Face of fashion No.5

Most of these photos were taken on Portobello road, I went on a sunday morning where there were many trendy people which was exciting, I didn't know where to turn first!
Some more fashion inspiration =]

If you would like to send me a photo of your own street style please e-mail to:

Along with;

- Your name
- Age
- Where you are from
- Blog address (if you have one)
- How you'd explain your style

(You don't have to be from London you can be from anywhere!)

How do you like these outfits?

Sammi xoxo


Mia said...

Love the girl in the sheepskin jacket. x

Promise said...

Your sister looks amazing, so edgy with the new hair doe and the lipstick.

Send in mine this mornign...x

EllysMakeupbag said...

Oh i love the last girl dressed in black, she is so chic^^

Ganya said...

I love how all these girls pull it off so nicely with their confidence! <3


Aycan said...

love your blog oh so much!


Sabrina O. said...

Gorgeous! Great blog dear!
Love love love these pictures!

little t. said...

i adore the coat in the 4th photo!
wish i had the confidence to stop people for a photo :)xx

Katie said...

I love the 4th Outfit, i want this coat!!!

Leo said...

Did your sister cut her hair? Either way that style looks amazing! And I'm loving the lipstick she's wearing too :)

Misha said...

Your sister's hairdo is amazing, suits her so well!
Enjoying these posts very much xx

Harrriiiet said...

The lady who's in all black is my fav!
Love the whole outfit.

nicole said...

this idea is amazing and wow there style is awesome :) x

nicola said...

your sister's new hair looks amazing! and love her outfit - loving these face of fashion posts!
nicola xx

♥Uffie♥ said...

I love the first outfit!

Lot of loveeee

chlo said...

chloowalker - my twitter, my photos on there, slightly confused on how to upload it onto here :\

Chloe Walker
good old buck'z, high wycombe/beaconsfield area, go to fashion retail academy in central ldn
im a chuck on a go typa girl, dont really think of how things go together, i'd compare my style to fearne cotton meet taylor momsen, edgy yet i team a few of a band tees with suspender tights making me feel like a bit of a dare devil ;) haha, anyway yeaa you get the jist, big skull and crossbone fan, and fav store has to be republic tbh, nice aray of punky/grungy clothes in certain sections :)

** said...

wow how fab, I love london for this exact reason lol

Samantha Jangira said...

Fabulous!! I love the first outfit and I love ur blog too.

:) x

Christy said...

ur sister is looking very edgy!!!!

Jessica said...

Your sister looks A-MA-ZING!
And she has got some balls too to wear that lipstick.

Samantha said...

Hi sammi!I'm an italian fan :)
you and your sister are amazing!!

theVintageStilleto said...

There's nothing better than street-style pictures!!!!! My fave is the 1st girl...she's rockin...follow my blog?! =)

Antonette said...

Danni <3

Ciara said...

I love the 2nd to last outfit. Her coat is bombtastic! :)

Ashley Borysewich said...

I LOVE your blog! I'd love for you to check mine out if you get a chance :)

aaagata said...

I love this pics and I love ur blog too.

EXTRAordinary People said...

I love them all! <3

Tomi DF said...

Daniella(your sis) looks Amazing!

Agne said...

I wish I live in London!

esha87 said...

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