MAC LFW Event!

Hello Dolls,
I recently had the amazing opportunity to attend the MAC event at LFW (day 2), We watched a short video on the s/s makeup trends and then we had a makeup masterclass by the fabulous Terry barber (who i'm photographed with above) who is the MAC director of makeup artistry. He re-ceated an amazing, 70's inspired, red and yellow/gold look which is the most up to the minute seen look at the Jean Pierre Braganzea's AW11 show! I loved it, i'm scared to wear reds but this swayed me!

We also had the privilege to view the a/w11 Betty Jackson show, This was my first time at a catwalk show and I was absolutely blown away! i felt like I was in another world it was so glamourous =]

Afterwards me, Shirley, Zara and milly mingled for a little bit and had our makeup done by some of the mac artists! I had a glossy red lip done (Which started to get on my teeth so i took it off after a little while lol)

After the event me and shirley made our way over to Oxford street for a spot of food and shopping. At topshop there was a talk going on also which was from fashion blogger Susie bubble and the blogger who writes for topshop's Inside/out, it was really interesting to listen to =] I got some footage!
The whole day was amazing and I cant say thank you enough to those who made it happen!

Everyone at LFW was dressed breathtakingly, it was like being inside a magazine! I must go back to get more style snaps,

I hope you all enjoyed the photos! I have some footage also which I will try up upload to youtube,

Hope you all are well and let me know what you think of the makeup look!

Sammi xoxo


kay eh tea ei. said...

looks amazing :) i'd love to go, i'm so jealous x

westwoodxo said...

that first makeup look on that girl is gorgeous! xxx

Kristina said...

youuuu loook amaaazing girl :)
I'm soooo jealous :P
I love MAC !!


Dollyfaces said...

So so jealous!! Looks amaaazing! You look stunning xx

ooCherryBlossom said...

Lovely !

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Sophie said...

looks like you had a great time! I love the first makeup look, they've made a beautiful look without allowing her to have puffy looking eyes. really pretty! I love MAC, just wish I had the money to afford it all ;)

check out my blog?

EllysMakeupbag said...

I love red makeup, i actually would wear that! Lucky girl, you were at such amazing events :)

BespokeRose said...

Looks like a great time!!

StealMyHeartLovee said...

You all look great! xx
It seems like the MAC event was super! :)

Skye said...

love your hair!

♥Uffie♥ said...

OMG I'm so jelous of you!
I want to be there

Love yaa♥

Tray said...

I miss your old header :(

Amy Fashion Blog said...

How cool

Ela said...

lucky you!!
I wish I was there! :)

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Melody.A said...

Love Love LOVE!
You look awesome said...

ooh you're soo lucky that looks such a cool event <3

Vikki @ Vikki-Gabrielle World Blogspot


ahhh so so lucky,and i LOVE your vegas volt lipstick in your recent video it looks stunning on you :)



sweetperfection said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sweetperfection said...

just watched your recent youtube video and I am so jealous! Looked like an amazing event- and that vegas volt lipstick is gorgeous!


MiniMakeup96 said...

amazing:) love this and i really think you suit red lipstick. i am also a subscriber to your youtube channel and would like to request a blog video as i have started one but need some tips :) thanks x sophie

**OnYxStA** said...

OMG! You are soooo lucky!! But luck doesn't rob you of your deserve opportunities like that x

Xisses, Onyxsta

Katie said...

Soo jealouss! That is an amazzingg oppurtunity1 I would have loved to go? How did you get to go to this, you always go to such amazing events and also how do you get sent all these different products from companys. You are a true inspiration1 I am a aspiring make up artist and find your blogs and vids so good! xx

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~Ujiee said...

ahhh wow! <3

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