MOTEL and Glossybox event

Hey dolls! 
 Thursday night I was kindly invited to the MOTEL & Glossybox event just off of oxford street, It was held in what I think was their showroom, it smelt of buttery popcorn and there were glossy balloons everywhere! There was also candy floss, girls doing funky nail designs and a range of gorgeous MOTEL clothes out on display.
 I love MOTEL so I was so pleased I had the chance to go, we got to choose one item from the range also to have for ourselves which was so nice of them! I went with my girlies from youtube (you probably know of them! :p) we mingled, had some drinks & munched on some popcorn and lola's cupcakes (im such a messy eater oops) We did have to dart outside sometimes to get some air because it was SO hot!
 I met some lovely people and some people ive been dying to meet for ages! I should have a MOTEL piece quite soon so when it comes I will share that with you guys. 

The people who hosted the event and who worked at MOTEL and Glossybox were all really friendly and down to earth which was nice because thats not always the case at events. 

 Thank you very much to MOTEL and Glossybox for such a swanky, glam event ^_^ 

 I hope you guys liked this post! 

 Sammi xoxo


Mela Lynn said...

Wonderful photos!

her persona said...

love the sequenced items

Vivian said...

lovely photos, looks like you had so much fun, I see uglyfaceofbeauty there haha I love her! xx

me+moustaches! said...

Seen alot of posts on the event, it looks so amazing! :)

K.M. said...

nice pictures♥

Lancy said...

Cute and classy pics :) :) I love it.
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Jess said...

Loved the post! Everyone looks so glamorous, I want to see your outfit. I'm sure you look fierce as usual ;) if I had to pink one item I would definitely choose the jordan striped skinny jeans, you looked awesome in them in one of your last youtube videos. Love it <3 xxx

Elodie said...

Lovely snaps!

I had such a great time at this event! I just wish I had come up and say hi, but the place was packed! Could barely move! Hahaha! Maybe next time!

Victoria said...

Lovely photographs! Sounds like a lovely time!

Ivuš said...

beautifull!! the nail designs :D haha :)

emily connick said...

love the cupcakes! looks like fun:)

emilys musings

TheCosmeticCrave said...

I love the photos and the cupcakes look yummy! Glad you had a great time and you were so lucky to get to take home one of their peices! Cant wait to see what you got :)

Kate said...

looks amazing!

LilyLipstick said...

Great photos - this was such a fun night, couldn't believe how busy it was! x

peachesandnothing said...

Looks so fun, jealous that you got to chose an item from the collection x

TheOtherSideofCool said...

The event looks awesome and I can't believe you got to choose a piece of clothing, that is so generous! Glad u had a good time :) xxx

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Skrømt said...

Looks like alot of fun :D!
Btw one of your friends, where did she get that "galaxy" tights form ? :D

Lulu B said...

Wow what a glam event! Your a lucky girl for getting to attend! Looks like you had some fun xx :o)

Chantelle Thomas said...

So jealous. looks like loads of fun!x

Eugenia said...

You are so lucky to be invited! It looks so fun!!

Dylana Suarez said...

Super lovely blog!


Bea said...

I love these photos. Need to get me a dslr.
I think I saw you then! I was there too.

Ivory † said...

This looks so fun <3 & Those cupcakes look delicious...

Milly said...

super photos. I had such fun at the event too and it was made even better by the fact that i got to see you :) x

Lauren said...

Event looked amazing :)
The 2nd picture looks like my idea of heaven !


Forever Fashion said...

Wow!! That's crazy!! I'm sure it was loadsss of fun!!! Lucky!! There clothes look awesome! And the event came out wonderful!! Everything looks glam and polished!!

Trini In The City said...

Loved the nail designs and the cupcakes! Those cupcakes made me hungry lol

hannahlucyxoxo said...

OMGZ a popcorn machine! Looks like such a fun event, love all the sequins xx

Zoe said...

Gorgeous photos, the event looked so cool!

Tels said...

Nice photos, looks like it was a great event :)

Love Tels


All That Sparkles said...

great photos!! looks like fun

Buzzed For Beauty said...

Party looks amazing :) Why didn't you get in any of the pictures though? :( Anyway I'm hating myself for being so clumsy at doing my nails after seeing all those cool designs. Interested to see what Motel item you chose :)

Kimberly said...

great photos looks like lots of fun!

Nathalie said...

wow, what a cool event! :)
following xx

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fashion is for idiots [like us]

ANNIE said...

oh dear lord, those cupcakes look delicious!! Also quite excited to see what you picked out at motel!


Yolanda Romero said...


Maria Nunes said...

Beautiful photos ;)

Tilly Macartney said...

You've got some fab pics! I wish I had taken more! It was a great evening and was so lovely to meet other bloggers!
Tilly M x

AshleyRose said...

looks soo pretty!

Bex said...

love the cosmic leggings/pants on your friend! AWESOME! WANT! NEED!

Michelle Renee said...

I want whatever is in that pink drink!!

Snazzy Dollface said...

Love the pics.. looks like great fun!

RandomArab said...

i love your blog :) people check my youtube plz?

becky. said...

great photos :) those pink cupcakes look amazing haha!

KathyBeauPeep said...

lovely photos! cupcakes look amazing! i woud looove to know where that sheer shirt uglyfaceofbeauty's wearing is from! XO

canvasofculture said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
canvasofculture said...

gorgeous pics! looks like a really fun event :)


Bjorn Street said...

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Barttart said...

That looks like it was an awesome time! Would love to go to one of those! :)

Iclelivzi said...

Wow id love to of gone, looks amazing! hope you had a lovley time x

Demi en Lisanne said...

Wat een superfoto's! We volgen je! xx

Sarah-Rose goes... said...

I worked the event and think I remember serving you, absolutely love your blog! x

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AdmiralBiatch said...

I'm hating myself for asking, but who's the other girl with uglyfaceofbeauty?? Please someone tell me :O

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