Deco Deluxe calling!

(Bottom looks a little messy because the glue was still drying!)

Hey dolls!
As some of you may have seen in my favourites video, I Deco deluxed my phone!
The kit is from Les tai tai and along with the sweetie pieces (or whatever design you choose) you will need the deco paper (if you don't have an iphone as they then have a clear case), the fashion parts glue and then a tool to use to mix the glue and place the pieces.

- First I placed the deco paper ( thin plastic sheets) on the surface of my phone so theres no glueing to the actual phone which is great.

- Then You mix the glue using equal amounts, be sure not to use too much as it hardens in 5 minutes and you only need a little bit as a time.

- Then you place the glue on the piece and stick it where you want it!

Its a really easy process and its fun to create your own design =] The only thing is it does take some time but if you have patience then you will be fine!

Be sure to decorate your surface in a well ventilated area because the glue smell is quite strong!

I love mine and i'll probably be adding to it as some point, the glue holds the pieces on really well!

I wasn't asked to blog on this or anything I just really wanted to show you all as its a fun and unique idea! (You can also use them on any surface really, ipods, cameras, laptops etc)

If you like you can purchase the Deco Deluxe kits here

Hope this has been interesting!

Samantha xxx


Furry Pixie Boots

Hey dolls,
So yesterday I got some new boots for winter, I've got other boots which are grey & black but are quite masculine so I really wanted some boots which had a slightly softer look and faux fur is rather popular this season (I like it anyway if its in or not)

They are from River Island and are around £44, There are some similar ones in Topshop which are even more expensive and I think aren't even as nice so if you like these try and grab em!

I think they'll go really well with opaque tights and probably skinny jeans/Jeggings aswell. Im excited to start wearing them! ^_^

They feel really sturdy which is another reason why I like em, I dont like buying shoes that feel like they'll wear out in days!

They kind of remind me of Peter pan shoes? Don't ask why lol

Samantha x


23 . 11 . 10

So this is what I have usually been wearing on my face, minus the lashes, day to day.

Bobbi Brown Skin foundation Natural beige + MAC stuido fix fluid NC37
MAC studio finish concealer NW25
MAC MFS Natural - Medium dark

Benefit - Coralista

MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
Loreal volume million lashes (which i'm not liking too much)
MAC Naked Lunch e/s
Rimmel eyebrow pencil - Hazel

MAC Plink lipstick
MAC Devilishly stylish lipgloss

(Foxy Locks lashes in the images)

Life is a little hectic at the moment, uni work is pilling up and its hard to keep up with!
Sometimes I have a bit of bloggers block and am not sure what to write about, I think I want to do more outfit posts but its hard to take the photos myself and i'm still trying to train the bf to take decent pics! haha

Anyway how are you all? Anyone else stressed out with uni work? I sure am!

I hope you all are good anyways =]

Samantha x


My foxy Locks!

Hey dolls,
I was recently sent some extensions from the gorgeous Imogen over at FoxyLocks extensions.
I have the colour 6 (chestnut brown) in the Deluxe 20', 160g set.

The hair is human hair and is amazing! Its very thick and feels strong, it gives alot of volume so if thats what you like, you would love them! the colour is also gorgeous, exactly what I always usually like so it matched perfectly. The only thing might be if you don't like your head to feel a little heavy you might not want to put them all in at once but that dosent bother me too much.

I was also sent along some of the foxy locks eyelashes, The natural glamour and flirty flare ones. I am wearing the flirty flare lashes in the video and in the photo above, really lovely lashes, lightweight and very soft.

For a more in-depth review clickedy click on the video =]

I give the foxy locks extensions a very positive review! I love them =]

Samantha xoxo


My winter coat

Hey Dolls,
Sorry I haven't blogged in a little while!
So I brought my winter coat a little while ago but never got round to posting about it!
Its from Topshop and was about £60 (but used my student card aswell heheh)
I was looking around for a leopard faux fur one but couldn't find a decent one that was below about £80 *side eye*
I had had my eye on this one for a while and when I saw it in Topshop during my coat hunt I decided I had to have it!
I love it because it is a great length for my height (5.4ft), I love the long sleeves and I love the faux fur lined hood!
As its England hoods are always good! I just think its a really cute coat...hurrah!

Where have you found your winter coat? Im still on the look out for a faux fur one! Might check New Look =]

Samantha xx


A bunch of 'Good Things'

Hey dolls,
I come to you today with another review! Hope thats okay =]
I was sent these products actually a few months ago now but as they are skincare I really wanted to try them out for a while to be able to give an honest opinion.
The products are from a company called 'Good Things' which consists of a large range of skincare which you can find in Boots. What really attracted me to these products was that they are made of natural ingredients ('yeah yeah' they really are! lol) and they contain no parabins or nastyness! Also they are specially desined for teenage skin of the more oily kind so i thought i'd give it a try!

I was sent the facial mask, cleanser and moisturiser.
Here is how the facial mask looks when you squeeze it out. its a really nice formula. It feels like some other clay based masks i've used in the past but it also is made from avocado and Goji berry which is interesting. It smoothes onto the skin really easily and you remove it after 5 minutes. Afterwards my skin is alot smoother, I dont think it stopped breakouts or anything but it feels and smells really nice.

Next for the cleanser, they say massage it into the skin and then remove it with a damp cloth, I didn't really have a damp cloth so I used cotton wool but I think it still worked really well. When nothing else with get off some makeup that wont budge..this will! I love using this because you can really get all of the extra dirt off of your face, the dirt you wouldn't see and think is there. Again I don't think it stopped breakouts or anything but a really great cleanser.

Now this moisturiser is defiantly for oily skin. I se about a pea-sized amount, massage it into my skin and in a few seconds it had disappeared. It dosent leave me looking shiny and it dosent leave any residue. I love this product! It also smells like berries, all the products do.

Overall I really rate the Good things products, I think they are all great for teenage and oily skin.
You can find them in boots in you are in the UK or online here.

They also sent along 2 nail polishes and a tinted lip balm from ModelsOwn

The darker colour is 'Gun Grey' and the blue is called 'Baby Blues'
I've always loves Modelsown nail varnishes, they apply great and look great on,
I like baby blues better, gorgeous colour. gun grey is ok but its probably not one I would reach for as much! looks nice on though.

I love the tinted lip balm. The colour looks like it would be really dark and scary but when you apply it its really sheer! In the photo above I have applied it and it just looks similar to my natural lip colour but better =]
Also it makes my lips SO soft! better than lots of lip balms I have tried!

I hope some of you found this helpful/interesting!

I love both brands and will defiantly purchase more products from them in the future,

Have you tried Good things or Modelsown?
What did you think?

Samantha x


FYF Review!

Hey dolls,
Recently I was sent over some products from FYF (Flawless you forever) to try out. I thought it would be great to have a look and try of some of their products as I think they are fairly new and more unheard of than other brands so it would be good to let you guys know what I think bout them.

FYF create makeup products aswell as skin products and spa products so if makeup isn't your thing you could check out the other types of products =]

FYF create mineral makeup which, as we know, is better for the skin...hurrah!

First up the Couture Pout Mineral Lipgloss, this one is in 'Alba'
The first thing i notice is the smell, very strong! It smells like Toffee, I liked it but i think i would prefer the smell to be a little more subtle.
It applies nicely and has a doe-foot applicator, the lipgloss looked slightly metallic, its a purple toned colour which is different from what i usually go for and I wasnt too sure about its colour on my skin tone, i may stick to my usual lip colours!

Now the Floral Blush, iv'e used this in a recent tutorial where I was shocked by how pigmented it was! its very pigmented and gives a lovely colour, perfect if you have a similar skin tone to me. Also you can focus on certain areas to get more earthy tones or rosy ones.
The only down side to this blush is that it dosent stay put very long, even when you swatch it, it rubs away very easily like powder. Gorgeous colour and design though.

I also received the gold eyeliner (which I didn't photograph due to my ditzyness) Its a small tube with the usual type of liner brush. I don't use any other liner than black usually so unfortunately I don't think i'll get alot of use out of it but here it is swatched.
The staying power is pretty good and the colour is nice.

I hope this has been somewhat interesting, I love trying out new brands because I am quite a creature of habit with my MAC and drugstore.
I dont think i would buy any of these products again but I might go for different shades or try their skincare range. Also I don't think the prices are too cheap which might be an issue for fellow students! But I think you'll have to try bits and bobs out and see what works for you.

My favourite product which I received would be the blush, I love the colours even though i have to top up!

I have linked the FYF website above so check them out if interested =]

Samantha xx


Keep it Khaki

Well, maybe a little more green than Khaki!
Just a casual Uni/shopping outfit, I don't have many tops this colour and I think i'm a fan!

Jumper - H&M
Tights - Primark
Snood - Bik Bok
Boots - New Look
Bag - Primark


Dont worry I bite

Hey dolls,
This is a bit random and I was wondering wither i should post this! But I dressed as a Vampire last night for halloween (Innovative) lol
I used AndreasChoice's tutorial as inspiration & i reckon it turned out ok!
It took about 45 mins to do the makeup and as i've chopped my hair off that didn't take long..hurrah!

Just a quick post that I thought would be fun, did you dress up for halloween? What did you go as? =]

Samantha x