IMATS 2011 Pics

Hey dolls,
I recently went to IMATS in London with my sister where we met up with a few other youtubers/bloggers! It was such a good day =] It was great to meet and see people!
Here are some pictures from the day, I go into more detail about IMATS in my vlog here.
Hope you like the photos!

Photographed: Daniella, Shirley, Trisha, Grace, Natalie, Rhiannon, Wande & Kayge

Did you go? Might you go next year? ^_^

Sammi xoxo


Belinda :) said...

I wanted to go, but I only found out about the tickets at the last minute haha!

Check out my blog here!

...Beau Fashion... said...

Look like you had a good time

Bernadette said...

Love your outfit as always. I'm looking for a new leather jacket, mines abit battered now. XOXO

Promise said...

You lot looked like you had a lot of fun, was too packed for me. Check out the pic of you on my blog:

Was lovely seeing you, thought it was sweet that you were abit shy..x

Kristina said...

greeeeeeeeeat post :)


EllysMakeupbag said...

Thanks for sharing. It's a great event...

*Zoe* said...

Great pics...I'm so jealous!!! I may have to try and go next year as it looks fantastic. I love your video too!
Zoe x
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♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Love the pics :).

Sadie x

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Looks Like tons of fun.

Holly said...

You and your sister as so gorgeous! IMATS looks really fun(:,xx

Dollyfaces said...

I sooooo wanted to go!!! I ♥ make up like that!!! Love the pics, espesh the last one you all look stunning!! x

Lia said...

Nice pics! Very Creative :D

Queen E, said...

Wish I was there!

Coco~Caramel said...

lovely pic please follow and check out my blog.....

YASMINE said...

I'm happy u posted pics cause I was in Paris & couldn't make it... So a bit thanku!
I liked ur video (normally get bored watching some long videos, but not with u)... Seeing ur pictures i already thought you were pretty, after seeing the video, I'm jealous! lol
Your eyes are so pretty and unusual... Anyway glad u all had fun, hope to meet u all someday!

YASMINE said...

P.S.: Do you know what they used on the model's forehead (GOLD)???

Becky said...

Looks like you had a fab time! You looks lovely, you're hair really suits you!x

Charlotte Amy said...

Ah looks like you had an amazing time! Its soo cool seeing all the bloggers together! xxx

ackebea said...

Wow, very diffrent for sure

beauty brown said...

love it

Lace And Lipsticks said...

Im So Jelouse! (:
You Look Extreamly Pretty In The Pictures (: xx

beausion said...

wow that looks great! how much were tickets?

check out my blog please everyone :)

Antonette said...

Hey I just subed to your blog its amazing!! so cute!! i'm new to the blog world matbe you could check me out!
cheers :)

daydream fool said...

looks like a lot of fun

REDLIZARDmake-up said...

great pictures!!!

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