Mingling in Manchester

Urban outfitters buys (all from the sale)

Pop boutique buys - I am deeply in LOVE with this bag

Selfridges buys- Finally got my hands on Vitalumiere aqua! and thats Hot gossip lipstick

Breakfast at Cafe' Rouge / My first outfit on day one..I later changed because I was uncomfortable / A man dancing funkily in the street / Starbucks and our bits n bobs / My trying to get the camera back / A nice building near where we were staying / Second day 1 outfit & details

Hey dolls,
So on friday me and Ricky decided to go to Manchester just to get away for a day or two and because we wanted to visit the city again, We drove there and back and had a great time =] If a little rushed!
Day one we went into town and done a bit of shopping, we went to the hard rock cafe (NOM!) and then hit the shops again lol (I actually didn't buy too much) then in the evening we just ordered room service and crashed because we were nackerd!
Day two we checked out and headed over to the Trafford center (thank god for sat-nav! its hard to find!) We had breakfast at Cafe' Rouge where I had the most amazing french toast with fruit! We walked around and then headed home.
I actually felt really ill the second day because the A/C gave me a cold! But overall it was really nice, good to get away and I really like it there =] My fave spots were the Urban outfitters and the food court in the Trafford center haha!
Thankfully we had ok weather as its been a bit hit and miss recently,
Now im back home, on arriving I had some bad news at home so thats kind of had me on a downer but trying to pull through it...=]
Hope you enjoyed this post and hope ur all well =]

Samami x


Billie Houghton said...

The studded shorts are amazing! Love your outfits :) and the grape nerds are my faave! x x

Thedreamsofanizzyinabigwildworld:) said...

LOVE the studded shorts xx

CHARfmb said...

LOVE the handbag and the lipstick looks georgeous!!xx

Amy said...

I love every single photo on this post, the studded shorts are really gorgeous!! xxx

Carys said...

Im in love with your studded shorts!!!!! hehe wonka nerds so cool :D

Fariha said...

lovely post!
i love your oufits x

Madison's Assortment said...

You have good taste in shops and clothes, I lave your outfits too! :)

Sexy na Cidade said...

Love the pictures!


The Secrets said...

i live in manchester!!
i really wish i went and saw you:( :(
i hope you go back again

PippaPoppa said...

mmm that toast looks really tasty! and I love your outfits :) Hope everything is ok.

Lucy - Beauty and the Blogger said...

I hate the roads around the trafford centre, they're awful and I always go the wrong way!

Slater said...

Love the outfits, especially the shorts!

katfio said...

Love nerds :) Why oh WHY can't they be bought in Denmark :(

Sara said...

Oh God! I love your shorts!
following ;)


Alex said...

So much going on in these pics I barely know where to start - I can't take it all in! Looks like you had a lovely time though and I love the stripey cardi and black playsuit combo :)

Little Humble Fashion Abode

Gem said...

These photos are amazing and I love your outfits! I'm sorry to hear that you've had some bad news, whatever it is...Stay strong Sammi!!! <3

Gem x

Melody.A said...

I absolutely love all your outfits, especially the one witht the studded shorts!
I think I might need to head down to the UO sale, I love the tee

Ashleigh said...

The studded shorts are amazing!

Jinz said...

yummy yummy french toast

M.rolez said...

Love that chanel foundation ! is so perfect to our type os skin ! :D
So perfect like always sweetie !
xoxo from spain

Kirsty F said...

OMG NERDS!! where did you find them?! childhood flashbacks! lol

Vintage Beauty said...

hmm... next time my dad goes and watches a man united match i might have to tag along and go shopping! looks like it has some good shops! :D
and hope you're okay sammi! :)

maddie xx

Ife. said...

Wow, Sounds like you had a brilliant trip to Manchester! Your extremely gorgeous and your fashion is top notch!! You really inspire me to wear things regardless of what others think!! x

EEEVC said...
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EEEVC said...

you dress so so so well! i look at your blog for inspiration because you have such good taste! so jealous you've been in manchester - i used to live near there and i miss is so much :(
hope you're feeling okay:/
love those rings too!xxo

Devina said...

Ahhh your studded shorts are really cool!
And you always find the cutest things at pop boutique :)

madrassi said...

Wow! Excellent shots and short of urs. I liked your dressing way and pretty nails in pink polish. I liked your second picture Samantha!

Hope everything is well now :)

Bubbles said...

I LOOOOOOVE YOUR STYLE....and your blog and youtube channel=) Id say i am one of your number one fans =)
I am building my blog right now. i am a army wife of my deployed soldier so i have two or even more topics...military related and of course fashion and makeup like some suggestions to build my blog if you can help would be awesome =) followers welcome =)

Makeup Artist Jessica Rivera said...

oooo let us know how the chanel foundation is!

Milly said...

you look awesome - the shorts are fab. I love Manchester and too found some super finds in Pop Boutique. Glad you had fun xo

Life of a Dreamer said...

oh my goodness! first picture made me hungry! second made me envious lol! you have lovely legs. I love your studded shorts!! :D can you tell us what your thoughts are on vitalumiere once you've tried it for a bit?

ambernicolee said...

Looks like you're having a blast girl! The french toast picture, is definitely putting me in the mood for breakfasts goodies and sweets :)

Kate said...

love the photos, manchester looks lovely! x

Jade said...

Loving your tan you look amazing! oh and Nerds are my favourite sweets! I thought they stopped selling them in the UK I cant find them anywhere but I can always find the copies though, they are called Weirds (FYI- they are not the same ): )

Lovelain94 said...

These photos are really nice, I live quite near Manchester its weird seeing the places I recognised xx

Dollyfaces said...

I hope you're ok xx

Yuliya said...

Looks like u had a great day!
Love your outfit!
And that fruit sandwich made me want 1!!
*running to a kitchen*

Good Wear Day said...

Your outfit is gorgeous, very casual chic! Also, I love those studded shorts!

Lois, -Good Wear Day-

Kotryna said...

Loove the Chanel's foundation :)

LuckyNumberSeven said...

Both outfits are cool !


May i say that them studded shorts are lovely! did you do them your self ? ♥

Simply complex. said...

Love the lipstick, the colour looks gorge!
And your shorts look uh-mazing :) xox

ShosheFashion. said...

loving the outift here! very rock chicky but very unique! lovelovelove it!

certaintly gunna follow your blog:) xoxo

lovelifejuicy said...

omg i love both outfits! your so gorgeous!

i went to the trafford centre a few weeks ago! it was AMAZING soooo many good shops and it was just brill!

hope you had a good time too <3

Rothco Military said...

lovely and great vintage clothing dresses are there..thank you so much..

TheOtherSideofCool said...

Sorry to hear you got some bad news, I hope its not too bad and you're all ok!

I absolutely love Manchester, I was kinda sad when my friend finished uni there as it was soo handy to pop up for visits!

ADORE those shorts, they the ones you DIY'ed? looking hot! xx

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reynaglows said...

mmm...nerds havent had those in so long!! Great post!

Zahra123 said...

Thank-you for introducing me to these studs! I saw your video on youtube about D.I.Y studding shorts (which look awesome in your picture btw) They're amazing, and so cheap and easy to use! :) I made a bag using them and they look really cool! Kinda edge things up a bit! :)

Here's the link in case you wanna check it out! :)


burnserella said...

Love the outfits especially the studded shorts...o i wish i could pull of those shorts! maybe after a few more months at the gym! xo

Georgia said...

Love this post, if you ever go to Manchester again theres loads of vintage shops, you should go to Chorlton and West Didsbury, its just outside Manchester town centre and has so many lovely vintage and really good food places! And Afflecks palace has so many different vintage shops and different genre stuff in the Northern Quarter! xxx

Maria said...

The shorts look amazing on you! I knew they would!

And to everyone who commented about the studded shorts, thank you! I made them for Sam and she wears them so well.

My ebay store:


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