Monki Business

Top - Monki
Skirt - Bershka
Chelsea boots - Monki
Bag - Bershka
Necklaces - Fashionology & Topman

Hey dolls,

This was my outfit today =] I was on Oxford street yesterday and I thought I would check out Monki in Selfridges, I had remembered Barbara mentioning the shop in one of her videos so I thought I would have a look! I really loved the pieces, I wanted to get so many bits but you know when you have to refrain yourself! The prices are what really impressed me, Really reasonable...H&M type of prices.

I found this gorgeous white lace top and these chelsea boots for only £30 which I thought was good for the quality!

Have any of you been there? I think its my new favourite shop!

Sammi x


Roza said...

lovely top!

Arabella said...

you're stunning! the top is beautiful :)

Anney said...

pretty lace top ^-^

Metisse said...

really like the top and the long chain!

Amy Fashion Blog said...


Tascha said...

I went to Monki here in Hamburg and i love it sooo much ! Very Swedish style and yes, i also thought the prices are amazing- just like h&m prices ! I love the shop so much :D haven´t been there in a while now.. but now i need to :D

her persona said...

great shoes, cute outfit

Bleu said...

I love the way you tied the skirt at the bottom. I never thought to do that with just a skirt (only do that with maxi dresses) but it makes sense to do.

Karissa said...

sooo amazing, and I am loving your boots! I've been looking for ones like those for the longest time!

Vivian said...

love the top and skirt, I am always inspired by your style of fashion :)

Ela said...

I love the tan/stone colour on you. I always feel kinda naked when I wear it though... ^^
unfortunately, we don't have monki. I wish we did. I've seen bloggers get really cool clothes from monki.

have a great week. and if you get the chance, maybe you could check out my blog. It would mean so much for me :)


Krissy ~ said...

i love those chelsea boots! cute top!
Krissy xoxo

Faye H said...

I love lace and brown together and how you've tied the skirt up, love ittt!
Faye xo

Hayley said...

So effortless and chic

Dodi said...

i have baan on monki.. the store monki its from our country :)..... i like your blog btw

Merlins_wand said...

Think i'm going to check it out on wednesday, love the lace top


Olivia said...

Never actually shopped there, but I want those boots so I think i'll be making a trip there this week :) x

amenfashion17 said...

i love the outfit!! Especially the skirt.. never seen anything similar to that before!!

NinaSafada said...

The shoes are so awesome. I love the whole look, I always love your looks. :)

Chantelle said...

Love the lace top with the necklace :) and the skirt is so unique, great outfit Hope you can check out my new blog xx

Lily said...

Love the top - it's sooo pretty :) x

Jessica Lolly said...

doll, do a tutorial of your makeup in this video, you look as gorgeous as always ! xx

Kemi said...

Their stuff looks great, is there anywhere you can get it online? xxx

Sophia said...

Omg, I looove the Chelsea Boots. I need a pair of Chelsea Boots, but I can't find the right ones. These look like the perfect, not to pricy ones. Unfortunately we don't have a Monki here :(((
Nice outfit and you're so cute!

my blog

BespokeRose said...

I love knotting maxi dresses and skirts :)

Amanda said...

Gorgeous, as always! :)

chantelle_thomas said...

Pretty outfit :) Your shoes look tiny. very nice though I need new boots :(

Nicola said...

Those boots are lovely :) Very good pricing! And I had that Fashionology necklace and I loved it, but stupid me left it in a changing room! :( xx

Vintage Beauty said...

ahhh need to check out monki!

maddie xx

Lauren said...

The top is really great! I'd never heard of this label so thanks for giving us the heads up.

Good luck with the fashion styling jobs too. I bet you're amazing at it.

Naomi. said...

Really love the chelsea boots!

Naomi xx

noshii_Irfan said...

wow! loving this looks so effortless..


Kimberly said...

great outfit love the lace top so pretty! great boots!

Fashion Means Everything said...

you look beautiful in that outfit, you're too cute, I love your style

Erica said...

I have to, Barbara and DulceCandy87 are my three favorite girls on youtube! your style is so cool! gotta check out monki.

Claire said...

i love the lace top and the chelsea boots, so cute together! I have wanted some chelsea boots for a while now but don't know of anywhere near me that has them! :(

Vee said...

really pretty top =)

xxx Vee

Charlotte Amber said...

Love how girly yet edgy this outfit is

Yolandaas said...

Hey x Just leaving a comment to say I think your blog is great and I've been reading it for quite a while. x

Yolandaas said...

Oh and MONKI is a Swedish shop/brand. So if you ever go Sweden there will be a shop full of their clothes. !!

blushingcats said...

Very interesting outfit, the boots are lovely :) Would love to have them haha! x

Aleksis said...


Rhea Dillon said...

love your boots, have been looking for a pair myself :)

Masako said...

i love it, ive always wanted a pair of chelsea boots, but never found one thats nice and affordable. i wish they had monki here in tokyo!

Livi said...

I also have that triangle necklace from Topman, such a bargain... so much so that I had to buy 3 other necklaces!

P.s love your blog

Ida-Jessica said...

You are so lovely, I LOVE the video post! :-D And the photos in your blog too!

<3 Ida-Jessica

Abigail Hanley said...

i love your videos on youtube, they are truly inspirational. and i loved this outfit, the chelsea boots are gorgeous. I followed...follow back?

Amalie said...

I have been in Monki many times! I live in Denmark and we have had Monki for a looong time! It's the most awesome shop and I love shopping there!

benedicte said...

love the top and the shoes !!! love your blog <3 such an inspiration :-D

Sera said...

Oh Monki is my favorite store!! It's too bad they don't have it here in the U.S. I always have to do all my "Monki shopping" When I'm in Europe for the summer :D

Creative me said...

I really love your youtube videos, you've inspired me to start my own

Peiji said...

Hi Sammi, I wanted to link these
shoes on your video but youtube
wouldn't let me -.- I'm not sure if
you would like them, but should I
would share anyway =p

my style is a bit different than yours
but I personally love these shoes :)

Agnes said...

Love the lace top, I ran straight to Monki the other day and bought it (I live in Sweden, so I shop about 80 % of my clothes there)! The strange thing though is that the prices are higher here in Sweden, but kinda cheap anyways ;) Hope you'll do some winter/autumnish outfit with the top too, since I really love it!

Ann-Kathrin said...

love this outfit :)
which size do you have in this top?
it looks very short on their website.

anni :))

Hee-Won said...

woooooowwwwww lovely top:>

Hannah Rose said...

Monki is part of the H&M group, that's why it's prices are similar, it aims to target 14-20yr olds with quirky pieces :)

also, did you see your blog's in Drapers (21st Oct issue)? well done :)

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