Jumper - Topshop 
Skirt - American Apparel 
Tights - Primark
 Heeled chelsea boots - Topshop
 Bag - Bershka 
Necklace - Regal rose 
Hat - Beyond retro 

Happy halloween!
 I LOVE halloween so much! Its my favourite time of year, my fave 'holiday' =]
 Hope you have a great day even if you don't celebrate it! I might do a halloween themed post but I have to go off out today so for now I leave you with an OOTD! 

 Are you doing anything for halloween? 

 Sammi xoxo


Soph. said...

I am just home from a halloween party! (In Australia)

Gorgeous outfit! Xox

Jojasweety said...

Sammy it's amazing as always :D check out my blog please

SNJx said...

I love the boots and your outfit is cute :) x

Lipstick Sunshine said...

Such a cute, feminine outfit! J'adore! I too love Halloween, I dressed up for work on Saturday, a different outfit on Saturday night, did Halloweeny things at home yesterday, and heading to a party tonight - with another outfit. I've been going retro pin-up with the last two, tonight is the more traditional halloween one: a raven - pics will be on my blog woo! x

.Big Size Big World♥ said...

Nice Outfit <3

xoxo vmje

Victorie said...

amazing outfit ;)

Vivian said...

lovely outfit, I love the jumper xx

Nina the Little Nomad said...

That jumper is such a gorgeous colour, perfect for autumn winter. Really wish there was a TopShop in France, I miss it so much.
Beautiful pictures as always

molly benton said...

your jumper is gorgeous Sammi! (: ♥

CherryJPriano said...

love the skirt!

Chantelle Thomas said...

Love your jumper. I love halloween too. I went out on Saturday and I'm probably going to watch some horror films tonight :)

leonie said...

gorgeous as always! xx

Miss Pearl said...

Love the colour of that jumper!


GeorgiaLouiseN said...

That bag is amazing!

kirstyb said...

want that jumper!

Adele said...

Love your slouchy jumper, from your newest follower. Stop by & see me xoxo

Far away from me! said...

Nice Outfit :) <3

labeautedamour said...

love the jumper! hope you have a nice halloween!xx

TheMakeupMuffins said...

I made pumpkin gingerbread cake for Halloween and blogged about it of course.

Nicola said...

Love everything about this outfit! x

TheStylePlaylist said...

such a simple yet perfect outfit,i always enjoy your post!

Sia said...

Love the colours in the outfit! XOXO

Chenna said...

I love your hat... I really need one :)

Chenna xoxo

Dani*LaLa said...

Halloween is my fave Holiday too =).

Were Trick or Treating with the lil ones fun, fun, fun.

Karla said...

you're gorgeous,and i love the outfit and the neklace:)

Sophia said...

What a cool jumper! I really like your style, you're such an inspiration <3 Also loving these boots from Topshop, they seem to be perfect for autumn/winter season.


Puja Kotecha said...

I really want these Allegra's but I've heard they hurt your feet which I definitely don't want!
You look lovely as well :) xxx

Habiba. J said...

I love the color of the knit, it's really something. I would love it if you checked out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts.

J. Choudhury x

Chiara said...

love love the jumper!!!!!!!!

Kimberly said...

great outfit love the hat!

17journals said...

love your jumper, necklace and boots!

I'm not really doing anything for halloween, I love in the Netherlands and it's not that big here. I did watch a halloween movie haha

her persona said...

cute outfit

Cleome said...

THAT NECKLACE - I want! Gorgeous outfit.

ANNIE said...

I really like your boots (wish we had topshop over here in sydney :() but you look great, love how you made everything all black except the jumper.

happy halloween :)


couturing said...

Great blog, girl <3 lovely outfit. Definite follow (:

fox and fawn said...

stunning outfit.

VEE. said...

your style is Epic! I Love it :) Congats also on your blog award :) Whoop!

VEE. said...

also... please do a post with what to wear with Lita's! X

rk said...
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Annieo said...

You're adorable!!!

Dodi said...

im loving this look :)

becky. said...

love this outfit!
especially that jumper, it's such a nice colour, so autumny :)

becky x

Hannah Harvey said...

Love the shoes


Mimi said...

i love everything about this outfit! they just all work together perfectly! :)

<3, Mimi

TwoSistersOneObsession said...

Love the jumper and skirt combo, looks great! x

Amy Fashion Blog said...

cute outfit

Taylor Jackson said...

really nice..

Carolyn said...

i love the slouchy sweater with an a-line skirt look for fall. you pull it off well!

Trace said...

Cute Outfit, loving the hat, bag and sweater!

Girls' girl said...

love the cardy..

hac said...
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hac said...
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hac said...
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hac said...


mai said...

Loving the oversized sweater. <3 Mai

Vero B said...

Awww why are you so cute? :333

Fashionita said...

Like the colours xx

daniela forsberg said...

loving the chelsea boots.

Girlwiththeartisticflair said...

Really <3 your Style. Recogonize that walkway! Near King & Castle! Your Blogs lovely :)

Aaron said...

love your style! that hat rocks!

Lini said...

Lovely outfit! I used to have a similar necklace but now I can't find it anymore :/

Kate said...

love the jumper! beautiful colour :) x

Abi Simmons said...

Hey sammi, weird question, but i was just wandering what particular tights from primark your wearing, like what denier?
They look really nice with skirts but i must actually be an idiot coz i cant find the ones that look like that. haha. thanks- love your youtube and blog !
love abi xx

Kristin said...

i love your boots <3

bananapeelings said...

this is hot!

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