Round my hometown

lool not sure what this pose was

Top – H&M

Leather gilet – Primark

Jeans – Topshop

Shoes – New Look

Bag – H&M

Best – Rokit

Hat – H&M

Hey dolls,

[I’m getting quite frequent with the old posts eh? haha I hope you like!]

Today I took a trip uptown with my sister, I am skint at the moment so I only picked up some vintage levi’s and a mens college vest (sounds so dodgy lol) from Beyond retro and Rokit. It was nice as always but also…tiring! I now sit on my bed watching family and trying to get over what I just witnessed…Geordie shore…wth lol

My outfit today was kind of casual and black and white! I wanted to look ok but still be kind of comfy!

Oh my gosh I went into Urban outfitters to try on some creepers (because I WISH I had some!) and as we were about to leave I spotted…….wait for it….. JC Litas! I tried them on and didnt want to take them off, they only seemed to have this design though which is a bit weird but I guess its not the worst one! They’re flogging them from ยฃ120 though…hmmm

I eventually had to take them off and leave =[ otherwise they might have come and asked me to leave the store or something haha

Sammi xoxo


59 responses to “Round my hometown”

  1. Zahirah Pink says:

    I absolutely LOVE your outfit. Very nice.

  2. Halima says:

    GORGEOUS outfit my love. The JC Litas are amazing! xo

  3. Harrriiiet says:

    :O I really hope UO start stocking JC Litas that would be fabulous! Lovely outfits btw! x

  4. great cas outfit, didn't realise UO started selling JC's.


  5. Jillian says:

    Love your outfit, its so simple but chic at the same time ๐Ÿ™‚
    The Fashion Cycle

  6. Lily says:

    Love the shot looking down at your feet! ๐Ÿ˜› <3

  7. Anna B. says:

    i'm in love with your necklace!

  8. Tomi DF says:

    you look well nice babe! Geordie shore.?..Omg! looool

  9. Paoo says:

    Oh gosh loove your rings!!! <3

  10. Sweet & Sour says:

    I Cant believe, I never purchased the sleeveless gilet from primemark. went back and never found my size, Typical! Grrr

  11. Zahra says:

    dont like that pattern on the litas but nice outfit

  12. Hayley says:

    I love your outfit! Those leopard print shoes are gorgeous ๐Ÿ˜‰ and add a hint of playfulness to your outfit.

    Those Litas look sick on you too!! ๐Ÿ™‚ it is a pity they didn't have a bigger range of colours in them.


  13. Sophia says:

    I love these JC Litas. I think the color is really interesting and unique! <3

  14. Ninja says:

    I am weak for those shoes and I have been lusting after a hat like that. You really hit the bulls eye this time for me ๐Ÿ˜€
    Plus those rings are too cool!

    xxx irinja (

  15. Krissy ~ says:

    love your loafter and those JC litas! just wow!
    Krissy xoxo

  16. AshleyRose says:

    i want a pair of lits soo bad, they look really good on!

  17. AngelaQ says:

    Litasss <3 really want to try thrm on ;)) xx

  18. Blush.Crush says:

    Great outfit! You look well pretty! Sarah x

  19. K.M. says:

    nice outfit โ™ฅ

  20. I looooooooooooove your blog and I also love your youtube chanel, you are so pretty and cool, really love your kinda punk style xoxo

  21. Kirsty F says:

    those shoes are fab! ive seen alot of people with the black ones but definatley prefer these ones!

  22. Nicola says:

    Love this outfit, especially the jewellery ๐Ÿ™‚ aww, I really wanted JC's ๐Ÿ™ xx

  23. Laura. says:

    the litas are ยฃ120 everywhere thats how much mine were from office.

    love the new look shoes.

  24. Ife. says:

    I love your outfit, the floppy hat looks great on youu, and i love your necklace and eye ring!!

  25. JASMINE says:

    i really love your shoes from new look and the JC litas are yummy! x

  26. noshii_Irfan says:

    I love this outfit Sammi..and am so going to get those leopard loafers..

  27. freshta says:

    love your freq posts! your style is amaze xx

  28. the last pair of shoes were right up my street. well jel!

    charlotte x

  29. i swear you can throw on absolutely anything and make it look great, haha! i love the necklace! ๐Ÿ˜€

    maddie xx

  30. Chiara says:

    love the outfit!

    ohmygosh!!! i so wanna go in the UK.

    we just have one UO here ! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  31. โ™ฅ says:

    love your outfit especially the hat its amazing x

  32. Kimberly says:

    great outfit love the leopard flats and the litas look great on you!

  33. Jess says:

    I was gonna get that leather gilet from primark but in chocolate brown but didn't get it but I will now! They have JC dupes on ebay vipxo has links on her blog. Nice outfit.

  34. mecca says:

    You're such a doll! Love how you paired the outfit with a red bag.

  35. love the outfit and setting!!!

  36. Fee says:

    I like this outfit! The jeans looks cool

  37. Helena says:

    I love your outfit!
    Black and white it's always perfect!!!

  38. absolutely love your blog. your outfits are really inspirational. i love the black floppy hat. i really need to get one they look so chic.
    my blog is if you want to check it out is

  39. Rachel says:

    LOVE your hat – and SO jealous of those Litas!

  40. WOO you're beautiful
    your outfit fits you really well
    and your shoes are splendid

  41. Bex Watson says:

    such an amazing outfit, you look so hip!!! and that hat you pull off so well!
    I've only just discovered your blog but love it! I am going to follow ๐Ÿ™‚
    I'd love for you to have a look at my blog and follow back (if ya like it)
    would be amazing!!
    lots of love Bex X

  42. Noniek says:

    Nice outfit! I like the hat

  43. Love it!! Black white and red…gorgeous ๐Ÿ™‚ would mean a lot if you could take a lookee at my blog offhandbeauty.blogspot.come xx

  44. BespokeRose says:

    I would have got them to! Great bag.

  45. sooz says:

    love the look, especially the necklace!!

  46. i never but anything from urban outfitters so expensive i feel like a loser when i live out with a 4 headband that was on clearance or make up but i love jeffery campbell's shoes but i found some super cheap look a likes at

  47. i need "the eye" ring!

  48. RaeSaysRelax says:

    Sammi!!! heya i just wanted to know when u tried the jeffs on that they where you exacted size or do they come up bigger or smaller

  49. LO says:

    love your eye ring!
    and your blog, new follower!


  50. Unknown says:

    liquid chlorinatoroutdoor bean bags
    Sammi!!! heya i just wanted to know when u tried the jeffs on that they where you exacted size or do they come up bigger or smaller

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