Yet another n y l o n

Jumper – H&M 

Skirt – Topshop sale 
Boots – Monki 
Bag – Bershka 
Faux fur stole – H&M 

 Hey dolls, 
 Oh my gosh im so sorry I havent updated for a week! 
Thats really bad, This week went so quickly and I couldnt think of what to blog or just didnt have the time! 
This was my outfit today, similar to a look I styled for my recent ‘how to style jumpers’ video but I hope you like! I wanted to wear the faux fur all day but couldnt as the weather was so strange! 
Had quite a nice day, I avoided the main shopping centers because on saturdays they are too much! Just went for a nandos with my sister and after looked around some charity shops but didnt find anything good =[ 
 I’ve got a few posts coming up soon, promise I wont be as bad this coming week! 

 Tomorrow is the last day everyone can vote for me for the Cosmo blog awards! 

If you would like to vote the link is below and thank you so much if you do! =D 

 Sammi xoxo

  • You're so gorgeous, Sammi! Absolutely love your looks, and look forward to each and every post (and youtube videos :p), Haha. xxxxx love from Aus!

  • Love your fur stole! Really adds to your outfit 🙂

  • Nice outfit! Those boots are gorgeous! =)
    Hair tutorial? xx

  • can't belive that skirt was in the sale! Its lovely! xx

  • nawhh cute photos! i love the faux fur scarf! love it!
    amazing outfit ^^
    Krissy xoxo

  • I have the same chelsea boots and this has given me inspiration to wear them with a skirt! Looks lovely btw 🙂

  • Ela

    great to hear/see you again!
    very nice outfit as well as pictures.
    I have the same stole but I only combine it with pieces that have collar. Seeing your pictures I realize I don't really know why. lol
    I really like this maxi skirt-combo!

    hope you're having a great weekend!

  • already voted 4 u!! loving the outfit xx

  • Zoe

    Love love love that skirt!

  • That fur collar/shawl is gorgeous! I love the skirt too and how you have tied a knott in it it looks very stylish 😀



  • Love your outfit! Especially the Chelsea boots – they're so great because they can look good with almost anything.

    Big fan of your blog and youtube videos btw.

    Keep up the good work, Chenna xoxo

  • You're outfits are always so nice!

  • i love your style!! im on the hunt for a fur vest!!

  • You look lovely, I love your faux fur. You are right the week went too fast. xx

  • Love the outfit!
    Does anyone know where i can get nylon mag from? xo

  • Awesome outfit, I love that skirt! 🙂

    ♥ Check out my blog: Principessa Gabriella

  • what an interesting skirt and beautiful campus!

    saturday shopping is too much over here, too (USA)

    i wonder what elizabeth olsen is up to, and if she's on our nylon cover!

  • That stole is so lovely on you! They look so ridiculous on me… like a mad viking… attractive x

  • Lovely as always Sammi, I love Elizabeth Olsen, she has amazing sense of style. I would love it if you checked out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts.

    J.Choudhury x

  • I really love this look, it kinda reminds me of fashion in the 90's, which I also really love!

  • Oh my god!
    I love your blog!
    I follow your YouTube channel! you are very beautiful and I love your style!
    I follow your blog! follow me?
    big kiss!

  • I love it!
    Esp. the scenery combo.

  • Gorgeous as always x

  • Love this outfit Sammi, the faux fur and knit make the maxi look perfect for autumn! Was such weird weather today, couldn't decide whether to wear my scarf or not all day haha. xx

  • Really love the skirt, you look gorgeous!

  • Hey well done for you interview on BBC 1Xtra yesterday. Was shocked to hear you, but you done well girl. Hope you helped Gem out with some out her fashion faux's hehe !

  • I really need to whip my fur stole out. Love the way they add to an outfit 🙂 good luck with the Cosmo awards, hope to see you at the evening do in a few weeks xxx

  • I am in love with your sense of style. Your outfits really inspire some of my own, and I admire you wearing the fur collar – I wish I was brave enough to try and work a statement piece like that! Loving the blog. A xx

  • Absolutely in love with those boots!

    x Michelle |

  • Sammi your outfit is amazing! I love the skirt and the jumper =)*

  • I love love love your outfit. The skirt is amazing. If I had topshop where I lived I would go buy myself a pair. Good luck on the Cosmo blog awards!!!!

    ~ diana

  • ur so sexy i wsih i could makeout with u

  • love the boots! & ahhh I love this issue, all the "it-girls" are sooo cool.


  • You have such good style!
    Love your blog 🙂

  • such a beautiful outfit ! every piece is absolutely amazing. hehe love it :}} xx

  • I love this!! You're blog and channel on YT are so inspiring 🙂 I'd love for you to check out my blog.

  • love your style <3

    the skirt is lovely.

  • Sia

    I love the thing around your neck. XOXO

  • Love these boots with this skirt, look great together!


  • The fur stole looks great styled this way. Town centres are always a nightmare at weekends, always try to avoid them! xx

  • I like your look!

  • lovely photos and cute outfit.
    loving the faux fur stole 🙂

  • your blog is just amazing!! i wrote you a message per youtube about how to make a banner like yours. 😉 i really hope you become succesful in the things you want to do!

    it would mean the world to me if you could check out my blog and maybe you'll follow me?

    nini 🙂

  • Beaudyyyful! 🙂

  • so lovely that skirt is great!

    I follow you, please follow me back? 🙂

  • at first- brillant outfit 🙂
    second- I don't know why, but the second photo is the best! xx

  • You're so beautiful! I love your style, and the fur! <3

  • I just got that issue too. Liz Olsen is fab

  • the second picture is so beautiful 🙂
    love the chealseas and the skirt *_*

  • sweetie ! love the look ! your skirt is so so perfct !
    xoxo from spain love

  • Omg!!!
    So stylish! Lovely everthing <33

    I'm a new follower 😉

    Portuguese fashion blogger

  • i love nylon mag i need to start buying more of them. love your looks your one of my favorite bloggers. your style is so original you take trends and make them your own.

  • Love that you knoted your maxi and the fur is a really great touch. Just today started watching you and I'm definitelya beautycrush fan now!


    Quench Fab

  • love the outfit looks great and comfortable! hope you win as best beauty vlogger!

  • Of couse I'll vote you. You're amazing!

  • I voted for u… Did it ASAP!!!


  • i love how you knot the bottom of your skirts 🙂 i wish i could pull of maxi skirts but they make me look like about 2foot tall ha
    becky x

  • YOU ARE HOT. and have an amazing style. definitely voting for you 🙂

  • love love love the stole. bought mine in the same color last week!

  • you are so beautiful sammi.

  • I LOVE this ! I love your youtube videos !


  • love the outfit! especially the color of that maxi skirt! <33 just finished watching your youtube video on your experience with fashion styling course.. thank you so much for your honest opinion <3

  • I gave you an award, check out my blog :))) xx

  • i love your outfit! so fierce and stylish! 😀

    <3, Mimi
    Stages of Beauty Giveaway 🙂

  • krasses outfit.
    aber ich mags.:)♥

  • Loving the faux fur neck piece beautiful and great w/ this outfit nice pairing

  • damn. seriously. that skirt. to die for.

    daniela forsberg.

  • Gorgeous outfit and photos Sammi, loving the fur. x

  • beautiful look! sun looks great on the skirt.. oh and that issue of nylon was great wasn't it 🙂


  • Love the outfit.. Especially the fur stole 🙂


  • you have beautiful eyes:))

  • looovvee this look! long skirt is amazing

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  • Lush xx

  • just can't get enough of these shoes!

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  • The Taliban are absolutely confident of victory, he said the report found, based on 27,000 interviews with over 4,000 detainees ranging from senior Taliban commanders to Afghan textแพราคาถูก

  • They also include mid- and low-level Taliban, al Qaeda, and foreign fighters, he said.It says the ISI knows the whereabouts of all senior Taliban commanders, Starkey said.
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  • "Some of the stuff there you couldn't even deem 'intel.' It's just comments," said the official, referring to intelligence.
    Starkey, the Times journalist, said the report said it should be treated as informational and not necessarily analytical.
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    The Afghan government hopes to hold talks with Taliban representatives in Saudi Arabia in the coming weeks, a senior Afghan official said Tuesday, in a move that threatens to cloud already fragile steps to negotiate an end to the United States' longest war.

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    "John has made it clear he denies the charge and is determined to do all he can to prove his innocence," the club said in a statement in December. "Chelsea FC has always been fully supportive of John in this matter and there is no question that we will continue to be so.

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    The Taliban depend on Pakistan for support, even though they do not necessarily welcome it, Times of London reporter Jerome Starkey said Wednesday, citing the report.

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    Sutil lost his seat with Britain-based Force India for 2012 and was replaced by his compatriot Nico Hulkenberg — who last raced for Williams in 2010.

  • Sutil finished ninth in the drivers' standings last season with 42 points. His highest finish was sixth, which he achieved at his home race in Germany and at the season-ending Brazilian Grand Prix.
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    Michael Pachter, a research analyst at Wedbush Securities, says the rumored valuation range is reasonable — though he won't cite a specific estimate of his own.
    How Facebook makes money — and could make more

  • Authorities contributed to escalating the violence, said Mamdouh Eid, executive manager of the Al-Ahly fans committee.
    "The police stood there watching, and the ambulances arrived late. I carried several dead fans in my arms," he said.
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  • Europe-bound travelers can also discover Ireland on the 5-night Counties Cork & Kerry in the Southwest itinerary, which includes bike rides through the classic Irish landscapes of green hills, small farms and quaint villages, as well as the rugged Beara Peninsula.
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    With Pakistan and its shadowy intelligence and military agencies lurking in the shadows, NATO and US military leaders are wary of what is likely to happen once a major military presence is no longer on the ground in Afghanistan. The country remains highly volatile and is still subject to terrorist bombings and attacks on official facilities and organizations.

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    In Egypt, women have faced brutal treatment at the hands of the caretakers of the revolution — the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. Activists describe its handling of protests as incompetent at best, and malevolent at its worst.

  • "The biggest challenge facing women is how they see themselves and their role in the political, economic, and social changes going on around them," says Ziada, who wears a headscarf and is an observant Muslim currently studying International Relations at Tufts University in Boston.
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    Mamdouh Eid, executive manager of the Al-Ahly fans committee, said authorities contributed to the escalation of violence.
    "The police stood there watching, and the ambulances arrived late. I carried several dead fans in my arms," he said.

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    Syrian state-run TV said "armed terrorist groups" were attacking citizens and members of law enforcement in several cities, including Homs, Idlib, and the Damascus suburbs.

  • Everything was still moving at a crawl. He lifted both guns and fired into the horde of beasts before him. Both guns emptied and he dropped them simultaneously. He knocked an imp aside as he pulled the knife from his belt.
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    He roared his victory over the little demon back to the remaining imps and sank the knife into the back of the creature’s head. The imps stopped wailing and Joe threw the creature to the others and yelled again. They looked from the body to Joe to one another.

  • Dave muttered. Then he turned and ran. The ogre stormed after him. Dave darted between trees, which would explode a second later with a swing of the giant’s massive arms. Dave’s heart pounded in his head, setting the pace for the dead sprint he now enlisted. Everything around him exploded and the ground shook with the creatures stampede.
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  • "Grandma," I trilled. I don't know why, but I was just soo happy that "Grandma" slipped out of my mouth before I could stop it!
    "Yes, Lee?" Grandma asked, turning her attention to me. Oh no… C'mon Lee! Think of something interesting to say… Hmm…
    "Grandma!" I repeated again, urgently. My mind was flashing like an alarm system, until the words finally came out. "Stephen wanted me to give him something. What was it?"
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    One night while Amelia was in the kitchen busy with chopping onions and I was in the living room changing the TV channels, Catherine Judd, a reporter on the Channel 4 News turned our attention. I turned up the volume on the TV.

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    Religious types tend to view agnostics with a hint of mistrust and disbelief, as in, "You’ve heard about how great God is, and you still can’t decide whether or not to believe?" Atheists, on the other hand, tend to see agnostics as a wishy-washy sort of non-believer who refuses to definitively declare their non-belief "just in case".

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    Make your newborn baby feel safe and secure by gently caressing the face and limbs.
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    Rubbing the muscles on the limbs helps develop your baby's body language.
    Expose your baby to different textures using creams, oils, paper, cloth, sprays, soap bubbles, etc. Let your baby feel these substances with bare hands and explore his/her sense of touch!

  • Music for PowerPoint presentationsFast Laptop RepairNever judge a book by its cover. You don't know what it could contain…Little Charlie's face turned slowly crimson as he held onto a big massive book. He staggered over to me and then dropped the heavy load just about where my feet were.

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  • corporate identity designersHigh Quality SEO Articles That’s what I feel like right now, especially since there are no lights on. Anywhere. "Eli?" I call and stumble slightly, since I can’t see anything. I hear a creaking sound coming from my left, but literally I can’t see anything around me. Great.

  • bottled alkaline waterAffordable Veterinary Portable Ultrasound ScannersI didn't get very far away from the school when I heard a truck pull up beside me. I looked over to see Josh in the driver's seat of a red two-door Chevy pickup.

    I sighed and rolled my eyes. "What do you want?"

    "Get in," he told me.

    I raised an eyebrow at him but didn't stop walking. He kept a steady pace with me.

    "Why would I ever do that?"

    He chuckled. "Break the rules for once in your life."

    "There's no rule that says I can't get a ride home with you, I just simply am choosing not to."

    "How do you know I was going to take you home?"

    I glared at him.

  • hotels near edinburghUnder 25 Car Insurance QuotesBut at least, a fairy was there. That brightened up the whole light-loss thing. Little Charlie jumped about eagerly, and pointed at the magical creature. His face, once again, lit up. Oh, oh, oh! I think he knows who this is!

    Little Charlie made desperate gurgle noises.

    "Fairy… Goo…" I said slowly, trying to figure it out. Little Charlie slapped his forehead comically, and then perked up. He put his hands on his hips and wagged his finger about. Oh-oh-oh! I know! I know!

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    Her star wand flew in the air, doing impressive 360 turns. I watched it fly, but then panicked. It was heading for Little Charlie's head. I gave Cinderella a quick glance and then hesitated. I don't want Charlie to be on the floor! It would be too scary.

    So I pushed Little Charlie out-of-the-way and – OW!

    The wand hit my head and nearly fell on the floor. Nearly – but I caught it. Little Charlie stared at me in awe, his mouth hanging open. His honey brown eyes watered a little and his chubby little legs ran forward to me. He gave my leg a massive big hug.

  • Condo Rentals in Siesta KeyLos Angeles Detox Center"Jett! Lunch time!" She calls through our screen door. The smell of burgers and hot dogs drift through the screen and into the warm summer air, sticking to my skin. I smile to myself and jog up to the door, opening it and slipping inside.

    The inside of our house is dark, cold, and ominous, very different compared to the warm, bright summer day outside. I shiver and fold my arms across my chest. I reach for the light switch and flick on the lights, feeling a scream ripped from my throat as I examine the room. Our living room is completely demolished, every scrap destroyed. Paintings hang in shreds from the walls and the couch sprays stuffing everywhere. It resembles something of a murder scene.

  • free hostingHome Warranty"You're ok?" He asked and I could see he was concerned.
    "Yes thanks." He let go of me I looked at him. He was topless and wearing a pair of blue boxes. I stepped away from him. The doorbell rang and we both jumped.
    "Indy," he called up to me.
    "Coming." I called back.
    Aunt Kayla stood in the lounge room.

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    The door suddenly opened and just like Schuyler had said kids were running in class, the teacher behind them. Schuyler turned around and watched as kids came through the door and I looked away. I almost practically told him I was both genders! A hermaphrodite! What was I thinking? I'm such an idiot!

  • vilabreitling replica watches But Jed wasn't a rebel type guy, so I'm going with the first option. So he was all good to go. We waited for the girls in the car but only Emmalyn and Bryant came back, saying Alex is gonna take her home. I was furious, of course. She told me a bunch of lies, and she would rather go home with a guy she barely knows than her best friend since we were in diapers.

  • Parkettboden MünchenBroker Properti I walked out of my house avoiding my mom who was in the kitchen getting up and ready for work I'm guessing and shut the door quietly behind me. I walked to school just like any other day and I went straight to my locker so that I could grab all of my books needed for that day. I felt a pair of eyes on me and I looked to my left and only saw people talking to each other paying no attention to me as usual.

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  • Home Business Websiteactive directoryHi friends! Hope you still remember the story. Sorry for the wait you all had to do. I was going through a tough schedule of my college and I am having my exams this week. In last chapter- Amelia went to see Jacob at the hospital and he asked her to fetch his books from his house. Read further, to find out who's going to be the lucky one today. Enjoy!

  • acupunctuurRehab New Jersey"No, I am fine with the blood."

    "As you say."

    The wound on his forehead was a smaller one and would heal in a couple of days I assume. But when the nurse started removing the bandage from his left arm, I felt as if I would kill myself for being the cause of it. It was a long gash starting from his elbow and covering most of his forearm and ending near to his wrist, presumably given by a very sharp object.

    "Do you know what thing inflicted that deep wound?" I asked the nurse.

  • negle limabbigliamento da tennis"Yep. After what we experienced during his first outrage, we swore to ourselves we won’t be noisy in class ever again."

    "Why, what did he do?"
    "He made us sit on our hands, so we wouldn’t be able to cover our ears, while he scratched the blackboard with nails." Warren smiled as if he was telling a funny story.

    "Ouch." Rin winced as she imagined the torturous sound made by the nails. If she was there, her ears might have bled.

    "Pass your papers." Sir Malfeur suddenly said. Most of the students panicked and quickly wrote anything that comes in their minds. Rin and Warren, on the other hand, calmly passed their papers. Right after Sir Malfeur put all the submitted papers into a folder, the bell rang. He left the room without another word, and the students started making noise again.

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