Top & jeggings - Topshop / Denim jacket - Primark / Small Hamsa hand necklace - Topshop (a small concession i cant remember the name) / Nintendo keys necklace - Gogo philip @ Topshop / Feather earring - H&M / Lips - MAC Costa Chic / Nails - Revlon Minted

Hey dolls,
The weeks have been going by so quickly!
This outfit was snapped yesterday and as many of you might know it was pissing it down! =/
I've really wanted to wear some of my new summery clothes but haven't been able to because of the weather!
Anywhoodles I bought this panther top recently and I LOVE it, I love panthers and my first tattoo was a panther (which lead on to my nickname being 'panther')...(how many times did I just write 'panther')...Theres loads of ways you could wear it but as it was a rainy and gloomy day my imagination didn't stretch too far!
Hope you like =]
Sammi xoxo


Emma said...

I love this top!! I'm totally obsessed with Leopards/Panther etc.. anything in the cat family haha :).
The necklace is really cute too - I think I need to check out Gogo Philip stuff a lot of people are raving about it atm.(:
You look lovely as per!! :)


nicoletta said...

Love this you look great, edgy and cool x

Jean said...

The outfit is lovely, I love the denim jacket I really need to make the train journey to Primark soon! xx

Jess said...

I've seen that top in topshop a few times and was toying up with wether to get it. I'm definitely going to get it. Awesome outfit :) your style is soo unique and funky xx

Brown Sugar said...

hello, I love your lips and your lipstick.
xxKiss from France ;)

fashionismyh2o said...

Your look here is amazing! Love the lips + the jewellery especially gorgeous! The top is funky too :)


APRIL said...

Your necklace is adorabbble!

babydoll said...

Your lips + lipstick = Effin adorable... <3 ..and the it!! xx

Ashley Raelyn said...

i wish we had topshop stores here in the so jealous... and the necklace is really cute too

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...



My blog♥mfashionfreak

Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera said...

I am now buying that lip color because of you, it looks amazing. Love the nail color too.

Joana said...

you look great!
and that lipstick is beautiful, and looks great on you!

xx J

rose petals said...

I love the lipstick looks great :) X

Jinz said...

oh wow. I am in love with Costa Chic!

Kxx said...

love the top!!


khaz said...

I absolutely love your shirt, and your jacket is gorgeous, I really want a thinner denim jacket to wear during the summer night, the one I have is way to thick.

Thedreamsofanizzyinabigwildworld:) said...

Love it, you look great :)

See said...

This is beautiful!

Shabna said...

Beautiful! I always love your outfits! I wish I could pull them off xx

Kotryna said...

You are so so so beautiful:))

littleclassyrose said...

fell in love with it!!! *_*

it looks so amazing on you... love the grungy + vintagy look you're always wearing...


Amy Valentine said...

i loooove the nintendo necklace so much, where did you get it from and how long ago? i must have it! email me if you know etc

Ayse said...

Your blog is an amazing! I follow you now <3 Mybe you follow me back <3

Belinda :) said...

LOVE the lipstick, top, everything! You have such great style and your super pretty :D

To see my blog, click here! said...

that is such a pretty lipcolour i want it!

Krissy ~ said...

can you get any more gorgeous!
love the outfit, especially your necklace!
Krissy xoxo

not-so-natural-beauty said...

Well this has just persuaded me to buy Costa Chic! Beautiful xxx

Gwen said...

Love this lipstick on you! I hope it looks as good on me! x

Aisling (: said...

i absolutely LOVE your style :)
the necklaces are so cute:)


Estefan√≠a ☮ said...

I love your make-up, your, top, your style... i love your blog! jajajaja

follow youuu ♥ :)

Fashion Cents said...

love love love this outfit! everything about it! you have the best style

Aly said...

seriously gorgeous outfit
love your nails too

ajulie4's blog said...

Lovely outfit!
What camera do you use?

Stephanie said...

Your eyeliner looks awesome! That sounded weird! haha xxx

little t. said...

love the first photo, it's like the panther has hands lol. xx

Metisse said...

everything looks great! The nails - love the color, and the lip stain, yup, like that too!

her persona said...

cute outfit. love the nail colour

elly sutherland said...

i was going to get this top the other day but realised i couldnt quite afford it! :( love what you've done with it x

Holly said...

You should soooo enter this!! :) xxx

Lijn said...

WOOOw.'re beautiful and you've got a great style.

i'm following.


Desi said...

Hey Sam, I saw you a while back in oxford street, so thought i'd say hi on here as im a subbie on youtube and follow u on here, since i just started my own blog (finally jumping on the overcrowded band wagon lol).
Love your style


Shaira said...

Love love the t-shirt and the orange slips!!!

Shelby said...

Love your blog!Hey will you check out mine? If you follow I will return the favor! Thanks to much:)


hey sammi love the outfit and earrings... i was just wondering if you could check out my recent blog post, i have designed some earrings and i think you may like them? if u do leave a comment please!

my blog

kingaaaa said...

this top is really nice.

Come and take part in the giveaway organised by me and LOVE (brand avalible at Topshop).

loveforever said...

did you post an outfit of he day for this look?

Milly said...

awesome look honey - costa chic looks amazing on you xx

Agata said...

Beautiful! ;]

Miss Dotty Perkins said...

I LOVE the MAC Costa Chic lipstick. It looks great with your complexion. I find it really smooth and it doesn't wear away like most lippies do.

hannnahks said...

I love your denim shirt! I have Revlon Minted too but it always seems to chip :( Love the look though, it's so similar to my style.

H.McGee Photography said...

love the necklace and nails, really nice look! :) x

Katherine said...

Oh, i wanna use my costa chic again ! :)

Katie Elizabeth said...

Wow, your lip color is awesome & such a great shirt!

xo katie elizabeth

GothamPolish said...

Ahh I love that lip color! Also Revlon Minted is fabulous.

Rach said...

SO pretty! I love you lip color!

Katzenkönigin said...

I LOVE your style and I'm pretty angry with myself that I've just found you now - not earlier. I'm your newest follower :)


Patrycja said...

Nice blog ^^ and You beauty woman :)

Laurice said...

Hamsa <3

Hana said...

I love your t-shirt! :)

Keisha said...

I love your top. I wish there was a topshop here :( booo lol

Vee said...

I love your lip colour !!! I have to get myself this lipstick =)

xxx Vee

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