Water under the bridge

Shirt – Thrift 

Tights & Pop socks- Primark 
Scarf – Spitalfields market
 Creeper knockoff’s – H&M
 Bag – Pop boutique 

 Was strolling around Richmond the other day, Me and the boy went to eat at ‘Gourmet burger kitchen’ It was yummy, their onion rings! *drool*
Then we just chilled, I went into some charity shops but didnt find diddly-squat =[ It was nice to walk along the river and thats where the snaps were taken. 

Its been really odd weather recently, it was kind of overcast at the time…Again, dont panic! i was wearing my trusty H&M skirt under the shirt so no bottom mishaps!

 Hope you’re all well,

Sammi xoxo

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Thank you if you do xx

  • I really want those shoes 🙂 They're soo nice! Amazing outfit as usual xx

  • I love your scarf, I've been trying to find one like it and had no luck! WIsh I could pull off your style! So unique!


  • Gourmet burger is sooo good! Loving your creepers hun, they really suit you.



  • LOVING the Alexander McQueen…or is it Wang?…replica!
    And I want those Creeper knockoffs! they look amazing! love it!
    Krissy xoxo

  • LOVE your shoes! I'm on a hunt for those! Cute outfit!

    -Olivia Irene


  • You must have awesome time with the boy. BTW you look gorgeous. The h&m skirt is really useful, and multi purpose.. xx

  • You're going all Rihanna on us! Which is fine because Rihanna is awesome 🙂 just don't go stripping off in fields (wow, that sounds weird but it was Rihanna who did it not me!)

  • cute outfit, i love your top and wow you have really tanned legs

  • The H&M skirt comes in handy for everything doesnt it?!
    love those tights too!


  • Love the setting and feel for this shot!


  • Now I know what I'll dress tomorrow (well a similar style lol). Loved the outfit! =D

  • GBK is a Kiwi restaurant! Funnily enough there isn't one in NZ. I always get it when I go back to Dubai though 🙂 Looking lovely as always x

  • those shoes look great!


  • very cute outfit! love your bag!

  • so cute, I want a skull scarf 🙂

  • love this outfit especially the scarf! and i voted for you! 😀 Xx


  • I wanted these shoes but my H&M doesn't have them booo 🙁 this outfit is lovely! 🙂

  • gorgeous outfit and so are you! xo

  • Sia

    Such a cool and casual style! XOXO

  • I went into Pop Boutique quite recently but I didnt get anything because I'm trying to save up before I splurge on winter clothes 🙂


  • You have inspired me to get shoes like that!

  • I am loving your scarf! Such a casual outfit but you still make it look so stylish 😉


  • nice outfit! I love your blog! Like to follow each other? (:

    xoxo Floortje


  • Love all of your outfits! Just the right mix of Feminine Meets Masculine with a few Cheeky bits inbetween, Just one Question though, Don't you get Cold??????? haha! well enjoy your day and keep up the good work.

    P.S i love your shoes.

    Zeeta x


  • LG

    I absolutely love your style! think im addicted to your blog. You have inspired me to make my own! please have a little gander if you have any time, would mean a lot. xxxxxxxx


  • Richmond is mah endzz- I'm there all the time! ahh man would have been so cool to have seen you! GBK is so good, love that place, lovely outfit as always xx

  • Love your channel and your blog! following!!!

  • I love this outfit, and your bag <3 where did ou buy it?
    I'm also going to London next month (I live in the Netherlands?) Would you like to check out my nail art blog : http://www.miss-rvh.blogspot.com and follow me? I'd love to have more visitors 🙂 and maybe tell me where the best shops are in London?
    Thanks 😀

  • you love ur no pants looks lol i mean i know your wearing a skirt but i guess its hard for other people to tell cuz when i first show this i was like shes wearing no pants again !

  • L O double V E your creepers! (i have them too lol) they're, like the most comfortable things ever, yes?

    Love your outfit also by the way!


  • I discovered you through youtube. You come across so likeable and your taste is so amazing! 🙂 So I'm gonna follow 😉 Great shoes by the way!


  • I'VE GOT THAT SCARF! haha although mine was really wide when I bought it so I cut it in two and now I have two scarves haha
    Lovey outfit post – very relaxed but pretty too

    Snapshots of a Northerner

  • i love love love the shoes!!!! did u get them in a regular h&m? i just cant find them anywhere 🙁

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