

The whole experience was amazing and I cant say thank you enough to Illamasqua, They said the book signing also went really well, there were queues down the street! There were PR guru's, bloggers, fashionistas, the hills fans, Illamasqua fans and all sorts!

please check out the interview below!
(I ramble for a bit beforehand, you can skip!)

Thank you for reading this long but hopefully interesting blog post! (i do ramble a bit haha)

What do you think of Kelly? Did you enjoy the interview? Did you get the chance to meet her at the signing?!

Samantha xx


Vitamin Water lipschtick's

Hey dolls!
Recently I was approached and asked if I would like to try the new vitamin water 'lipschticks' that will be soon coming out. I agreed as i thought..ooh i like vitamin water & i would like to see what they came out with! It does seem a bit weird, beauty blog and vitamin water but I thought if they are good I'd want to let you guys know!
They sent over a month's supply of the vitamin water and also 6 of the lipschticks.

I have liked vitamin water since it first came out, i wont go into detail about it because you have probably mostly all tried it already! i think my favourite flavour is dragonfruit.

The Lipschtikcs came in two flavours, The dragonfruit flavour & Fruit punch flavour. Now at first I thought, as the drinks have quite a subtle flavour it might be the same with the lipschticks, however they are much stronger and remind me of lip products i used to use when i was quite young, ones that smelt of strawberries etc, I don't think they smell or taste like the vitamin water flavours.

The products didn't really moisturise my lips too much, the product disappeared quite quickly and i was left with a artificial flavour taste in my mouth.

So all in all I have to say i really do like the waters, but the lip products i wouldn't recommend if you are looking for something to help condition your lips like Carmex does for example. If you just want something with flavour then you might like them.

Hope this might help some of you if you were wondering!

Samantha xx


Chapter Fashion

Hey dolls,
I ordered 2 books recently, I was inspired by The style playlist, its an amazing blog..i adore her style!
Anywho I ordered the Olsens book 'Influence' and the NYLON street view book, it has street style images from London, Stockholm, LA, Tokyo etc.. (I wonder though why not Paris?)
Its got loads of great images of style and i'm sure it will inspire me in the future!

I was in town yesterday and picked up a few things, I hate shopping on saturdays as its always jam packed everywhere you go and its so stressful! So I shop in the week instead usually, anyway i picked up NYLON & ELLE. They are my two favourite magazines, I prefer ELLE to VOGUE.

I also made a rare stop in Hollister, I picked up this body lotion & hand + body creme and they smell AMAZING, like almonds!

Then i went to check if there was anything good in the River Island sale & found these gorgeous shorts, reduced to £8 yey.

Have any of you got these books? I got them from amazon (check them out!)
Whats your favourite magazine?

Samantha x


When in Camden

Hey dolls, I visited Camden the other week with my sister who will be standing in for me in the photos in a way! It was pouring with rain ALL day which sucked but i tried to get some good photos! As it was raining my hair got completely ruined and really didnt feel like i should have been photographed so i asked my sis if it was ok to photograph her instead.
Camden is one of my favourite areas of London, i've spent alot of time there in the past years.
Im not even gonna go into more detail than it is amazing and you need to go if you havent! lol

Hope you enjoy the photos =]

p.s I will be having a blog sale soon, first a clothes one, then makeup...keep posted!

Samantha xoxo


Bright old Brighton

We drove over to Brighton for the day, I needed to get some photos for my uni project & I also wanted to take photos for this lil old blog lol ^_^
Brighton is very different to Southampton, (i'd been before but just for a dance show when i used to dance) The town is alot bigger and theres loads and loads of little trendy roads and alleys. There are TONS of vintage shops if you like a bit of vintage. We had a look around the shops but there wasn't anything that caught my eye really.

The people there are very trendy and vintage looking (not all but a good few) Its definatly worth a visit! Theres also alot of street art and ethnic influences.

The three girls in the image we asked for a photo (well Ricky asked..i was a little shy lol) because i thought they perfectly reflected the street style of the area, they looked so unique and all together even better.

Hope you like the photos =] I know i take alot of photos of just buildings and streets but I reckon it really gives you a feel of the place, what do you think?

Ever been to brighton? What do you think?

Sam xoxo


MAC Venomous Villans collection

(on the left - Devilishly stylish lipgloss / On the right - Liquid powder in Cajun)

Hey dolls,
Following on from my last post, here are the pieces from the Venomous Villains collection which i picked up at the MAC event.

In the goodie bag i received the Liquid powder in Cajun and the zoom lash mascara

I purchased the 'Devilishly Stylish' lipgloss and the lip pencil in cherry (this wasn't in the collection but the artist used it on me that night)

What do i think of the packaging?

A lot of it i do really like, im a sucker for Disney i have so much disney memorabilia! However there are a few pieces which i am not so keen on such as some of the beauty powder packaging, i feel like it needs more detail or something, not sure lol.
The lip glosses and lipsticks though i do really love in terms of packaging! so cute

What do i think of the products?

The liquid powder is a new one for me, well for a few people, it has a cool sensation when you touch it and gives a lovely highlight effect, i've swatched it a few times and will definatly be using it as its not too shimmery but also i have swatched better highlighters so maybe i'll try to work out the best way to use it.

Zoom lash i had never tried before and it seems like a good mascara, i've tried better and worse. I think it looks better when you build it up a bit and its in 'blackest black' so thats always good.

The 'Devilishly stylish' Gloss is gorgeous! Its probably my favourite thing i left with. I love nude glosses and this one is a bit more shimmery than ones which i have already but i love it! its a peachy nude and it looks great on its own and over lipstick.

The lip pencil isnt included in the collection but when I had my lips done by the artist she used this pencil, i loved it even on its own. Its so soft and lovely to apply. ive tried to re-create the look she done above with the pencil to show you =]

What do you think of the collection? Anything you have your eye on?
Ive got my eye on another of the glosses!

Samantha xoxo