Spring swing

Top - H&M / Denim shirt - vintage / Tights - Topshop / Brogues - Primark / Necklace - Regal Rose / YSL Arty Ring

Hi dolls,
Slowly recovering from my illness, so sorry for my lack of posts and videos! Its such a horrible bug!
Anywho this is an outfit from about a week ago because I really havent been dressing properly over the last week due to being in bed haha!
Hope you are all well and have had a good week,
Sammi xoxo


salut! sophie said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better, I had a similiar bug a couple of weeks ago and I felt like death so I feel your pain!

I love this outfit, and I'm seriously lusting after that Arty ring. Unless I sell a kidney I'll never be able to afford it though, so I'll have to live vicariously through bloggers like you!

Hannah said...

I want your YSL ring! I had the flu a couple of weeks ago and it is horrible so I really hope you get better soon!xxx

Michelle said...

Hope you start feeling much better soon lovely. I love the denim shirt and white top layered together with suspender tights. Eep, so jealous of your Arty ring, it's beautiful! Also, I live just outside London and in Southampton for Uni too, so weird! xo

Kasia said...

You look fabulous! Love your sense of style :) can't wait for new videos as well!


Adora said...

goregous! love your outfit.

Anney said...

cute ^-^

frilly-lace-knickers said...

love this outfit and get well soon xx

Caterina Maria said...

Such an absolutely gorgeous outfit!

Beatrice said...

Love the outfit.
Why is everyone ill recently? Get well soon!

asta said...

love it! Get well soon.

Lulu B said...

So simple yet so cute! Love outfits like this xx :o)

ivanKA:) said...

love you and it to :) i cant wait till another video!! :O :)!!

Miss EBlog said...

Lovely outfit, hope you're feelin a lot better now xx

Summer said...

I want your ring! It's beautiful xox

Emma Jade said...

Completely jealous of that ring!

missyprincesse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

hope you get better soon lovely :)

Love your outfit and the arty ring

Kate xo

VeroraStephanie said...

Get well soon

Forallthings said...

love the post!.. curious question :-who takes your photographs?

dicli-Demir said...

i love your style

just an inspiration for me and for the whole world !!!!

nicola said...

Sorry for totally random question but where is your blackberry cover from?? I have the same phone and that cover is really nice!
Nic xx

Jen said...

very jelous of your ring (obv!) x x x

KENDAll AMYRE. said...

HOSTING A $275 worth of beauty products GIVEAWAY!

Symm said...

Hay i emailed u about advice on my hair and if short hair will suit me. if u dont mind my pin is 22AB673F. Thanks

Amy said...

Heyy I nominated you for a blog award, because I love reading/watching Beauty Crush! Check it out on my blog:


lucy ♥ said...

the ring. the tights. i love them both ♥

Laura said...

Love your ring, it's gorgeous!

Check out my blog at
New style/outfit post finished!

Thankyou, Laura X

Rach said...

love the tights and jewelry! Hope you feel better soon!

Izzy said...

I love the suspender tights in this outfit they go really well :)
please look at my blog (it's a working progress)

MsFreeSpirited said...

Love this outfit.adorable stockings..plz check out my blog and follow if u like thx :)i followed ur amzing blog of course!

Très Glamour said...

Nice page and amazing posts! Look great

Bright Eyes24 said...

I absolutely love your style because it's simple yet well put together...fresh! I hope your feeling 100% percent better now since I'm extra late with my comment! = )
xoxxo Katrina

MadameLaraXD said...

I've also been there, where you took the picture with the sun <3

Honi.B said...

oh just like my ring i bought a couple of weeks ago but i was so dissapointed to find that its small on me even though i checked the sizes at the YSL store. anyways i've gained so much weight after pregnancy so im hoping to go back to my normal weight and can wear the ring :-D

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