Hey dolls,
Im in-between moving at the moment so my posts are a little scarce but unfortunately my url kind of ran out and now it links to some random site =[ So the url to my blog is now;

Its hard to figure out how to let everybody know this so i thought I would just post it here anyway!

Sorry for the change! Im gutted I couldnt keep it,

Hope you are all well!

Sammi xoxo


Katie said...

oh i love your new banner hun xx

Bea said...

I think it's been working for me anyway? Lol

Shabna said...

I think it works anyway? The link you've posted and the link in the address bar is the same... haha x

Celestial BeautyFly said...

My blogger dash board still send me to your blog. I guess blogger updated the URL for me.

Zahra said...

it still sends me to the same place

Helene said...

yeah.. I tried to go to your blog, but came to that other site. But I just googled "beauty crush blog" and found this :)

Billie Houghton said...

Shame you couldnt keep it! Must have been a pain, glad you've sorted it now though:)


Sophie said...

Fair enough, sounds annoying!

janny said...

I just stumbled upon your blog after reading your blog posts wanted to say thanks.i highly appreciate the blogger for doing this effort.

Sue Chanel said...

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